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Li Yanfang
Education Background:LLB, Law School, Northwest Politics and Science University (1985)
LLM, Law School, Renmin University of China (1990)
PhD in Law, Law School, Renmin University of China (2002)
Research Interests:Environmental Law, Energy Law, Economic Law
Courses Taught:International Environmental Law, Environmental Law, Energy Law and Policies
External Exchange:Visiting Scholar, University of Maryland (Aug 2006-Feb 2007)
Appointments:Director, Energy Law Center, Renmin Law School
Director, Environmental and Resources Law Teaching and Research Center, Renmin Law School
Vice Chairman, Environmental Law Branch, China Society for Environmental Sciences
Standing Committee Member, Environmental and Resources Law Research Association, China Law Society
Standing Committee Member, Energy Law Research Association, China Law Society
Honors and Awards:China Ad judgment Case Brief, First Prize of National Books
The 7th Huo Yingdong Young Teacher Fund, 2000
Environment Law Course, Second Prize of RUC Excellent Teaching Achievement, 2004
Excellent Achievement of Beijing Law Society, 2005
Selected Publications:Articles
1. China's Renewable Resources Law in Climate Change Setting, Science and Law, 2010.3
2. On Construction of Renewable Energy Law System of China, Gansu Social Science, 2010.2
3. On Market Admittance System of Renewable Energy, Zhongzhou Journal,2010.2
4. Research on China Renewable Energy Management System, Studies in Law and Business, 2008.6
5. Recycling Economic Legislation in Systematic Construction, RUC Academic Journal, 2006.3
6. Thought on establishing the Environmental Damage Compensation Law, Law Science Magazine, 2005.2
7. On Coordination between International Environmental Protection Measures and WTO Rules, Law Science Magazine, 2004.1
8. New Thought about Adjustment Object of Environment Law, Jurist, 2002.3
9. Green Barrier and Cleaner Production Legislation, Economic Jurisprudence and Labor Jurisprudence, 2002.4
10. Public Participation in US Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Protection, 2001.10
11. Redefinition of Citizen¡¯s Environmental Rights and Interests(Coauthored with Pan Qing), Tsinghua Journal of Rule of Law, 2013.
12. To Break the Stalemate: Reinterpretation of Common but Differentiated Responsibilities Principle(Coauthored with Cao Wei), Journal of Renmin University of China Academic, 2013.
13. Analysis of the Exploration and Protection Regulations of the Climate Resources in Heilongjiang Province, Wind Energy, 2012.
14. Study on America¡¯s Access to Solar Energy System(Coauthored with Cao Wei), Tsinghua Journal of Rule of Law, 2012.
15. On the Establishment of Quota System of Renewable Resources in China, Politics and Law, November, 2011.
16. Legal and Policy Framework of Low Carbon Economy in China: Present Situation, Defects and Improvement(Coauthored with Wu Yicheng), Journal of China University of Geosciences (Social Science Edition), June, 2011.
17. On Establishment of China¡¯s Legal System in Response to Climate Change, Journal of China University of Political Science and Law, June, 2010.
18. American Quota System of Renewable Resources and Its Enlightenment to Other Countries, Tsinghua Journal of Rule of Law, June, 2010.
19. Comparison of Different Countries¡¯ Legislation in Response to Climate Change and Its Enlightenment to China, Journal of Renmin University of China, April, 2010.

1. Economic Law, participated editor, Renmin University Press, 2005
2. Study on Public Participation of Environmental Impact Assessment System, Renmin University Press, 2004
3. Typical Case in Environmental Protection Law, Renmin University Press, 2003
4. Case Study on Economic Law, Renmin University Press, 1999
Research Projects:1. Chef Expert, New Energy Resources and Renewable Energy Resources Legislative Study£¬ 2007
2. Sub subject Director, Important Issues of Low Carbon Economics£¬2009
3. Studies on Climate Change Legislation£¬2010
4. Research on Discretion in Environmental Administrative Punishment£¬2012
5. Research on Enforcement Mechanism of Environmental Administrative Punishment£¬2012
Contact Info:Office: Room 1007 of Mingde Law Building, No.59 Zhongguancun Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Phone: 86-010-82500304
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