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LIU Junhai
Professor and PhD tutor
Education Background:1985-1989, Hebei University, LLB;
1989-1992, China University of Political Science and Law, Master of Economic Law;
1992-1995, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Doctor of Civil and Commercial Law.
Research Interests:Corporate Law, Security Law, Commercial and Economic Law
Courses Taught:Business law, corporate law, securities law, economic law, case study of corporate law, case study of securities law, rule of law in capital market, business dispute resolution.
External Exchange:
1. November 1996 to November 1997, University of Oslo, Norway, postdoctoral research, studied on corporate social responsibility.
2. September 1998, a visiting scholar funded by the EU at the Law School of University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, studied on the EU Company Law.
3. January 2000 to May 2001, a visiting scholar funded by the U.S. Communication Committee of Sino-US Scholar at the University of Michigan and the University of Kansas, studied on American Corporate Law.
4. May 1999, University of Bonn, Germany, participated International Symposium regarding management and the development in China, India and Russia and addressed a speech: the reform of China's legal system (in English).
5. July to August, 2007, a visiting professor at Law School of New Zealand's Victoria University, teaching Chinese Companies Law in English.
6. July to August, 2009, a visiting scholar at the Law School of University of Wisconsin.
7. January 24 to 28, 2010, a visiting scholar addressing speech on the theme of Company Law at the Law School and Business School of University of Michigan.
8. Grotius & Hughes Visiting Fellow, University of Michigan Law School (2011-2012).

1. Professor of law, Law School, Renmin University of China,since 2006.
2. Director, Business Law Center, Renmin University of China,since 2006.
3. Legal Counsel, Renmin University of China, since 2008
Professor of law, Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) (1995-2006).
4. Member, Academy of Legal Studies in Business (ALSB),USA
Vice Chairman,China Consumers' Association (CCA).
5. Vice President & Secretary General, China Consumers protection Law Society.
Advisory Expert, Committee of Legislative Affairs, Standing 6.Committee of National People's Congress (NPC).
7. Member, Group of Experts on Lecturing to the National Higher and Middle Levels of Officials, organized by Central Organization Ministry, Ministry of Justice and China Law Society.
8. Member, Advisory Committee of E-Commerce Experts, Ministry of Commerce.
9. Member, Committee of Legal Advisors, All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU).
10. Vice Director, Committee of Internal Governance, China Association of Public Certified Accountants.
11. Former Member, Committee of Listing, Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
12. Member, Committee of Appealing Review, Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
13. Executive Director, China Association of Private entrepreneurs.
14. Executive Director, China Business Law Society.
15. Executive Director, China Securities Law Society.
16. Executive Director, China Industry & Commerce Administration Society.
17. Member, Board of Editors, Corporate Ownership and Control, Ukraine.
18. Member, Board of Directors, China Arbitrational Law Society.
19. Member, Board of Editors, Global Law Review, China (2002-2006).
20. Academic Advisor, China Securities Journal
Academic Advisor, Legal Daily.
21. Advisor for Economic News, Central People's Radio.
22. Academic Advisor, Procuratorate Daily, sponsored by Supreme People's Procuratorate.
23. Member, Advisory Committee of Civil and Administrative Cases, Beijing People's Procuratorate.
24. Independent Director at HongYuan Securities Inc., Zhuye Group, Inc., First Trust Investment Funds Management Inc., etc.

25. Member, Expert Committee, China General Chamber of Commerce.
26. Council Member, Gerson Lehrman Group.
27. Fellow, Department of Business Law and Taxation, Monash University, Australia (since 2012).
28. National Judges College (since 1998).
29. China University of Political Science & Law(since 2010)
30. Hebei University (since 2004).
31. Huaqiao University (since 2004).
32. China International Economic & Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC).
33. Beijing Arbitration Commission (BAC).
34. International Arbitral Centre of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (Vienna International Arbitral Centre, VIAC).
35. Hong Kong International Arbitral Centre (HKIAC).
36. Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA).
37. The London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA).
38. Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (ACICA).
39. Asia Pacific Regional Arbitration Group (APRAG).
40. Dubai International Arbitral Centre (DIAC).
41. ADR Chambers International, Canada.
42. German Institution of Arbitration (Deutschte Institution fur Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit e.V.), DIS.
LCIA India
43. Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA).

