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Faculty Members
Education Background:LL.B., Law School, Renmin University of China (1983)
LL.M., Law School, Renmin University of China (1989)
Ph.D. in Law, Law School, Renmin University of China (1999)
Research Interests:Environmental Law, Civil Law, Economic Law, Real Estate Law
Courses Taught:Environmental Law, Law of Natural Resources, International Environmental Law, Real Estate Law
External Exchange:
Visiting Scholar, Hong Kong City University, Jan 1993-Jul 1993
Participating in International academic communications to Europe, Asia, Hong Kong and Macao, 1993-2009

Appointments:Director, Environmental and Resources Law Teaching and Research Center, Renmin Law School (since 1998)
Supervisor, Academic Committee for Ph.D. Candidates, Renmin Law School (since 2001)
Vice Chairman, Environmental and Resources Law Research Association, China Law Society
Vice Chairman, Beijing Law Society (since 2003)
Chairman, Environmental and Resources Law Research Association, Beijing Law Society (since 2004)
Director, Legal Experts Panel, Environmental Committee, Beijing Municipal People's Government (since 2006)
Member, Experts Consultation Panel, Standing Committee of Beijing People's Congress (since 2006)
Member, Legal Experts Panel, All-China Environment Federation (since 2005)
Council Member, Academic Committee, Environmental and Resources Law Research Base, Ministry of Education (since 2000)

Honors and Awards:
Beijing Pioneering Staff, 2006
Excellent Party Member of Renmin University, 2005
First, Second and Excellent Academic Prize owner Beijing, Hebei, and Bohai District,2004-2008
Excellent Scientific Research of Renmin University, 2003&2006

Selected Publications:Articles
The Carbon Emission Quantification of the Low Carbon Road Maintenance Technology in China, Committee of APEESD 2012
Policy and Legal Analysis of Development of China's Low Carbon Buildings, International Conference on Social Science and Environmental Protection, (EI)/ (SSEP) 2012
Discussion on Current Pollution Status and Legislation of Persistent Organic Pollutants in China, International Conference on Remote Sensing, Environment and Transportation Engineering (EI)/ (RSETE), 2011-Volume 1
Discussion on Current Pollution Status and Legislation of Environmental Hormone in China, International Conference on Energy and Environment, (EI)/ (ICEE), 2011-Volume 2
The Legislative Framework and its Perfection of China's Land Degradation Issue, UN Natural Resources Forum, Published by Blackwell Pub, (SSCI)&(SCI)2008
On the Legislative Necessity of Recycling Economy, Xinhua Wenzhai, Nov.1, 2005
Challenge to Adjusting Theory: Using the viewpoint of legal relation evolution between human and nature, Xinhua Wenzhai, Nov.15, 2004

Chief Editor:
Research on Housing Legislation, Chief Editor, Law Press, 2008
Cases on Hearing of Environmental Administrative Licensing, Environmental Protection Press, 2006
Breaking the Green Barrier, Chemical Industry Press, 2004
Ecological Environment Law, Law Press, 2001
International Business Law and Its Environment, Richard Schaffer Beverley Earle Filiberto Agusti, Renmin University Press, 2006

Research Projects:2012, Post-evaluation on China Environmental Legislation, Major project of China Law Society
2012, Comparative Research on Ecological Movements between China and Europe, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation 2012
2011, Political and Legal Research on Environmental Risk Management, Major project of Ministry of Environmental Protection
2011, Research on Pollution Permits Trading of Vehicles in Beijing, Project of Environmental Protection Bureau
2007, Host, Policy and Law Research on Atmosphere in 2008 Olympics, Beijing Government Project, ended in 2008
2006, Host, Research on Island Legislation, State Oceanic Administration, ended in 2008
2006, Host, Research on Ocean Right of Use, State Oceanic Administration, ended in 2008
2005, Leader of Chinese Experts Group, Legislative Research On Natural Reserves in China, UN Natural Protection Alliance Project, ended in 2007

Contact Info:Office: Room 1025, Mingde Law Building, No.59 Zhongguancun Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Phone: 86(0)1082500302

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