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WU Zhicheng
DPhil in Law (Oxon), Assistant Professor
Education Background:2014.09-2018.09 DPhil in Law, University of Oxford, Brasenose College
2013.09-2014.09 MPhil in Law, University of Oxford, Brasenose College
2012.09-2013.07 MJur, University of Oxford, Regent¡¯s Park College
2008.09-2012.06 BA in Law, Soochow University, China
Research Interests:Property, Trusts, Unjust Enrichment, Insolvency, Tort, Comparative Law
Courses Taught:
External Exchange:1. Young Property Lawyers Forum, University of Maastricht (2018)
2. World Tort Law Society, North American Meeting, Wake Forest University (2017)
3. Young Property Lawyers Forum, Max Planck Institute Hamburg (2016)
4. Programme in European Private Law for Postgraduates (PEPP) (2015¨C16)
Honors and Awards:
Selected Publications:Articles
1.¡®A Comparative Study of the Chinese Law of Constructive Delivery from an English Common Law Perspective¡¯ (2018) 13 Frontiers of Law in China 291.
2. ¡®Transfer of Title to Goods by Intent in English Law¡¯ in Bram Akkermans and Caroline Rupp (eds), Property Law Perspectives VI (Eleven International Publishing 2018).
3. ¡®Liabilities for Road Traffic Accidents: A Global Perspective¡¯ [2018] 1 Studies of Cases and Judicial Interpretations (co-authored with WANG Zhu).
4. ¡®Profit Made in Match-fixing: Proprietary Restitution for Breach of Fiduciary Duty¡¯ in Kee-young Yeun (ed), Sports Law: Present and Future (Chaek Yearn Publishing 2018).
5. ¡®A Conceptual Comparison on Lesser Property Rights between English Law and Chinese Law¡¯ in Bettina Heiderhoff and Ilaria Queirolo (eds), Current Legal Challenges in European Private and Institutional Integration (Aracne 2017).
6. ¡®The Nature of Beneficial Interest under Trust in English Law Orthodoxy¡¯ [2015] 5 Northern Legal Science 150.
7. ¡®Transplant of the Quistclose Trust into Chinese Law: A Critical Assessment¡¯ (2014) 3 China EU Law Journal 253.

Translated Articles
1. ¡®The Birth of a General Provision for Unjust Enrichment Caused by Mistake in English Law: Barclays Bank v Simms¡¯ [2018] 2 Journal of Soochow University Law Edition 147.
2. ¡®Model East-Asian Tort Law¡¯ in Lixin YANG (ed), Model East-Asian Tort Law (Peking University Press 2016) (co-translated with WANG Zhu).
3. ¡®The Recognition of the Right of Privacy in the US Law: Griswold v Connecticut¡¯ [2016] 1 Journal of Soochow University Law Edition 132.
4. ¡®The General Tort Liability Based on Negligence in English Law: Donoghue v Stevenson¡¯ [2015] 1 Journal of Soochow University Law Edition 125.
5. William Swadling, ¡®Rescission, Property, and the Common Law¡¯ [2014] 1 Journal of Soochow University Law Edition 129.
Research Projects:
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