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Faculty Members
SHI Jichun
Professor, Ph.D. Tutor
Education Background:1988-1991, Renmin University of China, PhD;
1982-1985, Anhui University, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Master of Laws;
1978-1982, Anhui Normal University, LLB.
Research Interests:Economic Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Enterprises and Companies Law, Competition Law, Consumer Law, etc.
Courses Taught:General Principles to Economic Law, Introduction to Economic Law, Enterprises and Companies Law, Competition Law, Consumer Law, etc.
External Exchange:Research Fellow, New York University School of Law, 2006
Visiting scholar, Faculty of Law, Hong Kong University, 1994
Appointments:Director of the Economic Law Research Center of Renmin University of China
Editor in Chief of The Jurist
Director of the American Law Institute of Renmin University of China
Cui Ying Distinguished Professor, Lanzhou University
Lecture Professor, Beijing Institute of Architectural Engineering
Vice president, Economic Law Research Association of China
Arbitrator at China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission
Arbitrator at Beijing Arbitration Commission
Member of the Beijing People's Congress Standing Committee and the Legislative Committee
Advisory expert of the Beijing Government

Honors and Awards:The special government allowance of the State Council (2000)
First National University Humanities and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award (1995)
Selected Publications:Articles
Economic Law and Economy governed by the rule of law, Western Law Review, 2008, 6;
On the Price Law, Peking University Journal (Philosophy and Social Science Edition), 2008, 6;
Is China still a world factory? , Legal Review (Series 7), Peking University Press, 2008;
The progress of the antitrust law and the rule of law in China, Economic Law Review VIII (2007), China Legal Publishing House, 2008;
Rule of law and improvement of the socialist market economic system," Economic Law Review VIII (2007), China Legal Publishing House, 2008;
Antitrust laws and socialist market economy, Jurist, 2008;
Corporate Social Responsibility: the legal obligation and moral responsibility, Capital Normal University Journal (Social Science Edition), 2008, 2;
Legal regulation of property right relations - economic law and the civil law functions, Economic Law Review VIII (2007), China Legal Publishing House, 2008;
The local economy under the rule of law in the context of a harmonious society, Jurist, 5, 2007;
Improvement of the administrative and economic law, Economic Law Review, VII (2006), China Legal Publishing House, 2007;
Welfare and consumer protection legal system, Economic Law Review, VII (2006), China Legal Publishing House, 2007;
How Chinese enterprises live in freedom, competition under the rule of law - on the current changes of Corporate Law and Competition Law in China, Frontiers of Law in China, Volume 2, Number 2 (April 2007);
Planning, regulation and economic law in China, Jurist, 2007, 1;
The planning of the rule of law, Journal of Lanzhou University (Social Science), 2006, 4;
The separation of powers, the rule of law, macro-control, Economic Law Review, Volume VI (2005), China Legal Publishing House, 2006;
The division of the department of law and the rule of law in general -the administrative trial suffered the embarrassment, Economic Law Review, Volume VI (2005), the China Legal Publishing House, the 2006 edition;
Research Report regarding Beijing Agricultural Law Enforcement, Economic Law Review, Volume VI (2005), China Legal Publishing House, 2006;
2005 Economic Law Review of academic research, Jurist, 2006, 1;
Financial safety legislation: the rule of law makes it possible that everyone can be held accountable from officials to financial rogue, Unity, January 21, 2006;
Antitrust laws and industry legislation, the antitrust agencies and industry regulatory bodies, a comparative perspective, Political Science and Law, 4, 2005;
Some Problems of antitrust law regarding public utility: the reform of the telecommunications and power industry, Law and Business Research, 2005, 3;
Constitutional amendment and property rights reform, Economic Law Review, Volume V (2004), China Legal Publishing House, 2005;
Privatization of public utilities and their related legal issues, Peking University Journal (Philosophy and Social Science), 2004 (4);
The maintenance of public power in the market competition - from GOME��s difficult rise to reconsider the absence of rule of competition law in China, Price Theory and Practice, 6, 2004;
Property concepts should keep up with the pace of constitutional reform ", the Procuratorate Daily, June 10, 2004;
Focus on local property, Economic Law Review, Volume IV (2003), China Legal Publishing House, 2004;
Re-know the responsibility and economic law, Jiangsu Administration Institute, 2004, 2;
The new concept of development and new development of rule of economic law, Jurist, 1, 2004;
Concept of Economic Law, Political Science and Law Journal, 2003, 2;
The new opportunities of the WTO and Economic Law: the nation is the international, Yuelu Law Review, Volume 3, Hunan University Press, 2002;
Introduce a competitive mechanism to utilities with the antitrust law, Jurists, 2002, 6;
Highway management rights, Economic Law Review, Volume II (2001), China Legal Publishing House, 2002;
Government: Clear, responsibility, competition, service, People's Court News, 2002, 9;
Legal environment and its revelation of Silicon Valley, Zhongguancun Legislative Studies - Problems and Exploration, Law Press, 2001;
Commercial Law, China Law, 4, 2001;
Company and the Company Law, Economic Observer, August 13, 2001;
Law and Reality: the status of Chinese workers in the enterprise, Legal Times, July 2001, Japan Review in July 2001;
Establishment of SME Law Outline, China Law, 2000, 1.

Understanding and application of state-owned assets law (co-author), the 2008 edition, the
China Legal Publishing House
Understanding and application of antitrust laws (co-author), China Legal Publishing House, 2007
Introduction to Economic Law (with Deng Feng), Law Press, 2008
Explore the essence of the economic and laws interaction, Law Press, 2002
15th national planning materials for regular higher education ?Economic Law, China Renmin University Press, 2005
Chinese economic law theory and practice, the Japanese Cheng Wen Press, 2000
Contemporary international practice: State-owned Assets Management, Hainan Publishing House, 1998
Corporate and Company Law, Renmin University of China Press, 2008
State-owned Enterprise Law Theory, China Legal Publishing House, 1997
The research of Collective ownership, Hunan Normal University Press, 1994

Research Projects:Research on "wrong law" and its corrective mechanism, a project of Social Science Fund of the Ministry of Education, 2011
The National Twelfth Five-Year Guideline and the Development of Macao's Society, Economy and Legality, a project of Macao Foundation, 2012
Japan anti-trust law experience and the reference value for the Chinese Antitrust Law, a project Japan's Sumitomo consortium, 2008
Study on Chinese company law, a research project of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), 2006
The antitrust legislation system and its development trend research, a project of the State Council Legislative Affairs Office, 2005
Improvement of the administrative system and the economic and legal system, a project of the Ministry of Justice, 2005
Theory of private technology enterprise mechanisms and practice of Guangdong, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology Project, 2005
Central and local state ownership, a project of the National Social Science Fund, 2003
The general principles of the Social Law and Economic Law, a project of Social Science Fund of the Ministry of Education, 2002
Attorney Theory and Practice of State-owned Asset Protection, a project of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, 2001
Protection of Scientific and technical personnel, a project of the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, 2001
Highway operation rights, a project of Tianze Institute of Economic Research, 2000

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