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ZHU Jingwen
Professor of Jurisprudence
Education Background:LL.M., Law School, Renmin University of China (1979-1982)
Research Interests:Jurisprudence, Sociology of Law, Comparative Law, Law and Globalization
Courses Taught:Jurisprudence, Sociology of Law, Introduction to Comparative Law, Legal Methodology
External Exchange:Brussels, Belgium European law theory research institute to teach a "Chinese Legal Culture"
course, 2003-2008
American Indiana University Law School summer classes to teach a "Chinese Law Introduction
to Chinese Law", "Introduction to Chinese Constitution", 1998-2008
Leiden university European center senior visiting professor (Sino-EU higher education
cooperation project), 1999
American University of Wisconsin Law School senior visiting professor(Fulbright), 1996-1997
University of Hawaii, Law School visiting scholars (CLEEC), 1987-1988

Appointments:Academic Supervisor of LL.D. Candidates,1997-
Director of Law and Globalization Research Center, RUC,1999-
Chair, Academic Committee of Law School, RUC, 2009-
Vice Chairman, China Jurisprudence Research Association, 2000-
Acting Chairman, China Legislation Research Association, 2009-
Vice Chairman, China Section, International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social
Philosophy(IVR), 2000-
Member of Council of China Law Society, 2003-

Honors and Awards:For the books he wrote:The 10th Philosophy and Sociological Science Outstanding
Achievements Awards( The Second Prize) , 2008
Ministry of Justice Outstanding Scientific Achievements Awards(The Second Prize) , 2006
The 9th Philosophy and Sociological Science Outstanding Achievements Awards( The Second Prize) , 2006
Ministry of Justice Outstanding Scientific Achievements Awards(The First Prize) , 2002

Selected Publications:Articles
1. The Socialist Legal System with Chinese Characteristics: Its Structure, Feature and Trends,
Social Science in China, Vol. XXXII, No.3, Aug. 2011.
2. The Sociological Method in Legal Study,6 Chinese Journal of Law, 2011.
3. Is the Globalization "denationalization", Legal System & Social Development, 2010.
4. Trend and Retrospection of Legalization: Analysis on the Data of Legislation and Litigations,
China, Frontiers of Law in China, Vol.5, No2, June 2010.
5. Date analysis of flow of litigation into different channels in China, Social Science in China,
Vol. III, No.1, 2009.
6. Analysis of Professionalization of Legal Workers in the PRC, Chinese Journal of Law,2009.
7. 'The Tributary System in Ancient China and the Provincial System in Ancient Rome', IVR 22nd
World Congress, Granada, Spain, University of Granada 2007.
8. "Central and Marginal: a global perspective of law and development", Asian Conference on
Philosophy of Law, Taibei, 2007.
9. Rethinking of Legalization and Professionalization: China Data's Analysis, Workshop on law and
society in developing and transitional countries, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007.
10. "legal transplantation in the judicature: employing foreign law in China's judicial practice",
Frontiers of Law in China112, 2006.
11. Globalization and Historical Development of the Rule-of-Law State, Study and Exploration49, 2006.
12. "Some Issues on the Trends of Law-making", Jurisprudencial Magazine7, 2006.
13. "The Meanings of EU Law for Eastern Asia", Expanding Horizons72, 2005.
14. "Law is a Rules'Politics", 5Study and Exploration89, 2005.
15. legal transplantation in the judicature: employing foreign law in China's judicial practice, Social
science in China, Autume 2004.
16. "Contradictions in the Rule of Law", in Xia Yong (ed.), The Rule of Law and the 21st Century,
Social Science Documentation Publishing House, 2004.
18. "Revolutionary and Constructionary Marxist Jurisprudence", in Sun Guohua(ed.), Marxist Jurisprudence and Today, Chinese Financial Press, 2004.
19. "On Classification of the World Law", 11Legal Daily, April 15, 2004.
20. Alternative Disputes Resolution-A Comparative Sociological Perspective, Jilin University Journal
Social Science Edition10, 2003.
21. "International Standards and Chinese Legal Reform", 1Jurists Review25, 2003
The Rule of Law and Guanxi---Antinomy or Harmony? 1Global Legal Review30, 2003.
22. "Freedom of Expression and its Limitation", A Study Times, Feb. 24, 2003.
23. "On Free Academic Research-A thinking through the Dispute on the Concept of Law in the
Research Circle of the USSR, 1Jurist Forum, Shandong People's Press, 2002.
24. "Globalization and Chinese Law's Response", Law and Social Development7, 2001.
25. "From Comparative Law, Sociology of Law to Comparative Sociology of Law", Global Law
Review110, 2001.
26. "Meanings of the EU Law for the Globalization of law", Jurisprudence63, 2001
"Globalization of LawJurisprudencial Basis and Social Context", Jurisprudence Law Review, 2000.
27. "Some Issues on EU Law", RUC University Law Review, 2000.
28. "Hearing System in Law-making in the Western States", 4People's Congress of China, 2000.
29. "Public Participation in Law-Making in China", Collection in Jurisprudence and Comparative
Law, Peking University Press, 2000.
30. "Some Issues on the Law and Globalization", 3 Legal Science, 1998.
31. "A Dialogue on the Comparative Sociology of Law", co-author, 1Journal of Comparative Law, 1998.
32. "Formalization and Informalization of Law", Added Law Review, 1996.
33. "Trends of the Law-making in Contemporary China" (in Japanese), Legal Culture, 1996.
34. "Trends of the Law-applying in Contemporary China" (in Japanese), Legal Culture, 1996.
35. "Trends of the Legal Profession in Contemporary China"(in Japanese), Legal Culture, 1996.
36. "Trends of the Legal Education in Contemporary China"(in Japanese), Legal Culture, 1996.
37. "Comment on the Critical Legal Studies Movement in the U.S.", 3Chinese Legal Science, 1995.
38. "A Contradiction in China Law Development", The Journal of Exploring and Contending, 1995.
39. "Comment on the Functional Comparison" (in English), Asia Pacific Law Review, 1995.
40. "Some Issues the Concept of Legal Relation", Chinese Legal Science, 1994
"A New Trend of Comparative Law: From Normative Comparison to Functional Comparison",
Jurist Review, 1993.
41. "Comment on Donald Black's Pure Sociology of Law", 3-4Contemporary Legal Science,
42. "Taking Ideology Seriously: the CLS' Critique of Dworkin's Jurisprudence", Foreign Law
Translation & Review, 1993.

