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Faculty Members
Education Background:B.A., East China University of Politics and Law, 1985
LL.M., Renmin University of China , 1991
Ph.D., Renmin University of China, 1996
Postdoctoral Research Follow, Tokyo University of Japan, 1998 to 2000
Research Interests:General Principles of Civil Law, Personality Rights Law, Tort Liability Law
Courses Taught:LL.M. Courses: General Principles of Civil Law, Real Right law, Debt and Contract, Monographic Research on Personality Rights Law
Ph.D. Courses: Study on Primary Literature of Civil Law, Methodology on Civil Law, Monographic Research on the Civil and Commercial Law
External Exchange:
Appointments:1. Director of Civil and Commercial Law Department
2. Magazine Executive Editor of Solution Study
3. Deputy Editor of Jurist
4. Director of Civil Law in China Law Society
5. Executive Director of Civil Law Research Association of Beijing Law Society
6. Commissioner of Legal Experts Committee of China Legal Aid Foundation
7. Commissioner of Legislative Experts Committee in Beijing Municipal Government
8. Vice Chairman of Beijing Consumer Protection Law Society
9. Commissioner of Civil and Administrative Inspection Advisory Experts Committee in Beijing Municipal People's Procuratorate
10. Commissioner of Advisory Experts Committee in the First Branch of Tianjin Municipal People's Procuratorate
11. Arbitrators of Shenzhen Arbitration Commission

Honors and Awards:1: Selected by Beijing "One Hundred Social Science Theory Talents Project in New Century" in 2001
2: Awarded with "Ten Teaching Model" in Renmin University of China in 2002
3: Awarded with "Huawei Faculty Fellowship" in Renmin University of China in December, 2002
4: Awarded with "Outstanding teacher" among Entire Beijing universities in September, 2003
5: "Science of civil law" was awarded with "national excellent course" in 2003
6: Awarded with "Ten Teaching Model" in Renmin University of China in 2003
7: Awarded with outstanding Communist Party member in Renmin University of China in 2004
8: "Science of civil law course construction" (one of the project leaders) won outstanding teaching achievements in Renmin University of China in 2004
9: "The 21st century civil law exquisite course construction" (one of the project leaders) won the second prize of teaching achievements at the state level and the first prize of teaching achievement in Beijing in September, 2005
10: Selected by "talents support plan in the new century" by ministry of education in 2008