Honors and Awards:
1. In 1999, Prof.Liu was granted the title of Outstanding Young Jurist by Beijing Law Society.
2. In 2000, Introduction to shareholder rights protection, won the third prize for outstanding monographs of the Third Youth Scientific Research Achievement Award of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (provincial-level).
3. In 2001, Trust mechanism of e-commerce (in English) won the Ralph Bunche Award in the Academy of Legal Studies in Business 2001 annual conference, this paper was also the first prize of international commercial law papers.
4. In 2001, Corporate social responsibility won the award for outstanding achievements in scientific research of the Law Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
5. In 2003, Prof. Liu was selected as one of the 2003 opinion leaders by the Financial Times.
6. In 2005, The protection of Corporation shareholder rights (Law Press, 1997) won the Golden Tripod Award (first prize) of the first session of the China Young Legal Scholar Award held by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the China Law Society and the National Youth Federation.
7. In 2006, the China Law Society named Prof. Liu as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Jurists.
8. In 2006, Difficult legal issues of foreign shareholders in the proper resolution of the split share structure reform , won the first-class award of outstanding information by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (provincial-level).
9. In 2007, Young Teacher Award of Excellence of academic exchanges at Law School of Renmin University of China.
10. In 2008, Prof. Liu was selected for the New Century Excellent Talents Support Program of the Ministry of Education.
11. In 2008, Prof. Liu was awarded the best speechmaker of "one hundred jurists, one hundred reports" by the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Political and Law Committee, the Ministry of Justice and the China Law.
12. In 2008, Prof. Liu was selected as the 2008 Outstanding Scholar of Chinese humanities and social sciences.
13. In 2008, The protection of corporation shareholder rights (revision) (Law Press, 2nd edition, 2004) won second prize of the Second Qian Duansheng Law Research Achievement Award.
14. In 2008, Young Teachers of the Year of Law School of Renmin University of China.
15. In 2009, Modern Company Law won Third National Law Textbooks and Scientific Research Award.

Selected Publications:
1. The research application of piercing corporate veil in judicial practice, Application of Law" (NJC), 2011, 8.
2. Study on the legitimacy and operability of corporate social responsibility in the context of the global financial crisis, Social Sciences, 2010, 2.
3. Carry out industrial democracy, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, Theory forefront, 2009, 5.
4. Innovation of the system of food safety regulation, Law Forum, 2009, 3.
5. March 15 should be the Business-to-consumer Thanksgiving Day - the company's social responsibility to consumers, China Business Administration Studies, 2009, 3.
6. A project to construct the credibility and the integrity of judge, People Court News, February 3, 2009.
7. Concentrate on the legislation of supervision on the listed companies to implement the scientific concept of development and to improve the rule of law in the capital market, Gansu Social Sciences, 2008, 5.
8. Carry forward the concept of shareholder democracy and activate the shareholders' meeting system, the Board, 2008, 10.
9. The principle of equity equality, Law, 2008, 3.
10. Review and Outlook of the company legislation in the past 30 years of reform and opening up, Law Forum, 2008.
11. Implement the scientific concept of development and the rule of law in the field of business and commerce, Studies on China Business Administration, 2008, 3.
12. The shareholders' civil liability on the withdrawal of the capital contribution, Law Magazine, 2008, 1.
13. Study on the contracted management of companies under the framework of the new company law, Contemporary Law, 2008, 1.
14. The validity of the equity transfer contract of a limited liability company, Jurist, 2007.
15. Study on corporate social responsibility, Theoretical frontier, 2007, 22.
16. Corporate Governance of Business Organizations in the People's Republic of China: The Legal Framework After the Revision of the Company Law in 2005, co-authored with Knut Benjamin Pissler,
17. Director's Duty of Diligence and Shareholder's Derivative Action in China, delivered in the Symposium "Law and Legal Reality - A Chinese-German Dialogue on the Procedural Realization of Private Claims", Freiburg, 25th and 26th of June 2010.
18. Increasing role of the courts in China, Law, Development & Socioeconomic Changes in Asia, 2003.
19. Corporate Governance in China: Then and Now, co-authored with Professor Cindy Schipany at the University of Michigan, Columbia Business Law Review, Volume 2002, 1.
20. Chinese Business and the Internet: The Infrastructure for Trust, co-authored with Prof. Timothy L. Fort at the University of Michigan, Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, November, 2002, 35.
21. Overview of the Dispute resolution mechanism in China, presented at the "Roundtable Meeting on Law, Development and Socio-Economic Change in Asia (II)", held in Bangkok, Thailand, 19, 20 November, 2001.
22. Legal reforms in China, Governance, Decentralization and Reform in China, India and Russia, Jean-Jacques Dethier (Ed.) Kluwer Academic Publishers, page. 373 to 405, ZEF-Discussion Papers on Development Policy No. 13, Center for Development Research (ZEF), Bonn, September 1999.
23. Approaches to Strengthen the Responsibility of Directors and Managers in China, presented at the fourth annual conference of Asia Pacific Economic Law Forum, held in Hong Kong in December 1998.
24. The Protection of Social Rights and the Coming Implementation of CESCR in China, presented at the International Symposium, The domestic obligation to implement the International Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, held in Oslo, Norway, in November 1997.
25. The Protection of Labor Rights in China, Working Paper Series of Norwegian Institute of Human Rights, the University of Oslo, 1997.
26. The Perspectives for Tax Law in Hong Kong after 1 July 1997, presented at the International Symposium Tax Law in East and Southeast Asia toward the 21st Century, held in Leiden, the Netherlands in July 1996 and published by Kluwer Law International in 1997.

