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Professor of Civil Procedure Law
Education Background:Doctor of Law, Renmin University of China
Research Interests:Civil Law, Evidence Law, Legal System
Courses Taught:Civil Procedural Law, Evidence Law, Foreign-related Civil Procedure
External Exchange:
Appointments:Vice Dean of Doctorial Students Working Committee of Renmin Unievrsity Law School;
Full-time researcher in Research center of civil and commercial law of China Renmin University;
Professional member of Trial Supervision Theory Commission of Chinese Trial Theory Research Committee;
Special legal guest of Beijing TV science program center;
Member of evidence law proposition of national higher self-examination.

Honors and Awards:On Civil Action: excellent doctorial dissertation of 2001, Renmin University of China
Principles of Civil Procedural Law: outstanding textbook and jurisprudence accomplishment of 2002, second prize, Department of Justice
Interest on the Lawsuit: the 2003 8th outstanding scientific research accomplishment prize, Renmin University of China
Jurisprudence Study of Civil Actions: the first (2006) Chinese outstanding publication prize (national)

Selected Publications:Articles
On the Socialist law and the interests distributive justice, Law and Business Studies,1995,Volume 5
Analysis of the establishment of revocation right and a number of issues in the proceedings, Anhui University ( Philosophy and Social Science),1996,Volume 3
Discussion on the object of comparative law study, Law and Business Studies,1996,Volume 4
Procedural fairness and the specific operation in the court debate, Politics and Law Forum,1996,Volume 5
Research achievements of the civil procedural law and a number of issues in its development, China Law, 1998,Volume 4
The parties' procedural interests, Modern
Studies of the Legal System, volume 4, Nanjing Normal University Press, 1998
The lawsuit interests, Journal of Renmin University of China,2000, Volume 4
The Civil action theory and the methodology of civil procedural law , Comparative Civil Procedure Law, Volume 2000,Renmin University of China Press, 2001
Subject matter of the litigation theory, The Jurist , 2001, Volume 6
On the civil procedure behavior, Journal of Renmin University of China, 2002, Volume 2
Basic procedural rights of the civil parties, Legal Daily, August 18th, 2002
Constitution of the civil procedure law, Civil and Commercial Law Frontier, Jilin People's Press,2002, Volume 1
Simple discussion on the civil disputes and its resolution mechanism, The Jurist, 2002, Volume 5
The development of the civil litigation system, Law Journal, 2003, Volume 2
Exempt facts in the proceedings, Journal of Renmin University of China, 2003, Volume 5
Analysis of the principles of discretional evaluation of evidence, People's Court, Sept.23th, 2003
Discussion on the principle of prohibiting alteration for interests, People's Court, Nov.11th, 2003
On civil judgment correction, People's Court, Feb.10th, 2004
Reflections on China's establishment of the uniform evidence code, Evidence Science Forum ,Volume 8,Chinese Procuratorate Press, 2004
Modern legal view on the burden of the civil evidence, Journal of Renmin University of China,2005,Volume 6
The civil disputes' administrative solutions, People's Court, Jan.23th,2006
On the application of principle of common evidence in the general joint action, Gansu Social Science,2006,Volume 2
The jurisprudence exploration on the civil litigation, Soochow Law (2005,autumn volume),Law Press, 2006
Study on the principle of direct verbal trial in civil action, Journal of Shangdong Police College, 2007, Volume 4
Analysis of the procuratorial organs' function in the field of civil law in China ,Learning and Practice, 2007, Volume 7
On modern theory of civil retrial, Journal of Renmin University of China,2007,Volume 6
On the civil mediation in China's harmonious society,Academia,2008,Volume 2
The elements of civil litigation and the identification of litigation, People's Justice, 2008, Volume 17
Basic principles of the civil litigation procedures, The Jurist, 2008, Volume 2
Comments on the decision to modifying the civil law of People's Republic of China, the Japan International Commercial Service, 2008,Volume 9
Dialysis the legitimacy of civil litigation , Legal Daily, June 29th, 2008
Talk about application of the rule of thumb in the proceedings, Legal Daily, Dec. 14th, 2008
On the principle of evidences in civil litigation, Tsinghua Law,2009,Volume 1
On the correction of the statement system for civil parties in China, Chinese and Foreign Law,2009,Volume 2
The principle of participation in the civil litigation, The Jurist,2009, Volume 3
The due process of civil litigation from the perspective of Constitution, Journal of Renmin University of China,2009,Volume 6
Analysis of the mitigation techniques of the civil litigation evidence, Southeast Judicial Review, 2009
Analysis of the discovery of Court's competence , Politics and Law Forum, 2009,Volume 6
On the effectiveness of the court civil pre-decided facts and its application rules, People's Justice,2009,Volume 10
An explanation of the burden allocation of infringement evidence, People's Justice , 2010,Volume 19
On the stability principle of civil litigation, Journal of Renmin University of China,2011,Volume 2
Construction of the small consumer disputes arbitration system, Prejudication,2010,Volume 4
A research report on multiple resolution mechanism for Small consumer disputes, Prejudication,2010,Volume 4
On the principle of honesty in civil litigation--also on constructing the basic principles in civil litigation in China ,Prejudication,2011,Volume 2
The abuse of civil litigation right and its regulation, Politics and Law Forum, 2011, Volume 6
A report on the amendments to the Civil Procedure Law, reported to the NPC Legislative Affairs Committee, Jan.12th, 2012
On the Perfection of Foreign Civil Procedure, Journal of Renmin University of China, 2012

Civil Procedure Law Study, Renmin University of China Press, 2004
Civil Procedural Law, Renmin University of China Press, 2007
Achieving true in the due process --a modern interpretation of proof in the civil procedure law, Law Press, 2009
Basic theory of modern civil litigation -- modern concept of due process and the modern litigation as research perspective, Law Press, 2011

Research Projects:985 plan - free exploration program: study on participation principles in the civil procedure
The Department of Education planning project: jurisprudence study of civil action and civil litigation
Renmin University of China scientific research project (special funding by basic scientific research expenses in central colleges): Formation of Chinese modern civil procedural law systems

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