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WEI Xiaona
Associate Professor of Criminal Procedural Law
Education Background:1992 to 1996, Bachelor of Philosophy: Zhengzhou University
1997 to 2003, Master of Law and Doctor of Law: China University of Political Science and Law
Dec.2007 to Dec.2008, Edwards Fellow and Visiting Scholar at School of Law, Columbia University

Research Interests:Criminal Procedural Law, Law of Evidence
Courses Taught:Criminal Procedure Law; Foreign Criminal Procedure Law; Rationale of Justice; Evidence Law

External Exchange:Dec.2007 to Dec.2008, Edwards Fellow and Visiting scholar at School of Law, Columbia University
Appointments:Deputy Director of the Public Prosecution Department, the Second Branch of Beijing people ' procuratorate, since 2011
External Examiner, the Open University of Hong Kong, since 2008

Honors and Awards:Principle of Criminal Due Process, won the the first prize among scientific monographs in the Tenth Renmin University of China Outstanding Achievements
Young Teachers Teaching Excellent Award by Renmin university, 2007
Criminal Due Process Research, the 2003 year China University of Political Science & Law Excellent Doctoral Dissertation
Won the first prize in the first Chen Guangzhong Education Fund, 2003
Model Selection and Method of China's Criminal Procedure Legalization (Load in the French Study, No.6, the sixth Young and Middle-Aged Litigation Law Outstanding Achievements in Scientific Research, the third prize, 2003
Principle of Litigation Proof (Law Journal, 2002) won the fifth Young and Middle-Aged Litigation Law Outstanding Achievements in Scientific Research, the third prize, 2003
Standard Criminal Prosecution Should Not be Reduced, Procuratorate Daily 2001 year Excellent Articles, third prize

Selected Publications:Articles
"Analysis of the root causes of the American Plea", Graduate Law, No. 2, 1998
"Be Serious to the Right of Silence", Graduate Law, No. 3, 1999
"Counts of Issues Change in Criminal Trials", People's Justice, No. 8, 1999
"Effectiveness of Prosecution and Range of Trial", People's Procuratorate, No. 7, 2000
Review and Positioning of the NewCriminal Procedure Law, Legal Forum, No. 6, 2000
"Issues Changes in Criminal Trials with the view of Effect of Prosecution", Procedural Forum, Vol 5, Legal Press, 2004
"System Innovation and Conceptual Change----Concept Conditions of the Implementation of Criminal Procedure Law", Zhejiang Institute of Political Management, No.4, 2000
"Socialist Nomocracy and Moral Construction", Beijing Observation, No.6, 2011
"Applicable Conditions of Acquittal with the Reason of Lack of Evidence", People's Court News, Dec. 6, 2011
"Characteristics of Judicial Proof", People's Court News, Oct. 10, 2011
"Applicable Procedures of Rules of Evidence", People's Procuratorate, No. 10, 2001
"Standard of Criminal Prosecution Should Not Be Reduced", Procuratorate Daily, Sep.4, 2011
"Exclusionary Rule", People's Procuratorate, No. 9, 2001
"Confession Rule", People's Procuratorate, No. 8, 2001
"Be Serious to the Rights of Innocent People", Legal daily, May.6, 2011
"Legal Theory and Construction of Evidence Disclosure", Chinese Journal of Criminal Law, No.4, 2011
"System and Epistemology of Criminal Evidence", China Law Science, No.1, 2001
"The Philosophical Basis and Procedural Safeguards of the Exclusion of Reasonable Doubt", Litigation Forum, Vol.6, Law Press, 2011
"The Two Dimensions of the Standard of Criminal Proof ", Evidence Science Forum, People's Public Security University of China Press, 2001
"English Law of Evidence on the Fact-Finding", Graduate Law, No.2, 2002
"Plea Should Amble", Procuratorate Daily, May.14, 2002
"Procedure Legitimacy and Judgmentthe Legitimacy", May.6, 2002
"Macro Thinking and Reform Proposals on the Longitudinal Structure of Criminal Procedure", National Prosecutors News, No.2, 2002
"Basis on the Identification of Natural People----Science Building Appraisal System", Procuratorate Daily, Jan.15, 2002
"Anglo-American Standard of Proof is Worth Studying", Legal Daily, Jul.17, 2003
"Mode Selection and Methodological Issues of the Criminal Procedural Due Process in China", Legal Research, No.6, 2003
"The Value of Objective Truth and Dilemma", Legal Research, No.6, 2004
"Theoretical Fulcrum of Criminal Procedure", Contemporary Law, No.3, 2004
"Evolution and the Development of U.S. Pre-Trial Questioning Theory", National Prosecutors News, No.3, 2004
"Substantive Justice in Criminal Proceedings", Jurist, No.1, 2005
Legal Theory and Debate: Range of American Criminal Procedure----On the U.S. Due Process Methodology, Comparative Law, No.1, 2005
"Dignity and the Spirit of Modern Law", Legal Daily, Apr.10, 2006
"Structural Principles of Modern Criminal Proceedings", People's Court News, Mar.24, 2006
"Statutory Procedures----The Principle of Nomocracy in the Field of Criminal Proceedings", People's Court News, Feb.10, 2006
"Why Do We Against Torture?", Legal Daily, Sep.9, 2007
"On Mental Defense", People's Procuratorate, No. 3, 2007
"Another Analysis on Mental Defense", People's Procuratorate, No. 5, 2007
"Certainty of Judicial and Uncertainty of the Public Ppinion", Legal Daily,Oct.19, 2009
"Justice Should Timely Intervene Compulsory Medical Psychosis", Legal Daily,Sep.16, 2009
"Send 'him' to a mental hospital, who's the judge?", Legal Daily (Sunday), Jun.24, 2010
"Interpretation the Third Jury: 'People jury'", Legal Daily, Apr.5, 2010
"Jailed Due to Courageous, Transferral Should Be Blamed", Legal Daily, Mar.23, 2010
"Social and Political Functions of Justice Can Not Be Ignored", Legal Daily, Jan.21, 2011
"Plea Bargaining: A 'Trojan Horse' in Adversary System?", Comparative Law Research, No.2, 2011
"Walk away from the Labor System Dilemma: Concepts, Systems and Technologies", Law Study, No.2, 2013
Is ¡°Beyond a Reasonable Doubt¡± a Lower Standard£¿, Criminal Science, 2013(9)
Power Installment on Death Penalty Cases, Qinghai Social Science, 2013(6)

Betrayal of Procedural Justice, Law Press, 2014.
Evidence Story (a translation), Renmin University of China Press, 2012 edition.
The Understanding of Criminal Procedure, ( translation), Beijing university press, 2009 edition.
Rationale on Criminal Due Process, People's Public Security University of China Press, 2006 edition.
Evidence: A Comparative Perspective (M, and the second translator), People's Public Security University of China Press, 2006 edition.
Rationale on Proof (Coauthor, the second author), Legal Press, 2002 edition.

Research Projects:National social science fund project: "Consultative Criminal Judicial Research"(Item Number: 07CFX032).
Renmin university scientific research fund project: "The Criminal Proceedings and Consultative Judicial System", (Financial Numbers: 30206104).
Renmin university law school young teacher project: "May I Ask Where to Go----The Comparison Method under the Perspective of Mortifying Criminal Procedure Law ".
Renmin University Criminal Science Research Center Project: Power Installment on Death Penalty Cases (Project Number: 26212805)
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Phone: (010)82500305

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