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MO Yuchuan
Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law
Education Background:LL.B., Political science, Southwest Normal University (1991)
LL.M., Law School, Southwest University of Political Science and Law (1995)
Ph.D. in Law, Law School, Renmin University of China (2000)
Research Interests:Administrative law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Management, Politics
Courses Taught:Administrative law, Administrative procedure law, Constitutional Law, Case analysis of Administrive Law
External Exchange:Advanced visiting scholar of Japan Bridge University Law school, 2009
Executive director of constitutionalism and the rule of law research center of Renmin University
Director of administrative law research center of China
Member of academic degrees committee of law school in Renmin University
Deputy Dean of administrative law research of China Law Society
Member of administrative law research of Beijing Law Society
Law advisor of Beijing government legislation

Honors and Awards:2003, Outstanding scientific research achievement prizes at the first prize on Administrative guidance law problem research
2002, Scientific research achievement of the third prize on Construction of responsibility government and promote administration according to law
2001, Scientific research achievement of the third prize on Administration according to law and administrative guidance
2001, Social science excellent scientific research achievement prizes at the first prize on Administrative guidance of chongqing
1998, Outstanding achievement prizes at the first prize on Perfect supervision mechanism is the key to implementation of the administration by law by China Law Society
1996, The chongqing soft science research achievement second prize Economic administrative law enforcement and law enforcement supervision mechanism research
1996, The sichuan province philosophy social science excellent scientific research achievement prizes at the third prize An introduction to management enterprise democracy

Selected Publications:Articles
1. Administrative public legal system and the construction of service government, edited by law journal .2009.
2. Administrative procedures and transparency, edited by Modern Law Science,2008.
3. Administrative guidance: a flexible administrative supervision mode, edited by China Daily,2007.
4. Government information public and exemption from confidential work, edited by Chinese territory resource news,2007-8-6.
5. Information publicity opened the door, edited by Finance and Economics,2007.
6. Administrative can be more soft , edited by Lookout newsweek2007.
7. Modern theory of service administration and service administrative law, edited by Law Science Magazine2007.
8. Administrative enforcement governing revolution, edited by Finance and Economics,2006.
9. China's administrative democratization in 20 years development and future trend, edited by Academic Forum of nandu,2006.
10. Human rights into the constitution of our country administrative law democratization development trend, edited by Journal of national school of administration,2005.
11. Public crisis management and emergency legal system construction, edited by Linyi normal college newspaper,2005.
12. See from the administrative guidance of harmonious society construction, edited by Tangdu Journal 2005.
13. The analysis of the administrative democratization development trend, edited by Chongqing post and telecommunications university 2005.
14. Administrative functions and powers of the administrative law analysis and construction, edited by Chongqing social science 2004.
15. The legislation of administrative guidance theory of constraints, edited by China Legal Science 2004.
16. Administrative guidance relief system research, edited by Jurist 2004.
17. The functions of the government and service administrative law, edited by Jiangsu Social Sciences 2004.
18. The government employee system and government human resources management legalization, edited by Legal Daily 2004.
20. The pluralistic value system of the administrative guidance, edited by The Journal of Shanghai Administration Institute 2004.
21. Typical case studies of foreign administrative guidance, edited by Administrative Law Review 2003.
22. Analysis of China's administrative law in the 21st century's development trend, edited by Yuelu Law Review 2003.
23. The legality of administrative guidance behavior research, edited by Journal of Chongqing University 2002.
24. Administrative guidance theory, edited by Jinling law review 2001.
25. Administrative guidance law problem research, edited by Administrative law review,2001.

1. Volunteers concise manual, in the Beijing Olympic Games volunteer service for the sample, Law Press China ,2009.
2. New exploration of volunteer legislation of China, Law Press China ,2009.
3. Theory and practice of Administration according to law , Commercial press,2007.
4. Industrial and commercial administration law enforcement typical case analysis, Commercial press,2006.
5. The development of the western region and chongqing national minority area , Chongqing Publishing House2000.
6. Administrative guidance, Chongqing Publishing House1999.
7. Institutional Analysis and Case Instruction of Emergency Response Law, China Law Press, 2009.
8. Administrative Law Case Course, Renmin University of China Press, 2009.
9. Administrative Law Case Study Course, Renmin University of China Press, 2009.
Research Projects:1. 2009, Administration for industry and commerce administrative guidance empirical research
2. 2008,Thirty years of the government legal system construction research
3. 2007,To promote the implementation of Regulations on Open Government Information
4. 2007,Volunteer legislation theory and practice research
5. 2006,Volunteer legislation research
6. 2006,Statistical analysis of legal responsibility present situation
7. 2006, Evaluation system research after the local administrative legislation
8. 2006,Administrative planning legal system
9. 2003,Emergency system and the system construction theory and practice research
10. 2002,China's administrative law democratization development trend and system innovation research
11. 2002,Administrative guidance procedure system research

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