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Harald Hau:Does Fin Tech Credit Boost Entrepreneurial Growth in China?[March 13] 2019-03-08
Sleeping, awakening or collusion? An Empirical Study on the Voting Rights of Shareholders' Meeting of A-share Listed Companies [Dec. 28] 2018-12-25
HE Qisheng: The game and trend of international rules of e-commerce [Dec. 27] 2018-12-25
Law School's Undergraduate Innovative Talents Completion Report [Dec.26] 2018-12-25
The Art of Judging: Inside the Indiana Supreme Court [Dec. 18] 2018-12-16
Issues related to Environmental Law [Dec.17] 2018-12-12
The Enemy of Parliamentary Sovereignty --Rethinking the Narrative of British Constitutional History [Dec. 4] 2018-12-04
China Lien Fellow Speakers Series: The Development of Competition Policy in China [Nov.24] 2018-11-13
The Grand Forums of the Most Honorable Jurists Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property: Shall AI force to move away from the existing human-centric IP system? [Nov. 20] 2018-11-13
Bar ExaminationLegal Profession Ethic and Legal Education Reforms in East Asia [Oct. 28] 2018-10-25
The Grand Forums of the Most Honorable Jurists A Current European Proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market Prof. Dr. iur. Matthias Leistner [Oct. 30] 2018-10-25
Lessons from recent reforms and proposed reforms to corporate insolvency laws in Singapore, UK and EU [Oct. 24] 2018-10-21
Lectures of International Cultural Heritage Law [Oct. 23] 2018-10-21
The Grand Forums of the Most Honorable Jurists The System of Property Rights in the Civil Law Tradition [Oct. 15] 2018-10-12
Evidence for Hope: Making Human Rights Work in the 21st Century[May 16] 2018-05-15
Why Revise a Code of Obligations?[May 11] 2018-05-07
Domestic Application of Human Rights Treaties in Japan[30 Mar] 2018-03-26
The English Common Law Method[16 Mar] 2018-03-13
Is the United States Turning Against International Law?[8 Mar] 2018-03-07
Remedies under Belgian and French Contract Law[7 Mar] 2018-03-02
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