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Faculty Members
JD, Associate professor, Master tutor. Vice Dean of Renmin Law School, Vice President and Secretary General of Financial Law Institute and Competition Law Institute
Education Background:
JD of Hitotsubashi University of Japan
LL.M. of Hitotsubashi University of Japan

Research Interests:Securities Law, Financial Law, Competition Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Corporate Law, East Asian Economic Integration and Coordination of the Legal System
Courses Taught:Financial law, Economic Law, Financial Services Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Corporate Law, Asian Legal Integration
External Exchange:
Managing Director and Deputy Secretary General of China Law Society Securities Law Research
Director of China Law Society Bank Law Research
Director of China Law Society Insurance Law Research
Committee of the fourth and fifth Securities Investor Protection Working Committee of Experts of China Securities Investor Protection Fund Corporation Ltd.
Executive Director of Beijing Law Association for Consumer Rights and Interests Protection

Honors and Awards:
1. Comment on from investor protection to financial consumer protection legitimate system building acquired the second rate china law society securities law branch exquisite paper, 2010
2. New development of Britain financial regulation reform and its enlightenment to China-take bank industry reform as the centre obtained bank law branch of china law society excellent paper, 2009
3. American financial regulatory system reform after subprime mortgage crisis and its enlightenment acquired bank law branch of china law society excellent paper,2009
4. On the horizontal regulation of financial legal trends and China's countermeasures, won the first China Law Society Securities Law Research Best Paper Award, 2008
5. On the legal regulation of collective investment schemes, won China Law Society Commercial Law Research Society 2008 Best Paper Award, 2008
6. Legal issues about foreign acquisitions of Chinese listed companies, won the fourth RECOF Award Outstanding Paper Award by Mergers and Acquisitions Report Review, 2004
7. Renmin Law School Award for outstanding contributions,2008
8. Renmin Law School Young Teachers Teaching Excellence Award, 2007 and 2008
9. Renmin University of China top ten outstanding teacher nomination, 2011
10. Guiding students work System of companies with Small loan--Cangnan Comerica Microfinance Limited Case won the 11th "Challenge Cup" National University Scientific and Technological Works Competition Award.

Selected Publications:
1. The Legislative Integration Theory of Finance Service, Law Press, 2014
2. Legal system on financial consumer protection, Law Press, 2013
3. China's M & A legal system--system use and empirical analysis, China Economic Publishing House, 2007
4. New Japanese Corporate Law (Translation work, second translator), Law Press, 2006
5. Economic Laws (Second Edition), Associate editor, China Renmin Press, 2007
6. Practical Economic Laws cases, Associate editor, China Financial & Economic Publishing House, 2007
7. Comparative Study of Japanese and Chinese Corporate Laws, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press, 2004

