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DU Lei
Education Background:1. July 2014 to June 2017, Post-doctor at Peking University Law School
2. Dec. 2015 to Jan. 2017, Visiting Scholar at Moritz College of Law, Ohio State University
3. Sept. 2009 to June 2014£¬Master of Law and Doctor of Law: Renmin University Law School
4. Sept. 2005 to June 2014£¬Bachelor of Law: Ocean University of China Law &Politics School
Research Interests:Criminal Procedural Law, Law of Evidence, Law of Procuratorate
Courses Taught:
External Exchange:
Honors and Awards:1. First Prize of Supreme People's Procuratorate 2016 National Procuratorial Research Outstanding Achievement Award£¨2017£©
2. The Third Chen Guangzhong Scholarship for Excellent Doctoral Dissertation (2016)
3. Second Prize of the 10th China Youth Forum of Law (2015)
4. The Sixth Chen Guangzhong Scholarship for Procedure Law Graduates (2014)
5. National Scholarship for Graduates (2012)
6. National Young Scholar Award for Doctoral Candidates (2012)
7. Third Prize of the National Evidence Science Doctoral Forum (2012)
8. National Endeavor Scholarship£¨2007£©
9. National Scholarship for Undergraduates (2006)
Selected Publications:Articles
1. The Substantive Regulation on Procuratorial Instructions, Journal of China Legal Science, No.1,2016, pp.177-193.
2. Analysis on the Reform of Procurators¡¯ Responsibility System£¬Journal of Global Law Review, No.3,2015,pp.49-60.
3. Evaluation on the Development of Criminal Procedure Law Research in China, Peking University Law Journal, No.6,2015, pp.1475-1490.£¨writer£©
4. The Centralization of Court Trial and the Construction of Rule of Forbidding Substitution of Evidence, Journal of Study& Exploration, No.5,2017, pp.90-96.
5. The Procedural Regulation on Procuratorial Instructions, Journal of National Prosecutors College, No.4,2016, pp.60-72.
6. The Approach to Regulate the Judicial Conduct Under the Background of Judicial Reform, Journal of Study& Exploration, No.11,2015, pp.58-65.
7. Legislative Comments on Objective Obligations of Prosecutors, Journal of National Prosecutors College, No.3 2015, pp.33-46.
8. Comparative Research on the Opening of Detention Center and Lay Visitor Inspection System of Detention Center, Journal of Shandong Police College, No.6,2012, pp.64-72.
9. Study on the Pretrial Conference System, Journal of Zhejiang Social Science, No.11, 2012, pp.31-42.
10. The Role of Prosecutors in the Special Criminal Procedure, Journal of National Prosecutors College, No.3, 2012, pp.36-44.
11. Study on the Criminal Retrial Procedure, Law Science Magazine, No.5, 2012, pp.9-18.
12. Study on the Application of Administrative Evidence in Criminal Justice, Journal of Evidence Science, No.6, 2012, pp.657-664.
13. Lay Participation in Death Sentencing Procedure, Weidong Chen ed. Research on Lay Participation in Justice, China Legal Publishing House, 2011, pp. 565-580.

1. Involved in writing Three Approaches to Combating Torture in China, China Legal Publishing House, 2012.
2. Involved in writing Understanding and Applying the New Criminal Procedure Law, China Legal Publishing House, 2012.
3. Involved in writing Understanding New Mechanisms of Criminal Procedure Law, Peoples Court Press, 2012.
4. Involved in writing Beijng Social Sciences Yearbook£¨2012£©£¬Section of Criminal Procedure Law.
5. Involved in writing Key Words of Criminal Procedure Law, China Renmin University Press, 2013.
6. Involved in writing Commenting on People¡¯s Procuratorate Rules of Criminal Procedure, China Democracy and Legal Publishing House, 2013.
7. Involved in writing Theory and Practice of Flexible Judicature in Peoples¡¯ Procuratorate£¬China Procuratorate Press, 2017.
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