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Faculty Members
YANG Jianshun
Education Background:LL.B., Sociology school, Japan Tsukuba University(1986)
LL.M., Law School, Japan Bridge University(1988)
Ph.D. in Law, Law School, Japan Bridge University(1992)
Research Interests:Administrative law and administrative procedure law of China;
Administrative law and administrative procedure law of foreign countries; Comparative study of administrative law and administrative procedure law.
Courses Taught:Administrative law and administrative procedure law of China;
Administrative law and administrative procedure law of foreign countries; Comparative study of administrative law and administrative procedure law;
Civil Service law of China.
External Exchange:1992.06 to 1993.03, law school of Japan Bridge University,Postdoctoral research .
1988.04 to 1992.06 , law school of Japan Bridge University, Doctor of law degree.
1986.04 to 1988.03 , law school of Japan Bridge University, Master of law degree.
1982.04 to 1986.03 , sociology school of Japan tsukuba university, Bachelor of social science degree;

Appointments:Deputy dean of constitutionalism and administrative law research of Renmin University of China;
Director of Academic Boards;
Director of comparative study of administrative law;
Researcher of 'one nation ,two systems' Law institute;
Deputy dean and secretary-general of the legal research center of East Asia of RUC;
Subeditor of Jurist.
2009 Member of people's government legislative review committee of Haidian district,Beijing;
2008 Member of Beijing law society
Deputy dean of administrative law research of China Law Society;
2007 Editorial member of Urban Management and science,;
2006 Vice-chairmanof administrative law research center and 2009 annual chairman of Beijing Law Society ;
2006 Member of Procuratorial Daily academic advisor committee;
2004 Executive director of reeducation through labor center of China ;
2003 Executive director of Beijing disciplinary inspection and supervision center;
2000 Editorial member of Constitution and administrative law;
1997 Legislative advisor of Military pensions and preferential law of Ministry of Civil Affairs;
1996 Major teacher of china national lawyer correspondence school ;
1997 Member and Secretary of legal council of standing committee of the National People's Congress
1993 Member of administrative law research center of China Law Society.

Honors and Awards:The third prize of the disciplinary inspection and supervision excellent thesis on The system support of the radical cure to corruption, 2007;
Outstanding achievements in scientific research thesis on Crisis management of the distribution of the authority and responsibility mechanism of RUC,2007;
Advanced individual of Beijing law propaganda and education,2006;
Won the honorary title of excellent teacher on the thesis supervision of Renmin University.2006;
Second prize of outstanding papers on Regulation administration and administrative responsibility of China administrative law center,1996;
Won the honorable title of 1995 annual field rank excellent union activist,1996;
Won the honorable title of 1994 annual field rank excellent union activist,1995;

Selected Publications:Articles
The location of 'Service-oriented government' in the theory of administrative law, edited by Journal of Politics and law university management cadres in Henan province,2009;
The legitimacy of economic regulation legislation ,edited by Jurist, the fifth edition , 2008;
Introduction: the development and innovation of administrative jurisprudence research step, edited by Wang Mingyang Administrative law of France, Peking University Press,2007;
The system support of the radical cure to corruption, edited by Journal of Politics and law university management cadres in Henan province,2007;
To establish and perfect the national scientific research project supervision system, edited by People's Court Daily,2006;
Administrative Review, the current situation and issue of the administrative review, edited by NPC's law review 2004 edition, Renmin University of China press,2005;
University teachers' appointment system and rights relief mechanism, edited by China Staff,2005;
The democratic participation and interests expression during administrative law legislation, edited by Studies in Law and Business,2004;
Public choice theory and judicial power boundaries, edited by Legal Forum,2003;
Theory of policy formulation procedure legalization and democratization, edited by The government legal system construction,2003;
The Japanese administrative execution system research,edited by Jurist,2002;
Theory of transforming the government functions and the principle of administrative
licensing,edited by Legal Construction,2002;
The concept of administration according to law about ten questions, edited by Yuelu law review,2001;
The binding force of administrative litigation judgment,edited by People's Court Daily,2001;
Theory of perfect administrative supervision and restriction mechanism, edited by NPC's law review, Renmin Univesity of China press,2000;
The limits of administrative litigation and administrative law research topic , edited by Administrative Law Review, the 28th edition ,1999;
Concept object and scope of Japan's administrative law, edited by Foreign law translation evaluation,1998
Theory and problems of Japanese administrative penalty, edited by Jurist, 1996;
Regulation administration and administrative responsibility, edited by China Legal Science,1996 Review of Japan's constitution lawsuit theory and practice development , edited by Jurist, 1995;
Bold innovation for reference to establish a complete system of the administrative law system, edited by Administrative Law Review,1994;
Chinese civil servant system theory exam, edited by Japan A Bridge Forum,1992;
China's national conditions and the introduction of the civil service system, edited by Japan A Bridge Forum,1992;
China's national public servant system expansion and subject, edited by Japan A Bridge Forum,1989;

Comparative administrative law-the theory and empirical studies of supply administration,Renmin Univesity of China press, December, 2008;
Administrative law, translated alone, [JP]Sionohirosi Peking University Press,2008;
Administrative regulation and rights guarantee, Renmin Univesity of China press, August ,2007;
Congress of Japan, Huaxia press,January,2002;
Administrative Law in Japan, China Legal Publishing House,November,1998;

Research Projects:Payment of the administrative law principle and the people's livelihood administrative research 08AFX003 2008;
Our country social security legal system A0803, 2008;
Beijing local supply standard system research,2008;
Present situation of Beijing urban construction management legal system research , 2008;
China's postal administrative reconsideration system research,2008;
Major problem research of intellectual property rights, 2008;
The government information publicity system model research, 2006;
Foreign professional talents and management legislation research,2003;
Planning legal problem research, 2003;
Government regulation and administrative licensing 01SFB2028 ,2001;
The Asian development bank administrative licensing subject research 999 328004 ,1997;
Japan's legal system 96JBY820006,1996;

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