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LI Lizhong
Associate Professor of Criminal Law
Education Background:Bachelor of Law, Zhongnan University of Politics and Law, Law School, 1993
Master of Law, Zhongnan University of Politics and Law, Law School, 1997
Guest member researcher, Osaka Seikei University, 2005
Doctor of Law Degree, THU Law School, 2001
Research Interests:Chinese Criminal Law, Japanese Criminal Law
Courses Taught:
External Exchange:
Appointments:Deputy Chief Procurator, Canglang District, Suzhu, 2008.11-2009.11
Honors and Awards:Third prize of Xihu Cup for excellent criminal papers, 2006
Third prize of Suzhou's ninth award for philosophy and social science, 2007
Third prize of Jiangsu Province's sixth award for philosophy and social science, 2008
Selected Publications:Articles
1, The Basis and Meaning of Mitigation Punishment of Discontinued Criminal, Study Of Law, No.4 (2008)
2, Abandonment Crime in De Facto Marriage, Peoples Procuratorial Monthly, No.1 (2008)
3, Punishment for crime of having sexual intercourse with a minor: the choice between protection law benefit and assurance of human rights, Political Science and Law
Correction of the possibility theory in theoretical research, Modern Law Science (2004)

1, A General Criminal Law, Law Press China, 2003 Version 1, 2005 Version 2, 2006 Version 3, 2007 Version 4, 2008 Version 5, 2009 Version 6.
2, Crime established theory research (Law Press, 2006)
3, The new law new trends (Peking University Press, 2008)
4, China's criminal law explanation (co-authored) (China Social Sciences Press, 2005)

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