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YE Lin
Education Background:Renmin University of China, Bachelor of Law, 1981-1985
Renmin University of China, Master of Law, 1987
Renmin University of China, Doctor of Law, 1993
Research Interests:Civil Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Securities Law, Contract Law, Financial Services Act, Consumer Protection Law, Notarization Law.
Courses Taught:Corporate Law
External Exchange:Hong Kong University, Visiting Scholar
Appointments:1. Part-time Professor in Civil and Commercial Law Science Research Center in Renmin University of China
2. Expert in Securities and Finance Research Institute
3. Vice-chairman of Commercial Law Society in China Law Society
4. Vice-chairman of Civil and Commercial Law Society in Beijing Law Society
5. Director of China Notarization Association
6. Commissioner of Lawyer Notarization Advisory Expert Committee in Justice Department
7. Counselor in Administrative Punishment Committee of China Securities Regulatory Commission
8. Counselor of Corporate Law Committee of National Bar Association
9. Expert Consultant of Beijing Public Security Bureau
10. Arbitrator in China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission
11. Arbitrator in Beijing Arbitration Commission
12. Arbitrator in Zibo Arbitration Commission
13. Lawyer in Beijing Dishi Law Firm
14. Guest Professor of South China Normal University
Part-time Professor in Training Center of State Administration for Industry & Commerce
Editorial Commissioner of Western Law Review

Honors and Awards:Article "Comparative study on administrative settlement system during the enforcement of securities law" won the Inspection Honor Prize given by China Securities Regulatory Commission in 2008.

Selected Publications:Articles
1. Interpretation of the Article 20, paragraph 3 of Corporate Law, Journal of Prosecutor College, 2009.
2. Comparative study on settlement system during the enforcement of securities law, Western Law Review, 2009.
3. Right structure of paperless securities, social science, 2009.
4. The meaning and legal status of paperless securities and basic properties of Securities, Journal of Henan University, 2009.
5. Perfection of Securities Investor Protection Fund, Guangdong Social Science, 2009.
6. The distribution of corporate right - the phenomenon of comparative law, China Renmin University Press, 2009.
7. On Breaking the deadlock of corporation, Guangdong Social Science, 2008.
8. Future orientation of Chinese Securities Law - on the legal protection of the financial consumers, Hebei Academic Journal, 2008.
9. Nature of Business act, Tsinghua Law Science, 2008.
10. Study on shareholders contribution obligation, Henan Social Science, 2008.
11. On Significance of appearance commercial law from the perspective of the intrinsic system, Journal of Henan University, 2008.
12. The structural changes of the investor protection system: slogans, systems and strategies, China Renmin University Press, 2008.
13. Legal thinking of Listed securities corporation bankruptcy, reorganization and reconciliation, Forum of the Rule of Law, 2008.
14. Status quo and future orientation of Chinese Corporate Law, Solution Studies, 2007.
15. Study on legal system of Operating assets, Journal of Gansu Politics and Law College, 2007.
16. Study on Corporation information reporting system, Hebei Academic Journal, 2007.
17. On force majeure system, Northern law science, 2007.
18. Related transaction and corporate law regulation, Law Press, 2007.
19. Commercial Law thought and Commercial Trial, Journal of Law Application, 2007.
20. Legal Studies on stakeholders in corporations, Hebei Academic Journal, 2006.
21. The positioning of joint enterprise law and legal harmonization, Journal of National Prosecutors College, 2006.
22. Study on theoretical issues of Notarization Law, Zhongzhou Journal, 2006.
23. The influence from Equity pre-emptive on the share transfer effect, Solution Studies, 2006.
24. Reconstruction of legal system Protection for state-owned assets investors, Law Press, 2006.
25. Legal characteristics of the commercial law norms, China University of Political Science and Law Press, 2006.
26. On Commercial law origins, China Business Law Annual (2004), March 2005.
27. On the nature of the limited liability company and legislative trends, Modern Law Science, 2005.
28. Legal Thoughts on Building A Network Voting System for General Meeting of Shareholders in Listed Companies, Contemporary Law Science, 2005.
29. Study on Principles of Integrity, Self-discipline and Rule of Law in Securities Market, Fudan University Press, November 2005.
30. Reflection of Securities Corporation Finance, Law Press, December 2005.

1. Tutorial of Securities Law, Law Press, 2009.
2. Praxis Album of Corporate Law and Securities Law, China Renmin University Press, 2009.
3. Study on Corporate Law, China Renmin University Press, 2008.
4. Commercial Law Principles and Case Tutorial, China Renmin University Press, November 2006.
5. Relief Measures for Minority Shareholders, Peking University Press, 2006.
6. Securities Law, China Renmin University Press, 2006.
7. Chinese Securities Law, China Audit Publishing House, 1999.
8. The establishment and Reorganization of Corporate Law, China Renmin University Press, 1998.
9. Chinese Corporate Law, China Audit Publishing House, 1997.
10. Liability for Breach of Contract and Comparative Study, China Renmin University Press, 1997.
11. Buisness in Contemporary Chinese Corporations, China Logistics Publishing House, 1992.

Research Projects:2009, Consumer protection law: consumer protection organizations
Study on compensation system for investors in securities market
2008, Study on protection of investors interests in securities market
2008, Comparative study on administrative settlement system during the enforcement of securities law
2008, Study on investors compensation fund system in securities market
2007, Study on introduction of notarization rule into corporate law
2006, Study on the status of workers in corporate law
2005, Revision and perfection of corporate law
2005, Study on securities market integrity, self-discipline and the principles of the rule of law
2004, Study on supervision system of listed companies in Stock Exchange

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