Selected Publications:Articles
1. Research on Personality Rights, in: Research on the Disputed Issues of General Principals of Civil law, Chief-edited by Yang Yu-ling, Wu Nan book publishing company (Taiwan), published in October, 1998.
2. Development and Actuality on China Personality Rights(written in Japanese), in: Comparative Jurisprudence (Japan), published and edited by research institute of comparative law of Waseda University Japan, volume 34, 2000 No. 1.
3. Research on the Case of Yu Nai Yue Hot Spring, independently authored, in: Juristic Case Research, 2000 No.1.
4. The Risk of Tort Law: Bring old issue into new age, from Renmin University Law Review, independently authored, vol. 2, 2000.
5. Law: Belong to Judge or Jurist, in: Frontiers of Law in China, Volume 4, Law Press China, published in February, 2001, independently authored.
6. Internet and Freedom of Expression, independently authored, in: Juristic Case Research, 2001 No.1.
7. Two Japanese Cases concerning Personality Rights, independently authored, in: Journal of Renmin University Law Review, Vol. 1, 2001.
8. A Case on University Bathhouse, Frontiers of Law in China, Volume 5, Law Press China, 2001.
9. Tough Marriage, Frontiers of Law in China, Volume 5, Law Press China, 2001.
10. The Project of Market Economic of Chinese Mainland and Guaranty Law of Real Rights, in: The Outcome Report on the First Academic Conference of Civil and Commercial Law between Taiwan and Mainland, Taiwan Fu Ren University, 2001.
11. Judge Should be Reasonable, in: Lawyer Digest, Spring 2002.
12. Time passed quickly thousand, in: Juristic Case Research, independently authored, 2002 No.1.
13. The Unbearable Lightness of Rights , in: Frontiers of Civil and Commercial Law, independently authored, 2002 No.1.
14. Steady as It Goes, in: Teahouse for Jurist, first issue, independently authored
15. Honesty and Credit: King Clause of Civil Law, in: Frontiers, 2002 No.7.
16. "Right of Claim of Cessation of Infringements' on Civil Law, in: Procuratorial Daily, June 25, 2002.
17. Whether Consumers have the Right to Say no to Hotel or not, in: People's Court Daily, August 27, 2002.
18. Recent Development of Chinese Civil Law: Focus on Drafting the Civil Code and Jus Rerem, in: Journal of Chinese and Comparative Law in Hong Kong, Vol. 5, No.2, 2001-2002.
19. Walking into 'privacy', in: People's Daily, Newspaper Page 14, January 8, 2003.
20. Academic Research Review on Civil and Commercial Law in 2003, in: Jurist, 2004 No.1.
21. Convergence and Divide of Codification, in: Law Science Magazine, 2004 No.2.
22. Civil Law Interpretation of Battle between People and Cars, in: Juristic Case Research, Volume 5, 2004.
23. Academic Research Review on Civil and Commercial Law in 2004, in: Jurist, 2005 No.1.
24. Concept on Expectant Right for Property, in: Legal Daily, Page 1, July 20, 2005.
25. Concept is more Important than Legal Article, In: Teahouse for Jurists, Volume 9, published in October, 2005.
26. Purchase Preference of Lessee, in: Juristic Case Research, 2005 Volume 5. Published in November 2005.
27. On Restitution for Infringement of Right of Life, in: Journal of Renmin University of China, 2006 No.4, published on July 16, 2006.
28. On Regulation Model of Transferguaranty from Legislative Perspective, in: Jurist, 2006 No. 6.
29. Constitutional Thinking of Civil Rights-- Observation from the General Right of Personality as the Object, in: Zhejiang Social Science, 2007 No.1.
30. Dialogue Distinguishes Consensus, Divergence Pursues Progress, in: Jurist, 2007 No. 1.
31. Personality Rights: How to Make It Possible? In: Law Science Magazine, 2007 No. 5.
32. Constructing Credit System of Enterprises and Legal Regulations, in: Social Science of Beijing, 2007 No.4.
33. Law and Policy Science Observation of Real Rights Legislation, in: Juristic Case Research, 2007 No.3.
34. On Expansion of Sources of Civil law, in: Northern Legal Science, 2008 No.1
35. Study on Breakthrough and Adherence of Civil and Commercial Law, in: Jurist, 2008 No.1.
36. Certain Prerequisites Judgment of Credit Legal System, in: Political Science and Law, 2008 No.2.
37. Pay Emotion in the Name of Law, in: Juristic Case Research, Volume 1, 2008.
38. Modernization of Chinese Civil law and Its Contemporary Subject, in: Gansu Social Science, 2008 No.3.
39. On Legal Attributes of Franchising, in: Journal of Shandong Police College, 2008 No.4.
40. Civil Law Issues on Reconstruction after Earthquake, in: People's Court Journal, fifth edition , July 8, 2008.
41. Restatement of Changed Circumstances, in: Zhongzhou Journal, 2008 No.5.
42. Ownership Restrictions on the Odd and Even Numbers Driving Limit, in: Jurist, 2008 No.5.
43. Fault Liability: Critique and Development, in: Legal Forum, 2009 No.1.
44. On Personality Rights from the Perspective of Tort Liability Law, in: Journal of Renmin University of China, 2009 No.3.
45. Apportionment of Liability or Apportionment of Risk? Re-examining the Doctrine of Liability Fixation of Contemporary Tort Liability Law, (co-author with Duan Rui), in: Juristic Case Research, Volume 3, 2009.
46. Compensation Liability of Registration Institutes of Real Estates, in: Legal Science, 2009 No.5.
47. Combing and Choice of the Damage Concept on Tort Law, In : Proceedings of Comparative Research on Chinese Legal System, chief-edited by Pan Wei-da and Zheng Guan-yu, Soochow University in Taiwan, 2009 No.4, Page 35-36.
48. Combing and Choice of the Damage Concept on Tort Law, In : Private Law Review, Volume 7, Law Press 2009 September Vision, Page 30-45 (Fully reprinted by the Science of Civil and Commercial Law, 2010 No.4).
49. Research on Tort Liability of Product Spokesmen, in: Journal of Social Sciences, 2009 No.7.
50. Application and Right of Claiming Cancellation of Real Right Law, In: Legal Forum, 2009 No.6.
51. Research on Law Issues concerning Real Estates of Service of Contract, in: Law Application, 2010 No.1.
52. Key words in Tort Liability Law, in: Cross-Strait Law Review Taiwan, Volume 27, March 2010.
53. 'Apology' and 'the Last Resort', in: Legal Daily, August 11, 2010, newspaper page 11.
54. The Science of Civil and Commercial Law of Renmin University of China: Creative Ideas of Theory and Legislation Contribution, (co-author with Wang Li-ming), in: Jurist, 2010 No.4.
55. Selected Issues on Employer Liability, (Co-author with Liang Zhan-xin, in: Political Science and Law, 2010 No.5 (Fully Reprinted by the Science of Civil and Commercial Law, 2011 No.3).
56. Research on the Liability Methods of Infringement of Personality Rights, in: Research on the Science of Law, from Institute of Science of Law of Kyungpook National University, Volume 33, published in June, 2010.
57. On Relationship between Personality Rights Law and Chinese Tort Law, in: Journal East China University of Politics and Law, 2011 No.1.
58. Formulation and Development of Chinese Contract Law, in: Journal of Legal Research in University of Pushan, Volume 52, No. 2, published in May, 2011.
59. Selected Issues Research on Commercial Use of Personality Rights, in: Journal of Legal Forum, 2011 No.6.
60. The Limits of the Right of Reputation during the Literary and Art Criticism, (co-author with Lei Zhen-wen) in: Oriental Law, 2011 No.6 (From: China University Academic Abstracts, 2012, N0.1).
61. Methodology Function of Civil Guiding Cases, in: Journal of National Prosecutors College, 2012, No. 1.
62. Offer an Apology: Alienation and Regress, (co- author with Duan Rui), in: Journal of Renmin Universtiy of China, 2012, No.2.
63. Rethinking the Nature of Personality Rights, in: Jinan Journal (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition), 2012 No.3.
64. Culture Enlightenment of Personality Rights, in: Procuratorial Daily, 'academic' version, May 3, 2012.
65. On Relationship between Sources of Civil Law and Its Legal Methods, (co-author with Duan Rui), in: Journal of Law Science Magazine, 2012 No.7.