1. Report on China Law Development--Law-enforcing. RUC Press, 2012.
2. Report on China Law Development--Law-making 60years , RUC Press, 2011.
3. Report on Socialist Legal System with Chinese Characteristics, RUC Press, 2010.
4. Report on China Law Development-Database and Indicators. Renmin University of China Press
, 2007.
5. The Rule-of-Law States Under the Globalization, Renmin University of China Press, 2006.
6. Lectures on Jurisprudence-A Comparative and Sociological Perspective, Peking University
Press, 2006.
7. A Study on Jurisprudence, (ed.), Renmin University Press, 2006.
8. Sociology of Law, (ed. ), Renmin University Press, 2005.
9. Introduction to Comparative Law, Renmin University Press, 2004.
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11. Law and Globalization----The Theories behind Practice, (ed.), Publishing House of Law, 2004.
12. Post-Modern Jurisprudence in the West, (ed.), Publishing House of Law, 2002.
13. Framework and Methodology of Comparative Sociology of Law Legalization, Indigenousation
and Globalization, Renmin University Press, 2001.
14. Final Report for Institutionalizating Legal Training in China RETA5640, submit to the Asian
Development Bank, co-author, International Development Law Institute Asia regional Training
Office, 2001.
15. Jurisprudence, ed. Renmin University Press, 1999.
16. A Challenge to the Western Legal Tradition: The Critical Legal Studies Movement in the U.S.,
ed., China Procuratorial Press, 1996.
17. Jurisprudence, co-ed., Publishing House of Law, 1995.
18. Modern Sociology of Law in the West, Publishing House of Law, 1994.
19. Introduction to Comparative Law, China Procuratorial Press, 1992.

Research Projects:Report on China Law Development, Hongfan Legal and Economic Studies, 2004-2007
(granted by Ford Foundation)
The Rule of Law States Under the Globalization, 2002-2005 (the Tenth FiveYear Plan Key
Project of National Social Science Fund)
Research on WTO and Legal Globalization, 2002-2005 (Ministry of Education Major Project
of the Jilin University Legal Theory Research Base)
Comparative Sociology of Law-- Framework and Methodology, 1996-2000 (the Ninth Five-Year Plan Key Project of National Social Science Fund)
The Research on the Relations between the EU Law and Its Members' Law, 1999-2000 (Sino-European Cooperation in Higher Education Projects)
The Critical Legal Studies Movement in the U.S., 1991-1994 (the Eighth FiveYear Plan Key
Project of National Social Science Fund)
Post-Modern Jurisprudence in the Modern West, 1998-2000 (Ministry of Education Doctoral
Institutionalization of Legal Training in China, 1998-1999 (International Development Institute of
the Asian Development Bank Project)
Comparative Sociology of Law, 1996-1997 (Fulbright Project)
Report on Macau Law Development, Funded by Macau Foundation, 2011-

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