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JIN Meirong
Associate Professor of International Law
Education Background:Postdoctoral Researcher: CASS Law Institute
PH.D.: Law School of Renmin University of China
LL.M.: Law School of Renmin University of China, Law School of Universit¨¦ Paris I-Panth¨¦on Sorbonne
LL.B.: Law School of Renmin University of China
Research Interests:International Economic Law
Antimonopoly Law
Courses Taught:International Economic Law
External Exchange:
Honors and Awards:
Selected Publications:Monograph
¡°Regulating Hard Core Cartels¡±, University of International Business and Economics Press, 2009.

1. ¡°Intellectual Property Licensing in Merger Remedies¡±, Peking University Law Journal, Issue 1, 2017.
2. Access Remedies in the Merger Control of Telecommunication Industry, Henan Social Sciences, No.9, 2016, reprinted by Xinhua News Digest, issue 3, 2017.
3. ¡°Anti-monopoly Perspectives of Chinese Public Air Transport Market¡±, Frontiers of Law in China, Volume 12, Number 1, March 2017.
4. ¡°Theory and Method of Relevant Market Definition in the Air Transport Industry¡±, China Price, Issue 2, 2015.
5. ¡°International Control of Monopoly Agreements¡±, Wuhan University Journal (Philosophy & Social Science), Issue 4, 2014.
6. ¡°Choice of Divested Assets in Applying Merger Remedies¡±, Law Review, Issue 2, 2014.
7. ¡°Fighting International Monopoly Agreements Using Multilateral Mechanisms of WTO¡±, Journal of WTO and China, Issue 1, 2012.
8. ¡°Principles of Merger Remedies in Western Antimonopoly Regulations¡±, Journal of Chinese Academy of Governance, Issue 3, 2012.
9. ¡°Classification and Choice of Merger Remedies in EU and US¡±, Study and Research, Issue 8, 2012.
10. ¡°Present Competition Situation of the Public Air Transport Market in China: Focuses on Anti-Monopoly Regulation¡±, Expanding Horizons, Issue 6, 2011.
11. ¡°Analysis on the China¡¯s Regulations on the Pricing Cartels in the International Air Transport Industry & Relevant Proposals for China¡±, International Trade, Issue 4, 2011.
12. ¡°Requirements for Leniency Applicants of Hard-Core Cartels¡±, Jurists Review, Issue 6, 2008.
13. ¡°Time Requirements for Leniency Applicant of Hard-Core Cartels¡±, Tribune of Political Science and Law, Issue 3, 2008.
14. ¡°Harm of Hard-Core Cartels¡±, Journal of China Youth University for Political Sciences, Issue 1, 2008.
15. ¡°The Application of Article 81(1) EC to Parent Company and Its Subsidiary¡±, Jurists Review, Issue 2, 2006.
Research Projects:1. ¡°Definition of Product Market and Territorial Market of Major Industries¡±, Program of MOFCOM, Main Participant, 2011.
2. ¡°Study on Merger Remedies¡±, Program of Postdoctoral Science Fund of China, Host, 2010.
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