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Ding Xiaodong
Education Background:Yale Law School, J.S.D. Candidate, 2012 -
Renmin University Law School, Post-doctoral Fellow, 2012 ¨C2014
Yale Law School, LL.M, June 2012
Peking University Law School, PH.D., July 2011
Sun Yat-sen University Law School, LL.M., Jul. 2007
Department of Electronic Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, B.E., Jul. 2004
Research Interests:Constitutional Law; Administrative Law; Legal Theory; Social Law
Courses Taught:Jurisprudence, core course in Peking University, for undergraduate student, teaching assistant, spring 2008; spring 2009
Introduction to Law, selective course in Peking University, for undergraduate student, teaching assistant, autumn 2008
Marxism Legal Theory, core course in Peking University, for LL.M. student, teaching assistant, autumn 2009
Legislation Studies, selective course in Peking University, for J.D. student, teaching assistant, spring 2010
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Honors and Awards:
Selected Publications:Papers
¡°Toward Poetic Justice?,¡± Graduate Students¡¯ Journal of Peking University, Vol.l, 2009.
¡°Rights-talk in China and the Imaginary Strategy of Constitutional Reform,¡± Law Book Review, Vol.7, 2008.
¡°Rethinking Legal Realism: A Sociological Review of Knowledge¡±, Journal of Kunming University of Science and Technology (Social Sciences)£¬Vol.4,2010.
¡°The Political Philosophy of American Regime£ºAn Analysis of the Debate Between the Straussian and the Republican Synthesis¡±, Peking University Law Journal£¬Vol.2,2012.
¡°Natural Law or Positive Law: Reason and Will in American Constitution ¡±, Law and Social Development£¬Vol.1,2012.
¡°Can Law Regulate Emergency? The Expansion of Executive Power and the Pathology of Liberal Jurisprudence¡±, Journal of East China University of Political Science and Law, VOl.3, 2014
¡°Status, Morality and Free Contract: An Institutional Interpretation of Confucianism¡±£¬The Jurist, Vol3. 2014.
¡°In Search of the Legal Standard of Anti-discrimination and Equal Protection: A Study of the ¡®Disparate Impact Standard¡¯¡±, , Peking University Law Journal£¬Vol.4, 2014.
Poetic Justice, by Martha Nussbaum, Ding Xiaodong [trans.], Peking University Press, 2009.
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