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Research Interests:Intellectual Property Law
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Selected Publications:Articles
1. The Harmonization of Law and Technology as Social Norm: An Examination of Anti-Infringement Rules in Relation to Technology in China, Social Sciences in China, Volume 1, 2006
2. Legal Protection of Technological Measures in China, European Intellectual Property Review (EIPR), Volume 28, 2006
3. Review on Second Step of Germany Copyright Law Digitalization Reform, China Copyright, Volume 2, 2006
4. Legal Protection of Technological Measures, a comparative study of U.S., European and Chinese anti-circumvention rules, Global Law Working Paper Series of New York University, School of Law, available at:
5. On the Define of Parody in Copyright Law-A Thought on the Bloody Case That Started from a Steam Bun, Legal Science, Volume 4, 2006
6. Legal Protection for Television Formats, Science of Law, Volume 4, 2006
7. Legal Regulation on Parallel Imports, Globalization and Intellectual Property Protection, China University of Political Science and Law Press
Critics on Anti-Circumvention Regulation in the Mainland of China, the Taiwan Law Review, Volume 4, 2008
8. The Balance of Interests in the Private Copying in Digital, Legal Science, Volume 5, 2008
9. Compulsory License in the Amendment of the Patent Law of People's Republic of China, China Law, Volume 8, 2008
Translation (From Germany to Chinese)
10. Introduction to Legal Science and Legal Philosophy, China Law Press, 2005

Verwertungsrechte und Verwertungschutz im Internet nach neuem Urheberrecht-Vergleich des internationalem, U.S., europschem und deutschem Rechts (Rights and Protection of Copyright Holders in the Internet according to New Copyright Law-a Comparison of International, U.S., EU and Germany laws), German C.H. Beck Press (2004)

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