1. Science of civil law theory and case study (21st century textbook series of master of law for graduates study),China Renmin University Press, September 2007.
2. Civil law teaching reference book, China Renmin University Press, April 2005.
3. Interpreting civil law by cases (new edition), China Renmin University Press, June 2005.
4. Judicial interpretation essentials of civil and Commercial Law, People's Court Press, 2004.
5. Civil law spirit, Legal Press, January 1999.
6. Tutorial on cases of general theories of civil law, China University of Political Science and Law Press, 1997.
7. Personality rights law, Legal Press, June 1997.
8. Civil law, China Renmin University Press, May 2005.

Research Projects:1. Methodology Research on Science of Civil law, Project has been Approved by the Ministry of Education P.R.C in 2006
2. Fundamental Theory and Method Study of Application in Civil Law, Project has been approved by the Ministry of Education P.R.C in 2008
3. The Final-period Fund Project of National Social Science Fund: Theory Research on the General Principle of Civil Law, Fund program has been approved in 2011
4. Theoretical and Practical Research on Chinese Tort Law, Project Approved by Ministry of Education P.R.C in 2000, Finished in 2004
5. Research on the Legal Issues about China;s Credit System, Project Approved by Beijing Municipal People's Government, Finished in 2009
6. Olympic Games under the Perspective of Law, Project Approved by Ministry of Justice P.R.C in 2006, Finished in 2012

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