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XU Shanghao
Associate Professor of Civil Procedure Law
Education Background:Postdoctoral of Civil procedural law: Law school of Peking University (2008)
Ph.D of Procedural law: Law school of Renmin University of China (2006)
Master of Civil and commercial law: Shandong University (2003)
Bachelor of Law: East China University of Politics and Law (1995)

Research Interests:Civil and Commercial Law, Civil Procedural Law
Courses Taught:
External Exchange:
Appointments:Research cooperation mentor: second branch of the People's Procuratorate of Beijing
Honors and Awards:First Prize of Excellent Scientific Research (monographs class): The 2nd National Young researchers on criminal procedure law
Selected Publications:Articles
Jurisprudence thinking on oversight and judicial independence during the procedure, Politics and Law, 2009/06
On the unity of value function and legal basis of the pre-emption rights ,( first author) Journal of Political Science and Law, 2008/01
On the dual character of civil procedure property--in the perspective of pursuing the interests of the parties, social scientists, 2008/01
Legal consideration of error correction in trial on appeal--in the perspective of the courts' hierarchical relationships, Hebei Law Study,2008/04
The legal and philosophy thinking of the confrontation pattern in civil procedure: the necessity and possibility, Guangxi Social Sciences, 2008/05
On the personal subjectivity in the criminal procedure-in the perspective of guaranteeing procedure interests (first author), Journal of Shandong Police College, 2008/02
Parking lot Ownership analysis(first author), Law Forum, 2007/01
Legitimate expectations and procedure selection--an interpretation of the two foundational elements of the party running the procedure ,Shandong Social Sciences, 2007/04 Research on Pre-emption problem (first author) ,Journal of Political Science and Law , 2007/02
The legal interpretation of procedure interests(first author), Journal of Shandong Police College,2007/02
Cans and cant's in the civil procedure--thinking on the relationship between procedure and entity in a perspective of protecting procedure interests(first author), Guizhou Social Sciences, 2007/05
On the public interest in the civil procedure, Hebei Law Study, 2007/06
Study on the civil, administrative cross-case proceedings, Shandong University Law Review, 2007/00
On the effect of pre-emption rights and legal relief (second author), Shandong Social Sciences, 2007/11
Thinking on the civil procedure in the justice dimension, Quest, 2007/10
Exchange justice and distributive justice --a basic interpretation on the legitimacy in the dispute resolution pathway, The Jurist, 2007/05
On contractualization of civil execution procedure--center on executing reconciliation(second author), Politics and Law, 2006/01
Review of small claims procedures in Taiwan and its enlightenment (first author), The Application of Law, 2006/09
On the basic concept and system construction of small claims procedure(first author), Journal of Political Science and Law, 2006/05
The basic concept and system reconstruction of the criminal retrial(first author), Journal of Shandong Police College, 2006/06
The basic trend of the Civil Procedure Law modifying(third author), Jianghai Journal, 2005/02
On the construction of the third civil procedure trial system in China, Law Forum, 2005/03
Analysis the nature of the lessee's pre-emption right, Journal of Handan College, 2005/02
Distribution of evidence burden in the road traffic accident damages(second author), The Jurist, 2005/01
Review of civil procedural law academic research in 2004(second author), The Jurist, 2005/01
Compensation for the spouse right damaged by "the third party"(second author), Tianjin Administrative Aadre Institute of Politics and Law, 2004/02
The legislative model of ownership type(second author), Journal of Guangxi Administrative Cadre Institute of Politics and Law, 2004/05
Further understanding on several issues of pre-trial procedures(first author), Journal of Zhejiang Gongshang University, 2004/06
On the effectiveness of the limitation of actions(second author), Shangdong Trial, 2002/04
On the nature of the ownership of state property, Shandong Trial, 2001/06

Research Projects:National Postdoctoral science funds project: "research on the legislative approach of the secret investigation "
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