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Professor of Civil and Commercial Law
Education Background:Max-Planck Institut fur Ausl ndisches und Internationales Privatrecht Hamburg, Germany, Post-doctor of Law, 2003.9-2004.7
Juristische Fakult der Universitt Bremen, Germany, Doctor of Law, 1999.10- 2003.9
Renmin University of China, Master of Law, 1996.9-1999.7
Renmin University of China, Bachelor of Law, 1991.9-1995.7

Research Interests:Chinese Civil Law, Chinese Commercial Law, German Civil Law, European Private Law, Comparative Law
Courses Taught:Chinese Civil Law, Tort Law, Contract Law, Property Law, Corporate law and Security Law, Comparative Law
External Exchange:Member of International Academy of Comparative Law (IACL) since 2012
Harvard-Yenching Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, Aug. 2011- Aug. 2012
Visiting Scholar at European Center of Tort and Insurance Law (Vienna), Jan.-Feb. 2010
Bundeskanzlerstipendiat der AvH July 2007 - Aug. 2008

Appointments:Director of Institute of Comparative Research of Chinese and European Private Law (since 2009)
Deputy Director of Institute of Corporate Law and Enterprise Law (since 2010)
Deputy Director of Department of Civil and Commercial Law (since 2009)
Chairman of China Scholars of BKUAS (Bundeskanzlerstipendiaten) of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Honors and Awards:Scholarship of Harvard-Yenching Institute Visiting Scholar, 2011- 2012
Bundeskanzlerstipendium der Homboldt-Stiftung, 2007-2008
Outstanding Youth Teacher inTeaching and Scientific research of Renmin University Law School, 2005
Research Scholarship of Science Association in Max-Planck Forschungsstipendium, 2004
Post-doctoral Scholarship of Max-Planck Forschungsgesellschaft 2004
Ph.D Scholarship of DAAD, 2000 - 2004

Selected Publications:Articles
1. Claim basis of profit deprivation, Commercial law Research, 2011.
2. Fault liability in violation of the law to protect others, Legal Studies, 2011.
3. European contract law principles aging system, Strait L. Rev Magazine, 2011.
4. Study on compulsory contracting system, Tsinghua Law Science, 2011.
5. Liability without fault in Chinese tort law, Journal of Ocean University in China, 2010.
6. Social basis changes and dual civil law system construction, China Social Science,2010.
7. Background and Key Contents of the new Chinese Tort Liability Law, (co-author with Helmut Koziol), Journal of European Tort Law, Vol. III, Nov. 2010.
8. What is the restitution? Strait L. Rev. , September 2009.
9. The Background, Principles and Core Contents of The Real Right Law of The People's Republic of China, in: Maryland Series in Contemporary Asian Studies (USA), Number 2-2009 (197), ISBN 1-932330-27-5, 39 pp.
10. Legislative Background of Chinese Tort Law and Its Key Issues, in: Tort Law in Third Millennium, FS fur Gert Bruggemeier, Baden-Baden Germany, 2009.
11. Risk liability status and its legislative mode in risk society, Law Science Magazine, 2009.
12. System changes of tort law from the perspective of mass tort law, Journal of Renmin University of China, 2009.
13. Study on the legislation mode of general provisions of risk liability, China Legal Science, 2009.
14. Risk society and basic structure of the modern tort law system, Legal Studies, 2009.
15. Explanation of delivery system and relevant problems in property Law, Social Science Research, 2008.
16. On corporate responsibility - a core type of corporate responsibilities, Jurist, 2008.
17. Civil law code system for the new millennium, Strait L. Rev, December 2008.
18. Sino-German Tort Law in Comparative Perspective, Solution Studies, 2007.
19. Prosperous Chinese civil law science, China Law Science, 2007.

1. General Theories of Tort Law, Law Press, 2011.
2. Chinese Tort Law Provisions and Legislative Reasons (with Prof. Bruggemeier), Peking University Press, 2009.
3. Entwurf fur ein chineisches Haftungsgesetz, Gert Bruggemeier/Zhu Yan, Mohr Siebeck, 2009 Germany.
4. Chinese Property Law Commentary, Peking University Press, 2007.
5. Rechtsvergleich der Inhaltskontrolle von AGB in Deutschland and Formualrklauseln in China (Dissertation), Peter Lang, 2004 Germany.
6. Das Neue Deutsche Schuldrechtsmoderniesierungsgesetz, Law Press, 2003.

Research Projects:Basic Structure of Modern Tort Law, 2011-2013
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