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Undergraduate Student Program

Renmin Law School undergraduate student program is aimed at cultivating professional legal practitioners. The main courses include: Jurisprudence, Chinese constitution, Chinese Legal System, Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure Law, Criminal Law, the Science of Law, Economic law, Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Criminal Procedure Law and the Civil Procedure Law, International Law, Private International Law and International Economic Law, Evidence Technology and other nearly 50 selective courses and lectures. It usually takes four years to obtain the diploma.
Students, obtaining a high school diploma, aging between 18 years old to 30 years old, having a non-Chinese passport and respects Chinese law and customs, can apply for this program.

Time and Application Procedure
From March 1 to March 16
Application procedure:
1. Please visit and apply on it. (Please kindly keep in order of your ID and password for later checking use)
2. Please Download Renmin University International Student Application form and Guaranty Letter. The guaranty letter should be signed or chopped by guarantor.
3. Please take all the application materials to International students, office of Renmin University for eligibility check and pay 600RMB application fee. Students can entrust someone to do it. Application materials include:
a) International Student Application form and Guaranty Letter
b) High school diploma and official transcript or other relevant certificate
c) Old version HSK-6 and above certificate (New version HSK-5 and each score should be no less than 60)
d) A recommendation letter which should be signed and chopped by applicants, school
e) Hard copies of passport, visa and residential certificate
f) Two copies recently photograph (two inches)
g) Other documents proving your academic capacity and excellence (for example, copies of published academic papers, research outputs and rewards)

Paper test and interview
Paper test time and method:
Time: April 14 and 15 
April 14 Morning        9:00-12:00       Chinese
Afternoon      2:00-4:00         English
April 15 Morning           9:00-12:00     Mathematics
Paper test scores and interview list, please visit on April 27

Time: May 4 to May 9.
Place: please visit international students, office website for updated information. All applicants should attend the paper test and interview. Arts applicants should attend an extra arts test. All paper tests should be written in Chinese.

Result released time: May 18
Admission offer released time: May 21 to May 31.
Applicants or its representative might get offers by taking passport and admission ticket. The delegate person should take a letter of authorization signed by the applicants.

Law student: 23200RMB/year (exclude teaching materials fee)
Apartment application procedure
Please fax to service center booking apartment room.
Tel: +86(0)1062516570  
Fax: +86(0)1082503204
Student apartment name and fee(the actual price should refers to apartment notice)
Apartment NamePatternRoom Fee
No.1 Apartmentdouble room, shared bathroom, shared kitchen, telephone, air conditioner, internet31-36RMB/person/day
No.2 Apartmentdouble room, shared bathroom, shared kitchen, telephone, air conditioner, internet35-40RMB/person/day
No.3 Apartment Single room, independent bathroom, telephone, TV, air conditioner, internet port90-100RMB/room/day
international exchange center single room, independent bathroom, telephone, TV, air conditioner, internet port75-85RMB/room/day

Contact Information
Address: Room 108, Renmin University International Culture Exchange Center, No.59 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing, 100872. P.R. China
Tel:  +86(0)1062511588    +86(0)1062512359     +86(0)1062512698
Fax:  +86(0)1062515343

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