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Human Rights in Norway: from the Perspective of National Human Rights Institutions[5 July] 2017-06-30
[Seminar]The Origin and Cause of Miscarriage of Justice: from Misleading Scientific Evidence to Misleading Police Interrogation[22 June] 2017-06-03
A Good Investment or a Fraud? Financial Crimes in the United States[12 June] 2017-05-31
The Natural Law Theory of St. Thomas Aquinas[5 June] 2017-05-24
Pluralism[22 May] 2017-05-16
Campaign over Golden Rice: Environmental Rights Versus Food Rights[16 May] 2017-05-16
Sustainable Development, Laws and the One Belt One Road Initiative[13 May] 2017-05-09
Constitutional Reservation[8 May] 2017-05-01
A Historical Study of Judges and The Rule of Law in the West[27 April] 2017-04-25
Climate Change and Environmental Law[13 April] 2017-04-06
Morality and Law in a Global Society: A Place For Natural Law Theory?[6 April] 2017-04-05
[Serial Lectures of Common Law]Brexit and Europes Future[7th April] 2017-03-24
Serial Lectures of EU Law 2017-03-22
Fulfilling Social Rights - The Development of Welfare Law in Finland[28th Mar] 2017-03-14
International Symposium on Criminal Liability of Food Safety Crimes[18th Mar] 2017-03-07
Seminar on Legislation Research of Genetically-modified Food Safety[18th Mar] 2017-03-07
Multi-disciplinary Legal Research Methods[12th May] 2017-03-06
The United States Presidential Election[8th Dec] 2016-12-07
The West meets East: Chinas International Business and Economic Law [16th Dec] 2016-12-01
[Human Rights Law]Seminar on the Nationality Law of China and Protection for Stateless Persons[29th Nov] 2016-11-28
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