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Associate professor
Education Background:2003, LL.B, Law School of China University of Political Science and Law
2006, LL.M, Law School of China University of Political Science and Law
2008,Ph.D in Law, Law School of China University of Political Science and Law
2010, Postdoctoral Research in Law School of Renmin University of China

Research Interests:Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Philosophy of Law, Legal Methodology

Courses Taught:Constitutional Law, Administrative Law

External Exchange:
Appointments:Researcher of Legal Information Department of the China Law Society, 2010-
Member of the Council of Beijing Education Law Institution, 2010-
Member of Beijing Chaoyang District People's Government Administrative Review Committee, 2013-
Researcher of Renmin University of China Food Safety Management and Collaborative Innovation Research Center, 2013-
General of Customs and Foreign Exchange Law Institute, Renmin Law School, 2013-
Researcher of Renmin University of China Constitutional and Administrative Law Research Center Comparative Administrative Law Research Institute, 2013-
Researcher of Renmin Law School Social Law Research Center, 2013-

Honors and Awards:First prize of the Seventh Constitutional Scholars Award for Outstanding Scientific Research in middle-aged of Constitution Research Society of China Law Society, 2012;
Second prize of the Sixth constitutional scholars Award for outstanding scientific research in middle-aged of Constitution Research Society of China Law Society, 2010;
Third prize of the Third "Challenge Cup" college students scientific research contest in Beijing, 2005;
Second academic newcomers Award of graduate student in China University of Political Science and Law, 2004;
The first session of the academic Ten Star Award in China University of Political Science and Law, 2002

Selected Publications:Monographs
Interpretation of Administrative Law Studies: Basic Principles, Practice of Technology and Chinese Problems, China Legal Press, 2010;
Research the Supreme People's Court as Public Reason Platform: One Kind of Perspective of Constitution Talks, China Legal Press, 2010;

A. Masterpiece
Labor, Political Recognition and National Ethics--An Interpretation of Our Constitution Labor Rights Norms Connotation, China Law, 2010;
On Enforcement of Chinese Constitutional law, published by China and Foreign legal theory, 2011
B. Core journals or other publications
The Rule of Constitution on the National Ownership of Natural Recourses, China Legal Science, 2013(6)
Weakness of Liberal Neutrality Principle : Criticism of Basic Gauge Theories' Political Functions, Tsinghua Law, No.3, 2012
Implementation of the Constitution as Public Ration, Global Law Review, No.6, 2012
Rights, Ration and Dialogue Constitution, Political Forum, No.1, 2010
The Theoretical Research on Validity of Law Rules, Comparative Law Research, No.3, 2007
Interest Measurement and Constitutional Interpretation of Administrative Judgment, Administrative Law Research, No.1, 2007
On the Value of the Trade-off Method in the Expansion of the Application of Administrative Law, Administrative Law Research, No. 3, 2010
Administrative Hermeneutics: Among the Specification, Facts and Policies, Administrative Law Forum, No.12, published by Law Press
Type of Thinking in the Administrative Proceedings and Omissions Identified, Administrative Law Enforcement and Administrative Trial, 2005
Legal Interpretation Facing to theAdministrative State Age, Journal of China University of Political Science and Technology, 2009
Analysis of Chinese Administrative Law Standpoint, Legal Philosophy and Social Forum, No.11, published by Peking University Press
On Pragmatism Thinking of Law Interpretation of Administrative Law, Legal Methods, 2010
The Self-Consistent, Authoritative and Legitimate of Law, Hebei Law, No.7, 2007
State Authority, Autonomy and Public Ration, Quest, No.5, 2010
The Jurisprudence Range and Position, Legal Book Reviews, 2004
Finding the Right Institutional Support of Law, China Review, No.2, published by Guangxi Normal University Press, 2005
Executive Compensation: New ideas, Methods and Frameworks, Human rights Protection and Power Constraints, published by Shandong University, 2007
The Realization of the Legal Effect: A Process of Social Choice, Yuelu Law Review, 2003
Pursue the Philosophy of Historical Narrative Expression, Strategy and Management, No.5-6, 2011
Review of Chinese Legal Research Methods and Reflection, Strategy and Management, No.3-4, 2011
C.Newspapers works
Excellencies Consumer, to Be Able to Understand From the Visible, China Daily, No.5, March 28th, 2013, (Review)
What Civil Service Appointment Can Bring, China Daily, No .5, May 21th, 2013, (Review)
Judicial Credit Can notAabandon Trifling Event, China Daily, No.5, July 4th, 2013, (Review)
Discreet and Independent are the Professional Ethics of Judges Groups, China Daily, No.5, August 14th, 2013, (Review)
Why the application for Public is Repeatedly Rebuffed, China Daily, No.17, August 14th, 2013, (Interview)
Forbidden to See Surveillance, Supervision Anyway, China Daily, No.4, August 15th, 2013, (Interview)
Responsive Judicial Strengthen Adhesion of People, China Daily, No.5, September 27th, 2013, (Review)
Seek Appropriate Expression of Constitution, Guangming Daily, July 11th, 2013, (Review)
Miscarriage of Justice Vindicated and State Compensation, Legal Evening News, May 20th, 2013, (Interview)
Legal Governance of Examination Powers, Legal Evening News, July 10th, 2013, (Interview)
Legal Loopholes and Hidden Teleology Narrows, People's Court News, August 1th, 2005
Value Conflicts and Measurement Behind Residential, People's Court News, August 22th, 2005
How to Understand the Legal Loopholes in the Application of Law, People's Court News, August 29th, 2005
Analogy of Rules and Nature of Things, People's Court News, September 19th, 2005
What is Legal Methods, People's Court News, October 10th, 2005
Legal Reasoning and Difficult Cases, People's Court News, October 17th, 2005
Analysis of the Case that Pang Chunxue v. Shanghai Administration of Industry for Failing to Perform Statutory Duties, People's Court News, October 24th, 2005
Judges, Legal Technology and Justice, People's Court News, October 31th, 2005
Analysis of the Case that Luo Shufen v. Tianjin Public Security for unconscionabe Punishment, People's Court News, November 28th, 2005
Informal Origins and Measurement Mode of Benefits in Administrative Proceedings, People's Court News, December 12th, 2005
Production of Justice, People's Court News, December 26th, 2005
Whether Moral Reasoning and Legal Argumentation can Distinguish, People's Court News, December 26th, 2005
Legal Norms and Legal Methods in Administrative Proceedings to Determine the Eligibility of Plaintiff, People's Court News, January 23th, 2006
The Basic Method of Legal Interpretation, People's Court News, February 6th, 2006
The Necessity and Basic Idea of Interpretation of the law, People's Court News, February 13th, 2006

Research Projects:Preside the project Countermeasures of the Hotspot and Difficult Problems in the Legislative Construction of Beijing Municipal Government commission by Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal Government, 2013
Preside the project Research on Government Departments Use the Media to Carry out Public Advocacy Normative commissioned by Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal Government, 2013
Preside the Ministry of Justice National Nomocracy Legal Theory Project Deliberative Democracy Mechanisms in the Application of Our Constitution, 2012
presidethe Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Funded Project Legal method in the Administrative Litigation, 2011
Preside China 2nd Postdoctoral Science Foundation Funded Project Unfolding of Practical Reason in the Constitution Applies--Interpretation of the Constitution as the Center, 2008
Preside Renmin Law School Key Landmark Research Funded Project China Academic Administrative History of Modern Times: The Formation and Evolution of the Basic Aspects is the Center (1840-2010), 2010
PresideRenmin University of China Research Fund Project Research on Supreme People's Court with Public Ration as the Platform, 2010

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