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FENG Yujun
Professor of Jurisprudence
Education Background:LL.B., Northwest Normal University in China (1988-1992)
LL.M., LanZhou University (1995-1998)
LL.D. in Law, Law School, Renmin University of China (2000-2003)
LL.M., Temple University (2007-2008)
Research Interests:Jurisprudence, Law and Economics, Law and Globalization, Comparative Financial Law,
Science of Legislation
Courses Taught:
Jurisprudence, Law and Economics, Science of Legislation, Fundamentals of Law

External Exchange:
Study in summer school of Law School of University of Chicago, 2012.7-9;
Participate in the international Roundtable Conference of Sino-French Globalization of Law in France, 2011.9-10;
Participate in the Seminar of Countries in the Changing World hosted by Legislation and Comparative Law Research Institute of The Russian Federation,2011.5-6;
Participate in the Seminar of Issues of Legislative Intendance and its Development sponsored by the Legislation Research Institute of Vietnamese Congress, 2010.9 ;
Visit The University of Wuerzburg and found Sino-German Comparative Law Research Institute, 2010.4;
Visiting Professor of Victoria University of Wellington Law School, 2009.7-2009.8;
Senior visiting scholar of the Hitotsubahi University, 2007.11-2007.12;
Edwards visiting scholar of Columbia Law School, 2005.8-2006.9;
Visiting scholar of Harvard Law School, 2005.8-2006.9

1. Academic Supervisor of LL.D Candidates.
2. Deputy Director of Multiple Dispute Resolution Research center, RUC Law School.
3. Researcher of Law and Globalization Research Center, RUC Law School.
4. Secretary General of LL.M Candidates Commission, RUC Law School.
5. Director of Jurisprudence Seminar of China Law Society, 2002-Present.
6. Attorney, Shiji attorney firm of Beijing, 2000-Present
Member of China Law Society, 1992-Present.
7. The CCTV 12th Channel also appointed as a chief-lecturer of the program Story and Law in 2005-2006.
8. Attorney, Fajing Attorney Firm of Gansu Province, 1993-2000 Director of Jurisprudence Seminar of China Law Society.
9. Senior Expert of China-EU Infor;mation Society Project.
10. Part-time professor at the Law School of Hunan University, Gansu Institution of Political.

Honors and Awards:
1. Paradigm of Law and Economics, second prize of Beijing Humanities and Social Sciences Writings,2010.
2. Course of Law and Economic, Excellent Courses of Beijing, 2010.
3. The Outstanding Achievement of Law Education Prize (by Education Department of China), Nov.2007.
4. Excellence Academic Supervisor Prize for J.M candidates, 2006.
5. The First Prize of Young Teacher Teaching Competition of Renmin University of China,2004.
6. The First Prize of Academic Paper of Member of China Law Society,2002.
7. The WuYuzhangPrize of Renmin University of China (Reward only ten students among 20,000 are entitled to Award to Top 5% student.
8. The Third Prize of Academic Paper, by Guangming Daily,2002.

Selected Publications:
1. Theoretical Vision of the Common Law in East Asia, Study of Law in Law School of Meiji University (Japan), March,2013.
2. Study on the Scope and Ownership of Chinese religious properties, China Legal Science, 2012.6.
3. Study on Singapore Religious Affairs and legal governance of them, Journal of Political Science and Law,2013.3.
4. The Law and Economics Analysis of Punitive Damages, Capital Normal University Transaction, No. 4, 2005.
5. On Knowledge Basic of the Paradigm of Law and Economics, Renmin University of China Transaction, No.4, 2005.
6. On Paradigm of Law and Economics, Rule of Law and development of society, No.1, 2004.
7. The Realized Approach of Law and Globalization, Qiushi Journal, No.1, 2004.
8. On Knowledge Basic of the Paradigm of Law and Economics, Cass Research, No. 4, 2004.
9. The Historically Interpretation of Rule of Law and Its Revelation to Asia: History's Illusion and Its Transcendence, Jurisconsult, No.3, 2003.
10. On Legal Market, Yantai University Transaction, No.4, 2002.
11. On the Research of context of Globalization Theory, Jurisconsult, No.2, 2002.
12. On Basic Theory of Law and Globalization, Law Study in China, No.4, 2002.
13. The Theoretical Premises of Economic Analysis of Law, Gansu Theory Research, No.3, 2000.

