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Professor of Civil and Commercial Law
Education Background:Renmin University of China, Doctor of Civil Law, 1996.9-1999.7
Jilin University, Master of Civil and Commercial Law, 1993.9-1996.7
Zhengzhou University, Bachelor of Law, 1989.9-1993.7
Research Interests:General Principles of Civil Law, Contract Law, Property Law, Tort law, Principles of Civil Law and Methods of Civil Law Science
Courses Taught:General Principles of Civil Law, Property Law
External Exchange:2011.9-2012.2 Visiting Scholar of Harvard University Law School
2003.11-2004.3 Visiting Scholar of Law School of Freie University of Berlin
Appointments:Deputy director of Civil and Commercial Law Science Research Center in Renmin University of China.
Vice Dean of Renmin University Law School.
Vice Dean of Intellectual Property Law School in Renmin University.
Deputy Secretary-general of Civil Law Science Research Association in China Law Society.
Executive Director of Legislation Science Research Association in China Law Society.
Director of Trial Theory Research Association in China Law Society.
Vice Chairman of the Beijing Consumer Protection Law Society.
Part-time Professor of National Judges College.
Researcher Financial-economic Law Research Center of Peking University.
Guest Professor in South China Normal University.
Counsel of Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development.
Member of Advisory Experts Groups in State Food and Drug Administration.
Non-permanent Commissioner of Administrative Reconsideration Committee in Beijing Municipal Government.
Commissioner of Legal Experts of Legislation Committee in Beijing Municipal Government.
Arbitrator of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission.
Arbitrator of Dalian Arbitration Commission.
Arbitrator of Qingdao Arbitration Commission.

Honors and Awards:1. Be awarded with the Sixth National Ten Outstanding Young Jurists in 2011.
2. Be awarded with of the First Beijing Ten Outstanding Young Jurists in 2010.
3. On Norms Allocation of Real Right was awarded with the second prize of Beijing Law Society Outstanding Applied Law Science Research Achievement in 2010.
4. Be selected as a member of Talents Support Program in New Century by the Ministry of Education in 2009.
5. Be awarded with the most popular prize of the sixth Beijing Universities young teachers teaching basic skills contest in 2009.
6. Be awarded with special prize of the fifth young teachers teaching basic skills contest hold in Renmin University of China in 2009.
7. Be awarded with Outstanding Form Teacher in Renmin University of China in 2009.
8. Be awarded with Outstanding Supervisor of Bachelor Degree Thesis in Renmin University of China in 2009.
9. On specifications allocation of real rights won the Outstanding Scientific Research Achievement in Renmin University Law School in 2008.
10. Be awarded with Tong Rou Civil and Commercial Law Development Fund Youth Outstanding Research Achievement in 2007.
11. Civil value judgments substantive argument rules won the 2nd prize of the 2nd National Law Textbooks and Scientific Achievement given by the Ministry of Justice in 2006.
12. Civil value judgments substantive argument rules won outstanding scientific research achievement given by China Law Society in 2005.
13. Be awarded with outstanding postdoctoral of Peking University in 2005.
14. On real rights alternation was awarded with outstanding scientific research achievement of Peking University Law School in 2002.
15. Won Peking University Gangsong Faculty Scholarship in 2001.
16. On real rights alteration in accordance with legal actions won Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Renmin University in 2001.
17. Won the Seventh Wu Yuzhang scholarship in 1998.
18. Won Jun He Lawyer Talent Scholarship in 1998.

Selected Publications:Articles
1. Lecturing in accordance with fixed materials to lecturing following fixed materials, Law Science Forum, 2011.
2. On losses distribution system in tort liability, Law Social Science Front, 2010.
3. Issues of identifying the validity of contracts, Journal of National Prosecutors College, 2010.
4. On legal constitute of ownership retention, Contemporary Law, 2010.
5. Forcible norms and its legal application, Academic Forum of Nandu, 2010.
6. On methods of bearing tort liability, Journal of China Renmin University, 2009.
7. On national interests, Journal of Jilin University Social Science, 2008.
8. On real rights norms allocation, China Law Science, 2007.
9. On real rights arbitrary specification and its application, Law Application, 2007.
10. On advocacy specifications, Tsinghua Law Science, 2007.
11. On arbitrary specification in contract law, Social Science Front, 2006.
12. Legislative selection of real rights protection system, Sino-foreign Law Science, 2006.
13. Application of Real Rights Petition and limitation of actions system, Contemporary Law Science, 2006.
14. Thinking of Chinese civil law academic orientation, Legal System and Social Development, 2006.
15. Legislative selection of transaction security protection strategy in real rights alteration, Zhejiang Social Science, 2005.
16. Legislative study on general provisions of movable property acquired in good faith, Politics and Law, 2005.
17. Civil code specifications allocation, Journal of Yantai University, 2005.
18. Substantial argument rule of civil value judgments, China Social Science, 2004.
19. Contract law specification type and its legal application, Contract Law Review, 2004.
20. On legislative selection of real rights alternation mode, Civil and Commercial Law Journal, 2003.
21. Design of real law specifications, Law and Business Research, 2002.
22. On one thing saled many times, Journal of Tsinghua University, 2002.
23. On effect of unauthorized disposition, Sino-foreign Law Science, 2001.
24. On application conditions of real estate acquired in good faith, Legal System and Social Development, 2000.
25. On risk distribution of default in contracts for sales, Sino-foreign Law Science, 1999.
26. Study on system of real estate acquired in good faith, Modern Law Science, 1997.
27. Study on retention of ownership system, On Civil and Commercial Law, 1997.
28. Exploration of expectant right, Legal Science, 1996.
29. On outline of expromission system, Law Review, 1995.
30. Legal Compensation Obligation, an Independent Type of Compensation for Loan, Chinese Journal of Law, 2014.
31. Classification of Legal Facts in Civil Law, China Legal Science, 2013.
32. Basic Principles of Civil Law and Their Inner Connections, Journal of Hangzhou Normal University(Social Sciences Edition), 2013.
33. Analysis on the Classifications of Interests Among Contract Parties, Citizen and Law, 2012.
34. On General Effective Conditions of Contract Acts , Journal of Law Application, 2012.
35. On Chinese Elements in Chinas Civil Legislations, Law Science Magazine, 2011.

1. Civil law principles and methods of civil law science, Law Press, 2009.
2. On property change, China Renmin University Press, 2001.
3. On new contract law ?specific provisions, China University of Political Science and Law Press, 1997.

Research Projects:

2000, Norms Analysis and the Formulation of Civil Code of China
2000, Study on Legislation of Real Right Alteration
2006, On Civil Law Norms: Type and Allocation
2008, Civil Law Science Methodology
2010, On Civil Law Norms

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