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LIU Jihua
Professor of Criminal Procedural Law
Education Background:Bachelor of Arts: Henan University, 1994
Master of Law: Renmin University of China, 1999
Doctor of Law: Renmin University of China, 2005
Research Interests:Criminal Procedure Law, Law of Evidence, Judicial System
Courses Taught:Criminal procedural law, basic theories of Chinese criminal procedural law, Chinese criminal lawsuit procedure subject, foreign criminal procedural law
External Exchange:October 2012, visited U.S and studied on sentencing procedure
October 2006, visited UK, Hungary, Lithuania and studied on prevention of criminal torture mechanism
June 2004, visited France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland and studied criminal judicial system
October 2002, visited UK and studied Bail system

Vice director of litigation research centre
Director, criminal litigation law branch of China law society
Researcher, Criminal law science research center of Renmin University

Honors and Awards:
On the principle of concentrating hearing and the strengthening of the collegial panel function: the ninth China people's university of outstanding achievements in scientific research, the first prize (2007)
Model criminal procedure code: the second session of the department of justice of the teaching and scientific research achievement, the first prize (2006)

Selected Publications:Articles
1.Chinese Mode of the Investigation Supervision System and Its Reform, China Legal Science, 1st issue 2014
2.Reinterpretation of the Integration of Prosecutor and Police, Chinese Journal of Law, 6th issue 2013
3.The Procedural Control of Wrong Death Penalty Cases, Journal of Renmin University of China Academic, 6th issue 2013
4.The Interpretation of the Criminal Trial and Supervision Function of the Prosecutorial Authority, China Legal Science, 5th issue 2012
5. Chinese arrest checking system mode and its reform, Chinese Journal of Law, 2nd issue 2012.
6. "Special investigation agencies on duty crime", Legal Forum , In 2008 the fourth period.
7. "European anti-torture experience and enlightenment", People's procuratorial15 (2007).
8. "Detention and arrest system", People's procuratorial In 2007, the 14th period.
9. "France, Germany participatory investigation mode reform and its reference", studies in Law and Business , The 3rd issue in 2006.
10. "the twist of the function of arrest---Capture amount and rate interpretation", Political Science and Law The 3rd issue in 2006.
11. "criminal victims rights system consummation", People's judicial, 5 (2006).
12. "On China's criminal procedure for trial supervision to reform and perfect", Studies in Law and Business
Studies in Law and Business.

1.The Theory of the Separation of Prosecution and Trial, Law Press, 2013
2. The procedure of first instance of criminal cases, China People's Public Security University Press, 2012.
3. On the Torture Control of China and Europe, Peking University press, 2008
4. The criminal litigation law principle and case tutorial, Renmin university press, 2008
5. Criminal Procedural Law, Renmin university press, 2008
6. Criminal pretrial procedure and protection of human rights China's legal press, 2008
7. China's procuratorial system constitution, China's procuratorial press, 2007
8.Science of Lawyer in China (subeditor), Renmin University of China Press, 2014
9.The Key Problem of Criminal Procedure Law (subeditor), Renmin University of China Press, 2013
Research Projects:
separations of accusation and trial principle research sponsored by Renmin University
The ministry of education of humanities and social science research project: the national human rights action plan in criminal procedural law enforcement
Comparison on Chinese, Japanese, South Korean criminal trial sponsored by Asian Law
Research Centre of Renmin University

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