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Shi Yanan on China's Decisive Measures against COVID-19 2020-03-03
RUC Expert Lin Jia on Labor Rights in the Information Age 2019-12-04
Cheng Lei: Legal Control of Big Data Analytics in Investigations 2019-03-05
Tian Hongjie: Empirical Study on the Cases of Malicious Overdraft Credit Card Fraud 2018-12-30
Xu Shanghao: Let Individuals Return to the Family 2018-12-28
Wang Yi: On the Multiple Contexts of Shall in Property Law of China 2018-12-17
Wan Yong: The Meaning of Cinematographic Works from the Perspective of the Functionalism 2018-12-17
Yaohui, Jiao Qingyang: Reorientation of Judicial Interpretation in the Times of Civil Code 2018-12-09
Li Yanfang: the Pursuit for Ecological Civilization and the Independency of Environmental Law as a Separate Law Department 2018-12-02
Tian Hongjie: The Thinking on Methodology in Forty Years of Research on Chinese Criminal Law 2018-11-27
Zhang Xinbao: General Free Mode + Specific Payment Mode: A New Thinking on Personal Information Protection 2018-11-27
Han Dayuan: The Role of Constitution in the Legislative Process of Hong Kong Basic Law: In Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong Basic Law Enactment 2018-11-22
Shi Yanan, Li Guolin: On the Construction of Legal System of Pursuit of Fugitives and Asset Recovery in China 2018-11-10
Chen Xuan: The Principle for Responsibility, the Policy for Prevention, and the Cognition of Illegality 2018-10-26
Ding Xiaodong: New Thinking on Platform Revolution, Gig Economy and Labor Law 2018-10-16
He Jiahong: How to Establish the Coordinate System of Chinese Democracy 2018-10-14
Zhang Xinbao, Wang Yumiao: Legal Persons Established "for Other Non-profit Purposes" 2018-10-14
Wang Guisong: The Orientation of Confirmation Judgment for Administrative Litigation in China 2018-10-14
CAI Guisheng: The Irregular Causations and the Critics against the Objective Imputation 2018-09-10
Xiao Jianguo: Study on Jurisdiction Rules in Civil Guiding CasesCentered on Guiding Case No. 25 of the Supreme Peoples Court 2018-09-06
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