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ZHANG Shuguang
Associate Professor of Jurisprudence
Education Background:LL.M.,Renmin University of China 1986

Research Interests:Jurisprudence
Courses Taught:Jurisprudence, Fundamentals of Science of Law, Studies on Jurisprudence, Special Studies on Jurisprudence, Deng Xiaoping's theory of democracy rule of law
External Exchange:
Appointments:Jurisprudence Research Association of China Law Society, Director
Beijing Law Society, Director

Honors and Awards:
Selected Publications:Monographs
Studies on Local Tax Law, China Tax Publishing House, 2002
Engels and Marxism, China Renmin University Press, 1987
The Formation Method and the Principle of Operation
Method Concepts and Principles of Nature
Jurisprudence (second edition), 2007-11, China Renmin University Press
Legislation (second edition), 2006-5, China Renmin University Press
Modern Law Essentials, 2000, China Statistics Press
Basic Theory of Law
Jurisprudence (People's University Distance Education Course), 2003-8, China Renmin University Press
Introduction to Law, 2005-9, China Renmin University Press
Master of Law Degree in National Graduate School Entrance Exam Guide (eighth edition), 2007-8, China Renmin University Press
Law Entrance Exam of Masters Comprehensive Exam for People in Work, 2008-07, China Renmin University Press

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