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MA Xiaohong
Professor of Jurisprudence
Education Background:Law School of Renmin University of China, Doctor of Law, 2001-2004
Law School of Peking University, Master of Law, 1984-1987
Department of History of Peking University, Bachelor of History, 1978-1982
Research Interests:History of China, Traditional Chinese Legal Culture
Courses Taught:History of Chinese Legal Systems, History of Chinese Legal Thought, Approaches of Research of History of Law
External Exchange:Overseas Visitor of Research Institute of Comparative Study of Law in Waseda University from October to December, 1998
Appointments:The executive director of legal culture study center of Renmin University of China
Cooperative Professor of Historical and Social Higher Research Institute in Renmin University of China
Executive Director of the Chinese Legal History Association
Vice President of Researching Committee of Chinese Legal Thought History Executive Director of the Dong Biwu Chinese Legal Thought Researching Committee
Director of the Confucianist and Legal Cultural Researching Committee
Executive vice President of the Chinese Traditional Legal culture Researching Committee
Conductor of Ming De Legal Cultural Forum
Executive Editor of Research of Legal Culture
Secretary General of Chinese Legal History Association in 2004, vice chief editor and Cheirman of the Editing Department of Analects of Legal History(1998-2004)

Honors and Awards:Rites and Law, the Link of Legal History was awarded the second price of Achievements of Chinese Legal Culture Researching sponsored by the Zeng Xianyi
Research Law Education and Legal Culture Researching Committee;
Texture research in Chinese Legal History (1st section), first prize in the sixth Excellent research achievement prizes of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, along with Yang Yifan etc, chief editor of the first and the second parts, 2007;
Rite and Law: Historical Connection of Law, excellent research works prize in the second national law textbook and research achievement prize by Ministry of Justice, 2006;
Misunderstanding in Centenary Chinese Constitutional Government , Excellent Paper Award by editorial department of journal Social science research(Hong Kong), 2006;
Construction and resolving of Chinese traditional law-on relation of rite and law in Chinese traditional society, excellent PhD Thesis in Renmin University of China, 2005;

Selected Publications:Articles
1. A Historical Investigation of the Constitutional Movement in Modern China, Tribune of Political Science and Law, 2011.
2. On the Legal Forms of Chinese Feudal Society , Published by the Chinese Law, Phrase II,1992.
3. History Investigation and meditation of the Legal Rule , Published by Law Research, Phrase II,1992.
4. Reflect on the Chinese Constitutional Government in the Past 100 Years , Published by the Forum of Legal Rule of Tsinghua, Volume VI.
5. Certainty and Chinese Traditional Law, Published by Forum of Politics and Law, Phrase I, 2009.
6. On the Harmonious Aspect of Chinese Traditional Law, Published by Academic Journal of Renmin University of China, Phrase V, 2010.

1. Rites and Law, the Link of Legal History( Treatise), Peking University Press, 2004.
2. Chinese Traditional Legal Thought History(Treatise), Law Press China, 2004.
3. Watch the Harmonious Legal Culture(First Author) Peking University Press, 2009.

Research Projects:1. Law and Example: Research on the Modes of Chinese Traditional Law(07JA820031), finished, (Ordinary Project of Human and Social Science of the Department of Education)
Rite and Law Making (92CFX002), finished, Major Project of National Social Science Fund
2. Research on the Civil Modes of Chinese Law, (10BFX016)Ordinary Project of National Social Science Fund
3. History of Legal Civilization(11AZB050), Major Project of National Social Science Fund

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