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LI Fenfei
Professor of Criminal Procedural Law
Education Background:bachelor degree, Henan agricultural university, college of biological engineering microorganism, 1991.9---1995.7
master degree in litigation law, Renmin university law school, 1998.9---2001.7
doctoral degree in litigation law, Renmin university law school, 2001.9---2004.7
visiting scholars, New York university law school 2012.1---2013.1
Research Interests:Criminal Procedure, Judicial System, Counsel System
Courses Taught:
External Exchange:2012.1---2013.1, visiting scholars, New York University law school
Appointments:Lawyer, Beijing Stone law firm
deputy director, lawyer and business institute in Renmin university of China
Chinese people's university litigation system and judicial reform center
assistant director
assistant procurator, Xinzheng people's procuratorates, Henan province
Researcher, criminal law science research center in Renmin university of China
researcher, Renmin university dispute resolution research center
Honors and Awards:Renmin university law school young teachers teaching honorable mention(2007)
Renmin university the sixth young teachers' basic skills competition honorable mention(2007)
Renmin university of outstanding teacher in charge(2008)
Renmin university union activis(2011)
Selected Publications:Articles
1, Theory of indictment judicial control, Political and Legal Forum (2000, 6) (Second Author)
2, From "copy socialist" to "the plaintiff a doctrine", Journal of National Prosecutors College, In 2003 the second period
Detention beyond the legally prescribed time limits "systematic" governance, Criminal law to explore, Volume 1.
3, Criminal proceedings in the court and the judge's enforcement power, Journalof National Prosecutors College (2004(1))
4, The establishment of a social relief system to compensate the victim, People's Court Daily, On December 22, 2006.
Let the correction of misjudged case no longer depend on chance, ProcuratorialDaily (March 19, 2007)
5, Why do you want to emphasize the rights of the defendant, China trial, (2006,8 period)
6, Where is the Justice, Chinese prosecutors (2007, 6)

1, Failure--- Chinese criminal procedure's contemporary fate, Shanghai SDX joint publishing company in 2009 edition.
2, Transformation of the rule of law details, Shanghai SDX joint publishing company in 2011 edition.
3, Procedure legitimacy study---take criminal procedure law as an example, Law Press China The 2011 version.
4, Criminal procedure law, the interpretation of laws and regulations, (The 21st century law course learning and examination guidance), Chinese people's university press, 2010 edition. (Cooperative Edit)
5, Criminal pretrial procedure research, Renmin University Press, the 2004 version, Chen Weidong the chief editor.

Research Projects:1, National social science fund project: The socialism legal authority research---from the angle of the police station.
2, law school youth teacher project, Renmin university: The protection of the criminal victim's right
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