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Faculty Members
DING Xiangshun
Professor of Comparative Jurisprudence
Education Background:
LL.B. and LL.M., School of Law, Jilin University (1988-1994)
Ph.D. in Law, School of Law, Renmin University of China (1996-2000)
LL.M., School of Law, Indiana University (2005-2006)

Research Interests:Anglo-American Law, Japan Law, Comparative Judicial System, Comparative Legal Education
Courses Taught:
External Exchange:
Visiting Scholar, Law School of Waseda University, Dec 1998-Dec 2000;
Visiting Scholar, Law School of Ritsumeikan University, Feb 2002;
Visiting Professor, Meiji University, Jul 2005

Director, Comparative Law Teaching and Research Section of Renmin Law School;
Director of Chinese Team, Sino-US Cooperation Project on Adversary Trial Training, 2004-2008;
Member, Drafting Group of Implementation Measures of the National Judicial Exam;
Member, Expert Panel of the Modification of Law on Lawyers

Honors and Awards:
Excellent Teaching Achievement of Young Teachers of Renmin LAW School, Dec 2008;
RUC Best Head Teacher, 2003;
Academic Research Award of YASDA Asia Youth Exchange Fund, Dec 2000

Selected Publications:
1. Comparing Harvard Law School and Yale Law School through Assessment Index, Chinese Social Science Today, Aug 23, 2009.
2. The Establishment and Development of Chinese Judicial Exam, Justice of China, Issue 10, 2008.
3. Addressing the emergence of advocacy in the Chinese criminal justice system: a collaboration between a U.S. and a Chinese law school, Fordham International Law journal,(co author :Robert Lancaster),Volume 30,Number 2, 2007.
4. Legal Education System of Japanese Law Schools and Its Characteristics, Law and Social Development, Issue 3, 2006.
5. Juries in Japan (Japanese Translated), Journal of Law Appliance, Issue 4, 2005.
6. Elements of American Law (English Translated), Jurist, Issue 5, 2004.
7. Comparative Survey of the Legislative Procedure of China Civil Code (Japanese Translated), RUC Law Review, 2003.

1. Comparative Study on Notary System of China, Coauthor, Law Press, Dec 2006.
2. Research on Contemporary Legal Talent Cultivating Mode, Coauthor, China University of Political Science and Law Press, Apr 2005.
3. Legalization Governance of World City, Coauthor, Shanghai People Publishing House, Sep 2005.
4. Japanese Criminal Procedure Law (Japanese), Translator, Renmin University Press, Jun 2005.
5. China Trial Advocacy Handbook (English), Fangzheng Press, Apr 2005.
6. Comparative Research on Japan Judicial Exam and Legal Profession, Fangzheng Press, Apr 2003.

Research Projects:
2009-2011, The establishment and development of Judicial Exam;
2009-2010, Comparative Study on Legal Education in China, Japan and South Korea;
2001-2007, Historical Analysis of Modernization of Legal System in Japan;
2001-2002, Compatative Research on Judicial Exam Modes of China and Japan

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Phone: 86(0)1082500342

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