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HU Jinguang
Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law
Education Background:
LL.B., Law School, Renmin University of China (1983)
LL.M., Law School, Renmin University of China (1986)
Ph.D. in Law, Law School, Renmin University of China (1998)

Research Interests:Basic Constitutional Theory, Judicial Review, Basic Theory of Administrative Law, Administrative Procedure
Courses Taught:stitutional Law, Administrative Law
External Exchange:

Visiting Scholar of Ritsumeikan University in Japan,1991,1998

Deputy dean of law school;
Deputy dean of public policy research center;
Director of constitutionalism and administrative law research center;

Deputy dean of China Law Society constitutional research;
Deputy dean of Beijing law society constitutional research;
Part-time professor of China Jinggangshan Cadre College and Zhengzhou University;
Legal consultants of College Student Department and Legislative Affairs the Chinese Ministry of Education ;

Legal consultants of China's National Bureau of Statistics.

Honors and Awards:
Nomination of the first youth lawyer, 1996;
Excellent talents in the new century, 2005;
Advanced worker of Renmin University of China, 2007;
Excellent teacher of Beijing, 2008;
Best lecturing award of lectures of hundreds of jurists, 2008

Selected Publications:Articles
Argument on the 'people' of people oriented, Studies in Law and Business,2008;
Normative analysis on exploration of legal remedies, Jianghan university journal ,2008;
Training system and tasks of judges,2008;
Evolution and issue of subsequent examination on power, Journal of East China University of Politic Science and Law, 2009;
Study of question on interpretation power of Macao basic law, study of one country, two systems,2009;
Presumptive principle of information disclosure in USA, Journal of Nanjing University,2009;
Separation of the three powers or executive-led and argument on the characteristics of form of government of Hong Kong, Politics and law university management cadres in henan province,2010;
The value and passage of publicized budget, Journal of Nankai,2011;
Allocation and limitation of investigative power of congress, politics and law university management cadres in henan province,2011;

China's constitution problem research, Xinhua Press, 1998;
Administrative penalty research, Law Press, 1998;
China constitution , Law Press, 2003;
Analysis of top 10 administrative law case, 2005
comparative study of judicial review, Renmin University of China Press, 2006;
Judicial review theory, Hainan Press, 2007;
Analysis of typical constitutional case of China in 2007, Renmin University of China Press, 2008.

Research Projects:Legal protection of right to education, the key project of the Ministry of Education, 2003;
Legal guarantee of citizens' basic rights, the key project of Ministry of Justice, 2004;
The research of the guarantee system of the rule of law during the operation of the harmonious society Major national social science project, 2005;
The law foundation of the harmonious society, the new century talents support project, 2005;
Research of judicial public trust, Transverse key research project, 2008.
2008 Applicability of Constitution in special administrative region;
2009 Methods study of constitution teaching;
2010 Study of local laws and regulations;2011 Interpretation and modification of Hong Kong basic law;

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