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Associate Professor of Jurisprudence
Education Background:LL.D.,Kiel University
Research Interests:Legal Philosophy, State Philosophy,Constitutional Law

Courses Taught:
External Exchange:
Honors and Awards:
Selected Publications:Articles
Rational Freedom Law, China Book Review, 2006
Ideal as Norm, Hebei Law Science,2007
The Efficacy and The Normative Correctness of Chinese Constitution, Peking University Law
On the Relationship Between Human Rights and Fundamental Rights, Jurist, 2010
No Rational Calculation in Order to Protect Morality, Legal Daily, 2011
People's Growth and Regent Standardization, Peking University Law Journal, 2012
Kelsen's legal thought in neo-Kantian Origins, Global Law Review, 2012
Social Contract Without Society, Tsinghua Law Review, 2012
Thinking of Article 25 of the Constitution, Legal Daily, 2012
On the People and Population Management, Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology, 2012
Radbruch Philosophical Critique of Political Theory, Tsinghua Law Review, 2013

Volk,Autoritaet und Grundrechte, Baden-Baden 2010.

Translation Works
A Dangerous Mind: Carl Schmitt in Post-war European Thought, Jan-Werner Muller, New Star Press, 2006
Who Should Become the Guardian of the Constitution, Hans Kelsen, 2008
To Discuss the Concept of the Theory of Practical Rationality, Robert Alexy, Legal Philosophy and Sociology of Law Series, 2006
My Philosophy of Law--The Institutionalization of Rational, Robert Alexy,Western legal philosophers Yearbook, 2007
On the Principles of Fundamental Rights Structure, Jurist, 2009
Weigh, Constitutional Litigation and Representation, Beihang Law Review, 2010
German World Philosophy of Law - General Preface of German Legal Thought Renditions,Global Law Review, 2011
Human rights can do without metaphysics, Renmin University Law Review, Vol.2, 2012

Research Projects:People, Authority and Rights, National Social Science Fund
Kant's Philosophy of Law and Its Rule of Law in the Development of Contemporary Chinese Enlightenment, Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Project
Social Management of the Population Sight System, National Population and Family Planning Commission

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