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LI Xuejun
Professor of Evidence Law
Education Background:1986, Bachelor of Science, China Criminal Police University
1991, LL.D, Law School of Renmin University
2005, SJD, Law School of Renmin University
Research Interests:Law of Evidence, Forensic Science, Criminal Procedural Law
Courses Taught:Evidence Law; Criminalistics; Instrumantal Analysis in Physical Evidence Authentication
External Exchange:January to August 2006, visiting scholar, Michigan University Law School of USA;
August 2005 to January 2006, visiting scholar, Columbia University Law School of USA;
March to April 2012, exchange professor, Lapland University Law School of Finland.
Appointments:Director of evidence law research center
Member, Party Committee of RUC Law School
Director, The Physical Evidence Authentication Center, RUC
Standing Council Member of Physical Evidence Research Association, Beijing Law Society Council Member of Forensic Identification Committee, Beijing Association of Forensic Science
Council Member of Forensic Document Examination Committee, Forensic Science Association of China
Part Time Lawyer, Beijing Dishi Law Firm

Honors and Awards:The Reform and Improvement of Teaching Content and Method of Physical Evidence Technology, honored Second Prize of RUC Teaching, 2008
Modern Teaching System of Evidence Science (with Pro. He Jiahong), honored first prize of RUC outstanding teaching achievement, 2004

Selected Publications:Articles
1. Studies on Experts' Evaluation on Conclusions of Judicial Expertise and Other Evidences, Justice of China, Issue1 2009.
2. On the Necessity and Legitimization Route of Compulsory Collection of Comparative Samples of Physical Evidence in Criminal Investigation, Evidence Science, Issue2 2009.
3. Procedure and Substance: The Double Assurances of Expert Conclusions' Proof Role In Illustration of Physical Evidence Authentication, Jurists Review, Issue2 2008.
4. On Prevention of Duty Crime, Prosecutorial View, 1st Issue.
5. The Settings of the Complaint Mechanism in Detention Camps and the Implementation of the Exclusionary Rule of Illegal Evidence, Evidence Forum, Law Press, 2011.
6. Procedural Consideration of the Penalty for Drunk Driving and the Reflection of Evidence Law, Guangming Daily, May, 2012.
7. Analysis of the Crux of the Problem That It is Difficult for Appraiser to Testify in the Court, Journal of Renmin University of China Academic, 2012.
8. The Essence of the Opinion Testimony Rule, Evidence Science, 2012.
9. The New Identification System Under the New Procedure Law, Chinese Journal of Forensic Science, 2012.
10. Comment on the General Rule of Judicial Identification Procedure, Collection of Theses of the 1st International Symposium on Evidence Law and Forensic Science, China University of Political and Science and Law Press, 2009.

1. Material Evidence Technology (Third Edition), Executive Editor, RUC Press, 2008.
2. Evidence Forum (Volume 14), Associate Editor, Law Press, 2008.
3. Law of Evidence (Brief Edition), Associate Editor, RUC Press, 2007.
4. Evidence Forum (Volume 13), Associate Editor, Law Press, 2007.
5. Introduction to Judicial Identification, Peking University Press, 2010.
6. Forensic Science, Excellent Legal Study Materials of Ordinary Higher Education of 21 Century, China University of Political and Science and Law Press, 2010.
7. Subeditor& Coauthor: Brief of Evidence Law(2nd Edition), Renmin University of China Press, 2011.
8. Subeditor: Evidence Forum(Vol.16), Law Press, 2011.
9. First Executive Chief Editor& Coauthor: Material Evidence Techniques(4th Edition), Renmin University of China Press, 2011.
10. Evidence Forum(Vol.17), Law Press, 2012.
11. Document and Material Evidence Judicial Expertise Practices, Law Press, 2012.
Research Projects:2006, criminal wrong cases empirical research
2004, EU criminal judiciary integration
2003, material evidence identification conclusions.
2001, criminal trial authentication guidance
2000 Evidence investigation teaching method reform and course promotion
2000, evidence system research in criminal trial
2004, physical evidence appraisal conclusion, Renmin University Project, 2006
2004, EU criminal law uniformity, foreign-sponsored project, 2006
2012, legal material evidence laboratory construction, central department
2011, legal laboratory and practice center construction
2011, material evidence technology laboratory construction
2010, scientific evidence' probative force examination and judge
2013, Construction and Perfect of the Opinion Testimony Rule in China, Noted Research Project of Renmin University of China
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