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Faculty Members
Xiong Bingwan
Education Background:Harvard Law School, LL.M. 12
Renmin Law School, LL.B.06, LL.M.08, Ph.D.11
EALS, Harvard Law School, Visiting Scholar, 10-11
Renmin School of Economics, Post-doctoral Fellow, 11-14
Research Interests:Civil Law, Law and Economics, Legal Interpretation, Legal Theory
Courses Taught:Civil Law, Law and Economics, Foundations of Private Law
External Exchange:
Honors and Awards:Wu Yuzhang President Scholarship, DAAD Scholarship for MUST2009, O¡¯Melveny & Myers Scholarship for Excellence
Selected Publications:Articles
1. The Foundation of Private Law: From Individualism towards Cooperativism, China Legal Science 2014(3)(hereinafter in Chinese without special notes).
2. Dominant Plants Relocations and People¡¯s Property Rights in China¡¯s Socialist Democracy, 2 China Legal Science 83£¨2013£©(in English).
3. Regulating Dominant Plant Relocation, Journal of Renmin University of China, 2012(1).
4. On General Lien, Jurist, 2011(4).
5. On ¡®Commercial Use of the Dwelling House¡¯, Political Science and Law, 2009(8).
6. On the Function of Endorsement on Document, Contemporary Law Review, 2009(4).
7. Perspectives on good- faith acquisition of stolen property, Science of Law, 2008(2).

1. Moral Notions and Social Welfares in National Legislations, Legal Daily, Jan 1, 2014(co-authored with ZHOU Yuansheng) .
2. The Determinacy and Indeterminacy of Law, Legal Daily, Nov 20, 2013(co-authored with ZHOU Yuansheng, BAO Yan).
3. SOEs need to look at broader picture, China Daily, 2013/5/6, p.8(in English).

Papers Presented
1. Contextual Elements and Political Preferences in the WTO Dispute Settlement Body¡¯ Treaty Interpretation (in English), presented at the 15th International Roundtable for the Semiotics of Law, Copenhagen, June 3-6, 2014.
2. Chinese Commentators¡¯ Misunderstandings of Critical Legal Studies(in English), presented at the Renmin University International Virtual Workshop in March 2014, which weighed in on Prof. Duncan Kennedy¡¯s thoughts on the globalizations of law and legal thoughts.
3. The Ideals of Chinese Private Law, presented at the Workshop of ¡°Modernity and the Progress of Chinese Law¡± at Renmin Law School, June 26, 2013.
4. Legal Responses to Dominant Plants Relocations in China(in English), presented at the 5th Harvard-Stanford International Junior Faculty Forum, Stanford Law School, Oct 22-24, 2012.

Translated Works(English-Chinese)
1. Jacque deLisle, A Common Law-like Civil Law and a Public Face for Private Law: China¡¯s Tort Law in Comparative Perspective, in TOWARDS A CHINESE CIVIL CODE: COMPARATIVE AND HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES 353, 353 (Martinus Nijhoff 2012).
2. Gerhard Wagner, Comparative Tort Law, in Mathias Reimarm£¦Reinhard Zimmermann (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Law, London:Oxford University Press, 2006.
Research Projects:1. The Philosophical and Economic Foundation of Chinese Private Law, sponsored by the National Fund for Philosophy and Social Science(2014-2017).
2. The Methodology of Private Law Studies: from Holism, Individualism to Cooperativism, sponsored by the Chinese Post-doctoral Fund for Science Studies(2012-2014).
3. Contextual Elements and Political Preferences in the WTO Dispute Settlement Body¡¯ Treaty Interpretation, sponsored by the Chinese Post-doctoral Fund for International Academic Communication(2014).
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