1. Consumer Protection and Reform of Chinas Financial Law, Hongkong Law Journal, Vol 44, May, 2014.
2. The Definition of Security Needs an Urgent Expansion in Order to Develop Multi-Level Markets, Legal Daily, April, 2014.
3. The Operating Mode and Risk Prevention of Public Raising of Equities Platform, Journal of National Procurators College, 2014.
4. The Perfection of Laws and Regulations Concerning the Public Raising of Equities in China from the Perspectives of Internet Science, Journal of Guizhou University for Nationalities(Philosophy and Social Science Edition), 2014.
5. Public Raising of Equities is a Critical Component of Chinas Multi-Level Markets, China Securities Journal, March, 2014.
6. Research on Supervision System of Internet Finance, China Finance, 2014.
7. Internet Finance Promotes the Reforms of Financial Legal System, Chinese Social Science Journal, January, 2014System construction of Integrated legislation on financial consumer protection--With the view of the experience Japanese legislation, Social Sciences in China, No.8, 2013.
8. On the reconstruction of Finance Law, Tsing Law Review, No.4, 2013.
9. Types of financial ombudsman system research, Law Review, No.4, 2013.
10. New developments of Hong Kong monetary dispute settlement mechanism and its impact onin the Mainland (first author), Journal of Capital Normal University, No.3, 2013.
11. On the innovation development of securities disputes settlement mechanism--Construction of securities ombudsman system, Comparative Law Research, No.3, 2013.
12. Legal system construction of financial services commission--from the investor protection to financial consumer protection, Journal of Renmin University of China, No.3, 2013.
13. Government-led financial ombudsman system Review, Tribune of Polical Science and Law, No.3, 2013.
14. Innovation of Japanese financial ADR system and its implications for China, Law Sciences, No.3, 2013.
15. Market-based indirect finance: Integration of a collective investment scheme of regulation, China Law Review, No.2, 2013.
16. Identification of the market dominance of internet information service and its legal adjustments, Tribune of Polical Science and Law, No.1, 2012.
17. On financial derivatives unified consumer protection laws and regulations system - Inspiration from Goldman Sachs "fraud" incident, Comparative Law Review, No.5, 2011.
18. Legal issues about the identification of related market in new market economy, Study on China Administration for Industry & Commerce, No.7, 2011.
19. On the relationship among the financial crisis, the Anti-Monopoly Law and competition policy, Yuedan Finance Law Journal, No.12, 2010.
20. Investment legal person system import and investor protection(the first writer), securities market herald, No.9, 2010.
21. Post- financial crisis financial series and method law research, law science magazine, No.7, 2010.
22. New development of Britain financial regulatory reform take bank reform as the focus(the first writer), banker, No. 7, 2010.
23. Implementation path analysis of China's financial industry regulatory system, (first author), Social Sciences Reseach, No.6, 2010.
24. Gao Sheng fraud incident, Fangyuan Nomocracy, No.10, 2010.
25. Japan's Anti-Monopoly Law and its reference value and countermeasures on China's experience in the implementation of anti-monopoly(second author), Economic Law Review, Vol.9, May, 2009.
26. On the impact of sub-prime crisis on the the financial holding company law (first author), Social sciences, No.9, 2009.
27. On the Japanese law in the share exchange and share transfer system, Chinese Capital Market Law Review, Vol.2, June, 2009.
28. On the lateral financial legal regulation trends--Financial Instruments and Exchange Law of Japan as the center, The global financial crisis of China's Securities Market Law, Intellectual Property Publishing House, May, 2009.
29. From the "Mitsubishi Rayon acquired Lucite" case dialysis government "relief" policy, Legal Daily, June 11, 2009.
30. How can Japanese financial institutions collectively fight against financial crisis, Legal Daily, May 7, 2009.
31. On the lateral financial legal regulation trends, The Jurist, No.2, 2009.
32. Promote financial reform to enhance the security of the financial system, China Securities Journal, April 22, 2009.
33. Conducted antitrust expertise and foster competition in China's market culture, Legal Daily, March 26, 2009.
34. Antitrust Law should stop the possible acquisition of monopoly, Procuratorate Daily, March 30, 2009.
35. Legal regulation research on contracts which base on investment partnership --Group's investment plan in Japan's Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, Non-corporate legal contemporary development, Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House, 2009.
36. On Disaster Legislation, Application of Law, No.12, 2008.
37. "Wealth country and powerful law" road--Review of the legal modernized refornation of Japanese companies in 2005.
38. Are Japanese inherently hard do? - Enlightenment of Japan's socio-economic development, World Knowledge Publishing House, October, 2008.
39. Co-ordination between Antitrust and Trade Regulation Act, The Jurist, No.1, 2008.
40. On the acquisition of listed companies and corporate social responsibility, Law Science Magazine, No.3, 2008.
41. A seamless investor protection legislations-- Group's investment plan in Financial Instruments and Exchange Law of Japan, Property Law and the securities investor protection, Law Press, June, 2008.
42. latest developments on Japanese investor protection legislation ideas, Property Law and the securities investor protection, Law Press, June, 2008.
43. Japan's disaster response system and its implications for China, Academic Journal of Zhongzhou, No.5, 2008.
44. Institutional experience of Japanese Disaster, Teahouse for Jurist, April, 2008.
45. The significance of legal modernization of Japanese companies in 2005, Northeast Asian Studies, No.1, 2008.
46. Legal status and issues of China M & A, Economic Development and Regional Cooperation in East Asian Studies, Tianjin People's Publishing House, 2004.
47. On the reduction of state-owned shares by law - Also on the country's securities legislation after the accession to the WTO, Globalization of Chinese and Japanese--overseas scholars multiple thinking, Social Sciences Academic Press, 2003.
48. (Japanese) Analysis of typical China M & A Case, NEW BUSINESS LAW, No.6, 2008.
49. (Japanese)On the law reform of Chinese new M & A Law Securities, Cinii Articles, March, 2008.
50. (Japanese) Comments on Chinese foreign acquisition of new regulations, East Asia Economic Research, January, 2008.
51. (Japanese) Latest trends and issues of Chinese state-owned shares reform, Doshisha Law acdemics, November, 2007.
52. Legal issues abou foreign acquisitions of Chinese listed companies, International Commercial Law, March, 2004.
53. Legal analysis of Chinese enterprises overseas M & A, Mergers and Acquisitions Report Review, September, 2005.
54. Research on Chinese ownership regime, Hitotsubashi Research, Vol.29, December, 2004.
55. Legal issues of Chinese state-owned shares, Hitotsubashi Research, Vol.28, October, 2003.

Research Projects:
1. Presided over the 2012 National Social Science Fund post project, Legal theory on financial services commission
2. Presided over the 2012 National Social Science Fund post project, Legal system on financial consumer protection
3. Under financial crisis circumstances our capital market series and method law-making research project sponsored by Ministry of Education
4. Researching on the project: Eastern Asian legal system integration historical origins, theoretic foundation and methods
5. Presided over building financial holding company relevant legal issues sponsored by ministry of education
6. Legal integration in East Asia and countermeasures research report, Asian Studies Center, Renmin University of China in 2008
7. Japanese securities paperless law project, China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation in 2008
8. Legal Issues of financial holding companies, Renmin Law School Youth Project in 2008
9. Sino-Japanese intergovernmental technical problems and prospects of cooperation,Tianjin Municipal People's Government commissioned research projects in 2008
10. The impact of Subprime mortgage crisis on the financial holding companies and our legal strategy, Renmin University of China Research Fund project in 2009

Projects Paticipated:
1. Significance of EU legal integration to East Asia, Ministry of Education humanities and social science research project (from 2009 to 2011)
2. Successor and creation of East Asia laws--Research and education projects in Asia based on the formation of East Asian common law
3. MEXT of Japan's national key research projects (from 2007 to 2011)
4. Basic legal research of East Asia economic cooperation and coordination, MEXT of Japan's key research project, 2007
5. Securities crimes enforcement cooperative research, Bureau of Ministry of Public Security, 2007
6. Sino-Japanese Economic Law ?Corporate Law Initiative, JICA, 2005 till now

Contact Info:
Office: Mingde Law Building, No.59 Zhongguancun Road, Haidian District, Beijing

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