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SHI Tongbiao
Professor of Jurisprudence
Education Background:LL.B., Renmin University of China, 1981-1985
LL.M., Renmin University of China, 1985-1988
LL.D., Renmin University of China, 2000-2003
Research Interests:Jurisprudence, Modern Western Legal Philosophy, History of Western Legal Thought, Comparative Legal Culture
Courses Taught:Modern western legal philosophy, History of Western Legal Thought, Ethics of Legal Professions
External Exchange:
Appointments:Vice Chairman of History of Western Legal Research Association;
Standing Council Member of Chinese Legal History Society.
Honors and Awards:
Actively supported the "support western scheme" sponsored by Central Organization Department, acting a role in Xinjiang Institute of Finance and Law Department, 2005-2006
As an instructor in secondary school teaching four classes English with 24 lessons per week, 1988-1989

Selected Publications:Articles
1. Concerns About Gender Stereotypes in Advertisements, Saloon for Jurists, August, 2011.
2. Metaphor and Research of Law, Political Science and Law, 2011.
3. Two Grand Trials to the King--Comparison between King Charles I and King Louis XVI, Journal of Comparative Law, 2011.
4. On Natural Law in Due Process, Journal of Beijing Administrative College, 2010.
5. The Contribution to Civil Law and International Law by the Thought of Natural Law, Journal of Beijing Administrative College, 2010.
6. Influences on the Declaration of Independence by Natural Law, Journal of East China University of Political Science, 2010.
7. Slavery in the Eye of Natural Law, Political Science and Law, 2009.
8. Analyzing the Lessons from the Constitutional Construction in French Revolution, Journal of Renmin University of China, 2004.
9. European Thinkers Interpretation of China s Legal Culture, Journal of Renmin University of China, 2002

1. Natural Law's Influence on Western Legal Culture, China Renmin University Press, 2011
2. The time of the French revolution constitutional theory and practice, China Renmin University Press,2004
3. Chinese legal culture to the western influence, Hebei People's Press, 1999
4. Majesty and dignit-Chinese and western legal cultures macro comparison, Hebei People's Press, 1998

Research Projects:
1. History of human civilization in law and investigations on thoughts, systems, events, Research Fund Program of Renmin University of China, 2010
2. Influence of Natural Law Thoughts on Western Legal Culture, Research Fund Program of Renmin University of China, December, 2003

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