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WANG Yunxia
Professor of History of Law
Education Background:Renmin University of China, Doctor of Law, 1993-1996
East China University of Political Science and Law, Bachelor of Law, 1980-1984
Research Interests:Foreign legal history, comparative law, cultural heritage law
Courses Taught:Foreign legal history, Roman law, civil law system, cultural heritage law
External Exchange:The University of Nottingham, UK, Advanced Study in International Human Rights Law, 1999.1-1999.5
Ritsumeikan University, Japan, Advanced study in Cultural Heritage Law, 1997.10
Participated in a workshop on Illicit Traffic of Cultural Heritage, Hosted by the University of West Australia, 2011.8
Participated in Jeju Summer Forum, Hosted by the Federation of Korean Industries and made a Keynote Speech on Return of Cultural Properties Looted During the Second World War, 2006.7
Participated in the workshop on Return of Cultural Properties Looted During the Second World War, Hosted by UNESCO in Paris, 2000.5


Vice Director of Legal Culture Research Center in Renmin University of china;
Director of the Cultural Heritage Law Institute of Renmin University Law School;
Executive member of the National Institute of Foreign Legal History.

Honors and Awards:

The book Comparative Study on Legal Reforms in East was awarded the first Prize of First National Legal Culture Research Achievement Award in 2008.
The dissertation Legal Reform in Indian Society was awarded the Third Prize in Excellent Legal Textbooks and Legal Research Achievement Award hosted by Ministry of Justice in 2003.

Selected Publications:Articles
1. Study on Legal Issues of Antiques Donation, Journal of Liaoning University, 2012.
2. The Memorandum of Understanding Between China and America on the Import Restrictions of Antiques and Its Impact on China, Nanjing University Law Review, 2011.
3. On the Rights to Cultural Heritage, 2 Journal of RUC, 2011.
4. The Conception and Classification of Cultural Heritage, 10 Theory Monthly, 2010.
5. Intangible Culture Heritage Protection Needs Systematized Law, Legal Daily, Mar.1st, 2011.
6. Law-Breaker to Cultural Heritage Should Be Blamed Strictly, GuangMing Daily, May 21, 2010.
7. Law will guarantee the reconstruction of spiritual homeland after the Earth Quake, People Daily, Jun.7, 2008.
8. The Attitude of Cultural Heritage Law: nationalism or internationalism, 5 Jurist, 2008.
9. The Legal Basis and Related Problems on the Return of Cultural Properties Looted During the Second World War, 4 Journal of Liaoning University, 2007.
10. Codifications in Modern Europe, 2 the Journal of East China University of Political Science and Law, 2006.
11. Spirit of French Civil Code, 2 Jurist, 2004.
12. Basic Trend of Lawyer System Reform in UK, 2 Peking University Law Journal, 2002.
13. Two Issues on Legal Transplant, 1 Journal of Chinese People's Public Security University, 2002.
14. A Comparative Study on Legal Reforms between China and Japan, Transplant and Localization of Law (Essays edited by Qinhua HE), Law Press, 2001.
15. Legal Reform in Indian Society, 2 Comparative Law, 2000.

1. Cultural Heritage Law: Notion, System and Methods, chief editor, RUC Press, 2012.
2. Introduction to Cultural Heritage Law, chief editor, the Commercial Press, 2012.
3. Borrowing and Transplant: the Influence of Foreign Legal Culture on China, the second chief editor, RUC Press, 2011.
4. Foreign Legal History, the First Author, Advanced Education Press, 2009.
5. The Forms of Action at Common Law, Original of Maitland, the First Translator, Commercial Press, 2009.
6. Foreign Legal History, the First Author, Tsinghua University Press, 2008.
7. A Study on Continental Law, the Second Chief Editor, RUC Press, 2008.
8. Foreign Legal History Subeditor, RUC Press 2003.
9. Comparative Study on Legal Reform in East, RUC Press, 2002.
10. Foreign Legal History, Subeditor, RUC Press, first edition 1999, Third Edition 2007.
11. Introduction to the Oriental Law, the First Author, Law Press, 1993.

Research Projects:1. Legal Research on Foreign Antiques, Research Project Set up by State Administration of Cultural Heritage, 2013-2014
2. Intaking, Borrowing and Transplant of Laws, Granted by the Ninth Five-Year Plan of Humanities and Social Sciences of Education Ministry, 1998-2001
3. Study on the Return of Cultural Properties Looted During the Second World War, Granted by State Administration of Cultural Heritage, 2006-2008
4. Textbook on Cultural Heritage Law, Granted by State Administration of Cultural Heritage, 2010-2012
5. Study on the Drafting Regulation of Historical & Cultural Districts, 2011-2012
6. Study on the Harmonization of Cultural Heritage Protection Law, 2011-2012
7.Study on Cultural Heritage Law, 2009-2012

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