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Faculty Members
XU Yangguang
Associate Professor of Law, Master tutor Deputy Director of Taxation Law Institute, Renmin University of China Deputy Director of Bankruptcy Law Research Center, Renmin University of China
Education Background:2007-2009, Peking University, Law School, Post Doctor;
2004-2007, Renmin University of China, Law School, Doctor of Economic Law;
2001-2004, Renmin University of China, Law School, Master of Economic Law;
1997-2001, Xiangtan University, Law School, Bachelor of Law.

Research Interests:Economic Law, Corporate and Bankruptcy Laws, Tax and Financial Law
Courses Taught:Economic law, Fiscal law, Tax law, Corporate and Bankruptcy law, Planning law, Industrial policy law

External Exchange:
Appointments:China Legal Association for Finance and Taxation Law, Deputy Secretary General
Bankruptcy law research center of RUC, deputy director
Fiscal and tax law research center of RUC, deputy director
Beijing Bankruptcy Law Research Association, director
Beijing Economic Law Research Association, director
Yuedan Financial Law Journal, Executive Editor-in-Chief

Honors and Awards:Postdoctoral Research Award in Law Field, third prize (2013)
Peking University's outstanding post-doctoral (2009)
Finance and Taxation Law Research Association of China Law Society Youth Outstanding Paper Prize (2009)
Renmin University of China Top Ten class teacher (2010)
Outstanding workers of the International College of Renmin University of China (Suzhou Research Institute) (2010)
Renmin University of China advanced worker (2011)
Renmin University of China Law School Yue into Teaching Award winner (2011)

Selected Publications:Articles
"Issues about the Modification of Budget Law with the View of Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations", Economic Forum, Vol.23, Law Press, 2012
"The core powers of the legislature in the participation of budget process", Legal Science, No.11,2011
"Legislative Considerations of Real Estate Tax Reform", Taxation Research, No.4, 2011
"Revenue Forecast and Budget Governed by the Rule of Law: The Budget and Final Income Deviation Legal Assessment", Social Science, No.4, 2011
"Improve Legislature Budget Approval Process", Legal Daily (theoretical), April 20, 2011
"Budget State: Ideal of Finance Governed by the Rule of Law - From the American Experience and Revelation", Global Law Review, No.2, 2009
"Legal Protection for Local Finance: The Theoretical Basis and Institutional Channels", Jurist, No.2, 2009
"The Real Principles of Taxation Applied in the Protection of Property Rights", Hebei Law, No.12, 2008
Tax Claims in the Bankruptcy Proceedings (collectively, the second author), Political and Legal, No.9, 2008
"National Treasure Management Legislation", Contemporary Law, No.5, 2008
"The Concept of Fairness and Justice of the Financial Transfer Payment", Social science, No.1, 2008
"The Financial Transfer Payment Law and Decentralization of Autonomy", Anhui University Law Review, Series 2, 2007
"Financial Reform: Central and Local Separation of Authorities", Unity, No.6, 2008
"Improvement of Shareholders' Representatives' Litigation Incentive and Restraint Mechanisms", Capital Law Forum (Series 3), Peking University Press, 2008
"Bankruptcy Reorganization Legislation Research" (co-author, second author), Politics and Law, No.1, 2007
"Integration of Public Lw and Private Law and Public-Private Integrated Law" (co-author, second author), Law Journal, No.1, 2007
"Renewal of Ideas and Design of the Bankruptcy of Financial Institutions" (co-author, second author), Banking Legal System Annual Report (2006), Law Press, 2007
"Analysis of Listed Companies Tradable Share Reform on the Basis of the Economic Law" (co-author, second author), Economic Law Review, Volume VI, China Legal Publishing House, 2005

Loan Contract Case Analysis (co-author, first author), Intellectual Property Press, 2007, Version 2
Tax Law Principles (the" Eleventh Five-Year "national planning materials), co-editor, China Renmin University Press, 2008
Tax Law, the co-editor, Peking University Press, 2008
Bankruptcy Law, the co-editor, China Renmin University Press, 2008
Principle and Practice of the Assignment Contracts, participated in editing, People's Court Press, 2008
The Fiscal Transfer Payment System Analysis, Peking University Press, 2009
Fiscal Law Principle, co-editor, Beijing University Press, 2009
The Reform and Improvement of Taxation Law (co-author, second author), Law Press, 2009
Legal Regulation of Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations (co-author), Law Press, 2010
Implementation Research on Enterprise Income Tax Law - Beijing-based empirical analysis (co-author), Peking University Press, 2010
Taxation Law (co-author, second author), China Renmin University Press, 2012
Research on Taxation Law, participated in editing, 2012

Research Projects:2010~2012 Proposal and the Legislative Argument China's fiscal transfer payment law (a project of Renmin University of China Scientific Research Foundation, 2010);
2008~2012 Inter-governmental fiscal relations governed by the rule of law - Focus on the financial transfer payment legislation (08CFX030) (a project of the National Social Science Foundation, 2008);
2008~2011 Budget law revision and the construction of budget state (08SFB3030) (a project of the Ministry of Justice in 2008, the national rule of law and legal theory young projects);
2008~2009 Budget State: ideal of fiscal rule of law "(200,801,022) (a project of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation);
2008~2009 Fiscal federalism and budgetary authority configuration (20,080,430,275) (a project of the forty-third issue of the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation funded projects)Fomulation of administrative normative documents and Amendment of related procedural requirements hosted by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Projects of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission in 2012

Contact Info:Office: Mingde Law Building, No.59 Zhongguancun Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Phone: 86-10-82500348

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