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Chen Weidong: Research on the Detention Review System 2018-05-09
Meng Yanbei: Research on the Fair Competition Review of Industrial Policy 2018-05-09
A Choice Architecture Perspective on Chinas Central-Local Fiscal ArrangementSetting Reasonable Restraints of the Fiscal Powers of Chinese Central Government 2018-05-07
Xu Yangguang : The Research on Tax Law in Bankruptcy Proceedings 2018-05-04
Shi Jiayou : The Pragmatic Combination of Tradition and Innovation: eview of the Draft of the Book on Personality Rights of Chinese Civil Code 2018-05-04
Wang Liming: The Distinction and Articulation between the Book of the Personality Rights and That of the Tort in the Chinese Civil Code 2018-05-04
Liu Mingxiang: The Theory of Collusive Co-principal 0ffender from the Perspective of Unitary System of Complicity 2018-04-17
Li Fenfei: On the Reconstruction of Procuratorial Power: Analysis from the Stripping of the Investigation Power of Duty Crime 2018-04-17
Chen Weidong: Researches on Several Issues Relating to Investigative Procedure of Duty-related Crime Supervision 2018-04-17
Cai Guisheng : The Manifestations and Essence of Crime of Fraud in the Form of Being Silent 2018-04-17
Lin Jia: The Right of Recourse of Social Insurance Funds 2018-04-08
Han Dayuan: Strengthening the constitutional review 2018-04-08
Hu Jinguang: The Systematism of the Implementation and Supervision of the Constitution 2018-04-08
Gao Mingxuan&Sun Daocui: The Concept of Preventive Criminal Law 2018-04-08
Wang Liming: Construction of Quasi-contracts and General Provisions of Obligations 2018-04-05
Jinting Deng:International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice 2018-03-13
Ding Xiaodong: Algorithm and Discrimination C Viewpoints on Ethics of Algorithm and Interpretation of Law Based on American Cases of Affirmative Action in Education 2018-01-25
Gao Shengping: Responsibility of the Examination of Chattel Mortgage Registration 2018-01-19
Wang Xu:Governance Logic and Basic Systems of the NewFood Safety Law of the Peoples Republic of China: a Focus on Social Co-Governance 2018-01-19
Feng Yujun: the Evaluation of Chinese Legal System and its Effect 2018-01-16
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