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Faculty Members
Education Background:
Research Interests:
Courses Taught:Legal Japanese, Law and Life, Japanese National Situation
External Exchange:
Appointments:Director of Asian Law Research Center of The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Law

Distinguished assistant of Dean of Renmin Law School

Curator of library of Japanese law of Renmin Law School

Researcher of Asia Pacific Institute of Law of Renmin University

Adviser of Criminology Institution Department of Academic Exchange

Committee member of Peking University School of Law, Legal Development Center

Committee member of Wuhan University School of Law Committee

Committee member of Shandong University School of Law, Legal

Education Development Committee

Committee member of Jilin University School of Law, East Asian Legal Research Center

Committee member of Northwest University of Politics and Law

Legal Education Development Committee

Adviser of Academic Exchange Center of Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics

Visiting researcher of East China University of Political Science
and Law, Criminal Law Research Center

Committee member of Japan and China Criminal Law Research Center

Committee member of Japan-China Criminology Academic Communication

Researcher of Waseda University Institute for Social Security Policy

The national mountaineering training lecturer of Japan
Honors and Awards:
Selected Publications:
Research Projects:『岳士1号』(共编著) 1980・成文堂
『高みへの序章』(共编著) 1984・成文堂
出会いと別れ『追想の阿部義任』(共编著) 1985・成文堂
『希夏邦馬峰登頂』(共编著) 1990・成文堂
『エベレスト』(共编著) 1995・成文堂
エベレストサウスピラーの登頂『登山研修10』(共著) 1995・文部省登山研修所
地方の一大学山岳会とのこと『橋本龍太郎とわたし』(共著) 2001・ 成甲书房 
ヒマラヤ登山から学んだこと『南安曇教育30』(共著) 2006・南安曇教育会 
『庭田範秋先生の思い出』(共著) 2011・庆应义塾大学出版社 
馬克昌先生を偲ぶ『馬克昌先生追思文集』(共著) 2012・武汉大学出版社
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