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HAN Liyu
Professor of International Law
Education Background:LL.B. Renmin University of China (RUC), 1987
LL.M. RUC, 1994
Postgraduate Diploma in Common, University of Hong Kong 1998
Doctor of Law, RUC, 2004
Research Interests:International Economic Law
International Trade Law
Anti-monopoly law
Intellectual Property Law
Courses Taught:International Economic Law
International Trade Law
External Exchange:Visiting scholar to Georgetown University Law Center, 2009.2-3;
Visiting scholar to University of Iowa College of Law, 2006.1-12, 2001.8-2002.8;
Researcher of UNIDROIT (Rome), 2004.2-4
Appointments:Direction, International Law Teaching and Research Section, 2005;
Vice Secretary General and Executive Director, China Law Society WTO Law Section;
Executive Member, China Society of International Economic Law;
Executive Member, China Law Society International Economic Section;
WTO DSB Indicative Panelist;
Member of Advisory Committee of State Council Tariff Commission
Honors and Awards:1. The United States Foreign Trade Law, Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement 2nd prize, 2000.
2. Let bygones be bygones- WTO Dispute Settlement System, Beijing Philosophy Social Science Outstanding Achievement 1st prize, 2010; China Law Society Outstanding Achievement 2nd prize, 2011.
3. Ministry of Education New Century Talent Support Member, 2010
Selected Publications:Books
1.Han Liyu, Merger Remedy (Higher Education Press, 2011)

1.China's Experience in Utilizing the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism, Co-authored with Henry Gao, in Gregory C. Shaffer and Ricardo Melendez-Ortiz (ed.), Dispute Settlement at the WTO-The developing Country Experience, Cambridge 2010.
2.Improvement of Regulatory Instruments in China in the Context of the WTO, Journal of International Economic Law (China), No.4, 2010.
3.The Improvement of International Trade Regime Post-Crisis and China s Strategy, Jurist, No.2, 2010.
4.How far can the WTO Dispute Settlement Negotiation Go? Journal of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, No.10, 2008.
5.The Case Law Method in WTO Dispute Settlement Procedure, Modern Law Science, No.3, 2008.
6.Cultural Products, Copyright Protection and Trading Rules, Tribune of Political Science and Law, No.3, 2008.
7.The WTO Decision-Making System: Viewing from Its Director-General Appointment Process, Jurists Review, No.2, 2008.
8.The Role of Antimonopoly Law in Supplementing Industry Policies, Jurists Review, No.1, 2008.
9.Burden of Proof in WTO Dispute Settlement, Modern Law Science, No.3, 2007.
10. The Characteristic and Limit of Anti-Monopoly in Regulating Abuse of IPRs, Journal of Jinan University (Philosophy & Social Science Edition), N0.2, 2007.
11.The Conflict and Harmonization of Collectivity and Individuality in WTO, in Mo Shijian and Shi Xiaoli (ed.), WTO and Fair Trade: Current Issues and China's Response, People's Court Press 2006.
12.The Unique Method of Interpretation of Concessions and Schedules in WTO, Studies in Law and Business, No.3, 2006;
Analysis of Countervailing Duty Levied by Canada on Products from China, International Taxation in China, No.5, 2006.
13.Good Faith in WTO Dispute Settlement, Jurists Review, No.6, 2005.
14.The Elasticity and Application of WTO Rules, Intertrade, April 2005.
15.The Nature of WTO Rules and Obligations, Journal of International Economic Law (China), Volume 15 (2005).
16.Determination of the Illegality of Anticompetitive Agreements, Journal of International Economic Law (China), Volume 12 (2005).
17.Radical Reform in EU Merger Control Law, Contemporary Law Review, Vol. 19, No.2 (March 2005).
18.How Law Reform Enhances Trading on the Chinese Capital Market (co-authored with Prof. Ansheng Dong), Uniform Law Review (UNIDROIT), 2005-1/2.
19.Modernization of EU Antitrust Law, Jurists Review, No.5, 2004.
20.The Implementing Process of DSB Recommendations or Rulings, Journal of International Economic Law (China), Volume 10 (2004).
21.The Balance of Rights and Obligations of China under WTO Rules, Intertrade, November 2002.
22. M & A by Foreign Investors and Chinese Anti-monopoly Law, Intertrade, January 2004.
23. Protecting national Industry in Post-WTO China, Intertrade, September 2002.
24. Rights of Enterprises under WTO rules, Jurists Review, No.3, 2001.
25. Interpretation of WTO Rules, Issues of International Trade, No.2, 2000.

Merger Control Remedies, High Education Press 2010;
Let Bygones Be Bygones: The WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism, Peking University Press 2009;
WTO Law (2nd ed.), China Renmin University Press 2010;
WTO Cases and Materials (textbook), China Renmin University Press 2002;
WTO Cases and Analyses (2001), China Renmin University Press 2004;
WTO Cases and Analyses (2000), China Renmin University Press 2001;
WTO Cases and Analyses (1995-1999), China Renmin University Press 2001;
GATT/WTO Cases and Analyses (1948-1995), China Renmin University Press 2002;
International Trade Cases Hearing, People's Court Press 2000;
US Foreign Trade Law, Law Press 1999
Research Projects:1. WTO DSB Research, National Social Science Fund 2004.
2. Restriction of Intellectual Property and Case Research, State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC 2004.
3. Concentration Remedies, Ministry of Education 2009.
4. United States Foreign Trade Law, Department of Commerce 2010.
5. WTO Rules and Industry Protection, Ministry of Education New Century Talent Support 2010.
6. Application in SAR of International Treaties. Macao Foundation 2011.
Contact Info:
Office: Room 819, Mingde Law Building, No.59 Zhongguancun Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Phone: 86(0)1082500362

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