1. Frontier Issues of the Rule of Law in Chinese Capital Market, Peking University Press, August 2012.
2. Modern Securities Law, Legal Publishing House, September 2011.
3. Company Law, Peking University Press, August 2008.
4. Modern Company Law, Legal Publishing House, July 2008.
5. Company Law, China Legal Publishing House, June 2008.
6. Property Law and Securities Investor Protection (deputy editor), Renmin University of China Press, 2008.
7. Corporate social responsibility, Law Press, 1999.
8. Company Law profiling: the perspective of comparison and function (translation), Peking University Press, August 2007.
9. Innovation of new company law system: the disputes and interpretation of difficulties, Law Press, 2006.
10. Legal environment for non-public economic development, edited by the Office of the Social and Legal Affairs of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Chinese workers Press, February 2004.
11. Translation of all the EU Company Law Directives, Law Press, 2000.
12. Principles of Economic law, Social Sciences Academic Press, 1999.
13. The protection of corporation shareholder rights (published in 1997, revised in 2004).
14. Standardized stock market: legal analysis of securities, People's Publishing House, 1995.
15. Overview of the legal knowledge regarding joint-stock enterprises, Peking University Press, 1993.

Research Projects:
1. Study on category shares system, Provincial research project of the China Law Society,CLS (2011) C19.
2. Study on legal mechanism of the national intervention in innovative market, the research project of key topics of the Ministry of Justice in 2009 (09SFB1007).
3. China's modernizing company law in the context of the financial crisis, the major project of the Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base of the Ministry of Education in 2009 (2009JJD820009).
4. Legal system of private equity fund, the project of philosophy and social science research of the Ministry of Education, 2009.
5. Study on the legal issues of the regulation, improvement and development of the capital market, project of National Social Science Fund (05CFX013), March 12, 2009.
6. Promote the equity culture, perfect securities investor protection system, project of Excellent Talents Support Plan in the new century of Ministry of Education, 2008.
7. Study on the perfection of the protection system of securities Investor under the mode of indirectly holding, project of 985 programs of the Renmin University of China (2008).
8. The basic theory of the social law, key research project of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
9. EU Company Law and its Inspiration for China to establish a modern enterprise system, a project funded by China-EU Cooperation program in Higher Education.
10. Study on the legal system of the group of companies, a project of Youth Fund of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
11. A comparative study on the legal status of the Stock Exchanges, a project t commissioned by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
12. Study on mergers and acquisitions and the optimization mechanism of state-owned assets the key project of the National Social Science Fund invited by the Macroeconomic Research Institute of the State Development Planning Commission.
13. Principles of Economic Law, a project of National Social Science Fund.
14. The legal defense of the financial crisis, a key project of the National Social Science Fund.
15. Study on the high-tech corporate equity incentive, project of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the State Council Development Research Center.
16. Study on the effective regulation of industrial and commercial administration on the e-commerce order, project of State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the China Industrial and Commercial Administrative Management Society.
17. Study on corporate governance reform in China, a project of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).
18. Study on the integrity of the securities market system, a project commissioned by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
19. WTO Government Procurement Agreement, project of Ministry of Commerce, the expert members of the study group.
20. Study on the public debt management, a legal consultant in the research project of Asian Development Bank (ADB).
21. The research on the equity transfer, the key project of Supreme People's Court in 2005.
22. China and economic globalization, a project sponsored by the Ford Foundation.

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