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Faculty Members
Associate Professor, Master tutor
Education Background:2012-2013, University of Wisconsin Law School, Visiting scholar, engaged in the cultural industry policy research;
2005-2007, Renmin University Economics School, postgraduate course training, master of economics;
2003-2004, Korea University Law School, Engaged in the legal system of the family business;
1998-2001, Renmin University Law School, Doctor Degree;
1995-1998, Renmin University Law School, Master Degree;
1989-1993, Dongbei Economics & Finance University Law School, Bachalor Degree.

Research Interests:Economic Regulation Law, Fiscal & Taxation Law, Industrial Policy &Law, Public Policy

Courses Taught:Economic Regulation Law, Corporation Law, Public Planning Law, Industrial Law
External Exchange:2012-2013, University of Wisconsin Law School, visiting scholar;
2003-2004, Korea University Law School, visiting scholar

Appointments:Member of Education and Training Committee, China's Appraisal Society;
Certified instructor outdoors of Chinese Mountaineering Association Director;
Beijing Economic Law Association

Honors and Awards:60th Anniversary Award for Outstanding Contribution, Renmin Law School, 2010;
Excellent Union Member, Renmin University, 2010;
Excellence Award Winner, 4th Young Faculty Teaching Skill Contest, Renmin University, 2008;
Outstanding Student Instructor, Renmin University, 2007;
Advanced Faculty, Renmin University, 2007;
Municipal Excellent Student Instructor, Beijing, 2006;
Outstanding Party Member, Renmin University, 2006;
Outstanding Student Instructor, Renmin University, 2005;
Pacesetter Teacher, Renmin University, 2004;
Huawei Teaching Award Winner, Renmin University, 2003;
Outstanding Student Instructor, Renmin University, 2002

Selected Publications:Monograph
Introduction to Economic Law (third edition), Renmin University Press, 2010;
Economic Law Case Analysis (Textbook), Renmin University Press, 2008;
Practical Law Cases(Second edition), Renmin Universtiy Press, 2007;
Economic Law (Second edition), Renmin University Press, 2007;
Power Division and Intergovernmental Cooperation: A Perspective of Policy-making ;
Regime, Renmin University Press, 2009;

1. Economic Law in India, Economic Law Review, 2013(13)
2. Cooperation Governance in Financial Crisis: the Control of Creditors Opportunism, Bankruptcy Law Forum, 2013(9)
3. Substantive Criteria to Determine Limiting Transcations(Translation work), Jingshi Law Review, Vol.7, 2013;
Legalization of Music Review and Management (first author), Academia Bimestris, No.5, 2012;
4. Promoting the Enforceability of Renewable Engery Planning, International Business Daily, August 14, 2012;
5. On the Basic System of Industrial Law, Social Responsibility Engine Light - Professor Liu Wenhua 80 Birthday Celebration Anthology, Law Press, 2012;
6. Planning Law: Use of the System to Create the Future, Social Responsibility Engine Light - Professor Liu Wenhua 80 Birthday Celebration Anthology, Law Press, 2012;
7. Analysis of the legal system of Chinese Public-Private Partnership (PPP), Real Estate Law, (Korea), 2010(12);
8. Chinese Regional Economic Cooperation System, Economic Law Review, 2010(10);
9. Analysis on China's Pubic Private Parternership(PPP) Legal Framework, Adual Higher, Education Journal, 2010(2);
10. Review on Korean Green Economy Growth Act,International Business Daily,2010-02-03;
11. China's Policy-making Regime of Interprovincial Economic Cooperation, Financial and Economic Studies, 2009 (4);
12. Mandatory Rules within Renewable Energy Law, Jianghai Journal, 2009(3);
13. Public Participation in Budget Procedure, Jurist, 2009 (2);
Legal Study on Territorial Public Services, Renmin University Journal, 2008, (6);
14. The Legal Form and Validity of Industrial Policy: For the Renewable Energy Legislation, Social Science Research, 2008 (6);
Research on Corporate Reputation Regulation, Capital Normal University Journal, 2008 (6);
15. Planning, Regulation, and China's Economic Law (coauther), Jurist 2007 (1);
16. China's Opening up and Economic legislation, China Legal Studies (Korea), 2005 (5);
17. Legal Puzzle of Family Business in China and Korea, Hanhua Journal (Korea), 2004 (3);
18. Economic Law in Korea Code, Economic Law Review, 2004(5);
Relations Between Central and Local Financial Authority in Korea, Economic Law Review, 2003(4);
19. Modern Self-disciplined System Towards "rule of law" Target, Study Times 2005-03-01;
20. Three Constitutional Amendments and Economic Reform, Study Times, 2002-12-09;
21. South Korea's Corporate Governance (Translation work), Anhui University Law Review, 2003(2);
22. The Role of Government Hovering Between Plan and Market, Anhui University Law Review, 2002(1);
23. On the Macro-Control and Government, Macro Legal Proceedings, Law Press, 2002;
24. Legislative Purpose and Enforcement (coauther), Study Times, 2002-03-04;
25. My View about Carry Case, Law Review, 2002(3);
Inspirations about Microsoft Antitrust Case, Science Times, 2001-01-06;
26. On the Responsibility of the State-Owned Enterprises, Economic Law Review, 2000(1);
27. Economic Law Research Review and Prospect in 1999 (second author), The Jurist, 2000(1);
28. How to Prevent Mortgage Dispute -Talk about the Determination of Mortgage Term, Beijing Legal News, 1996-06-26;
29. Caution Suspend Performance System, Beijing Legal News, 1999-06-05;
30. A Law about Donation, 1999-05-08;
31. How to Prevent Parties to the Contract Agency Risk (continued), Beijing Legal News, 1999-05-01;
32. How to Prevent Parties to the Contract Agency Risk, Beijing Legal News, 1999-04-24;
33. Parties to the Contract Should Note the New Content of Contract Law(continued), Beijing Legal News, 1999-04-17;
34. Parties to the Contract Should Note the New Content of Contract Law, Beijing Legal News, 1999-04-10;
35. Legal Issues of Contract Verification, Study on China Administration for Industry & Commerce, 1999(3);
36. Issues about Corporations after Cancellation of the Liquidation, Law Journal, 1999(2);
37. Ups and downs, Increasingly Brilliant - Review of Law in Two Decades of Development, China Industry & Commerce New, 1998-11-19;
38. Economic Analysis of the Supplementary Provisions of the Contract, Beijing Legal Daily, 1997-08-04;
39. System of Economic Legislation in China's Market Economy, Economy and Law, 1993-10

Research Projects:Studies on Korea Economic Law (Asian Studies Center Project, Renmin University);
The Amendment of China's Budget Law (National Social Science Fund);
Policy and Legislative Research on New Energy and Renewable Energy (Humanities and Social Sciences Fund, Ministry of Education);
The Punishment System of Enterprise Credit (Young Faculty Research Project, Renmin University, 2006);
Law and Ethics for Family Business in the East Asia (KFAS Fund, 2004);
Legal Issues of Beijing State-Owned Asset Management (Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Planning Project, 2000);

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Phone: 86-10-82500393

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