1. Theory and Practice of the Rule of Law in East Asia Under the Background of Globalization, Renmin University of China Press, September, 2013.
2. Marks of Law, Economic Science Press, April, 2013.
3. Study on Chinese Religious Affairs Under the Rule of Law, Gansu Nationalities Press, September,2013.
4. Jurisprudence, China Renmin University Press,2012.
5. Seek for Legal Power: Appreciation of Typical Chinese Legal Mottoes, Beijing Normal University Press, June, 2010.
6. Seek for Legal Power: Appreciation of Typical Foreign Legal Mottoes, Beijing Normal University Press, June, 2010.
7. Chinese Socialist Legal System: Concept, System and Structure, Chinese Democratic Law Press, February, 2009.
8. On Paradigm of Law and Economics, Tsinghua University Press, 2009.
9. Law Logic and Economic Reasoning: Problem-Solving in China, Economic Science Press, 2008.
The Canon of American Legal Thoughts(Compiled by Feng Yujun), Law Press, May, 2008
10. Forward Research of the China's Legal System, sub-editor, Democracy and Legal System of China Press, 2005.
11. Finance Law Basic Knowledge (editor in chief, 3 Volumes)Finance Press of China, 2004.
12. Globalization and the Response of Chinese Legal System, Sichuan People Press, 2002.
13. Costs and Benefits Analysis of Laws, Lanzhou University Press, 2000.
14. Chief Editor of Chaoyang Legal Review for Eight Editions.

1. State and Law in the Development Process: Problem-Solving and Institutional Change in the Third World, by Ann Seidman and Robert B.Seidman Macmillan Press, 1994. Law Press of China, 2006.(with Doctor Yu fei)
2. Fairness versus Welfare, by Prof. Louis Kaplow and Prof. Steven M. Shavell, Harvard
University Press(2002). Translating with Yufei, Law Press of China.
3. Sovereignty and the Globalization of Intellectual Property Introduction, India Journal Global.
4. Legal Study. Submissions Fall 1998: Volume 6, Issue1. edited by Indiana University School of Law.
5. Zhu Jingwen chief-edit Law and Globalization: the Theory behind of Practice, Law Press of China, 2002(be going to publish).
6. Selected Law Review Articles of the United States Based on the Most Cited Ranking, Law Press, May, 2008.
7. The Canon of American Legal Thoughts, Law Press, May, 2008.
Research Projects:
1. Project Director, Legislative Assessment Study on Food and Drug Safety Supervision and Management, Entrusted by National Food and Drug Administration Regulation Department, October, 2011- May, 2012.
2. Project Director, Study on the Statistics of the Legislative Intention in Beijing, Entrusted by Beijing Statistics Bureau, April, 2011- November, 2011.
3. Study of Chinese Law and Economic: Teaching System, Theory Frame and Pracical Use. Ministry of Education, December, 2011.
4. Study on the theory and practical issues of the development and improvement of the Socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, key program of National Social Science Fund, 2011.
5. Project Director, Projects Entrusted by Communist Party of China Beijing Municipal Committee United-front Department and Beijing United-front Theory Research Center, May, 2010.
6. The Rule of Law of the East Asia Under Globalization,The National Social Science Fund Project,Project Director,2005-2007.
7. The Rule of Law and Jurisprudence of East Asia Under Globalization: Historical Expounding and Realistic Exploration, funded by RUC Asian Research Center, Project Director,2004-2006.
8. Project Director, The General Theory Research of Law and Globalization, The Youth Project funded by RUC, 2004.
Contact Info:
Office: Mingde Law Building, No.59 Zhongguancun Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Phone: 86(0)1082500380
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