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LONG Yifei
Professor of Civil and Commercial Law
Education Background:Jilin University, Bachelor of Law, 1978-1982
Renmin University of China, Master of Law, 1982-1985
Renmin University of China, Doctor of Law, 1988-1991
Research Interests:General theories of civil law, commercial law theory, property law, debt and contract law, family law, social security law
Courses Taught:General theories of civil law, civil law comparision between China and Korea, civil and commercial law documents study, civil and commercial laywers affairs
External Exchange:

Vice Dean of Law School.
Vice president of aviation law research institute of China Law Society.
Vice president of marriage and family law research institute of China Law Society.
Vice director ofCivil and Commercial Sciences Research Centre in Renmin University of China.
President of Civil and Commercial Law Research Institute of Beijing Law Society.
Vice president of Real Estate Law Section of the Beijing Law Society.
Vice chairman of China Land Law Legal Professional Committee.
Executive director of the Beijing Federation of Social Sciences.

Honors and Awards:

Law lecture for the Political Bureau of CPC Central, 1998.
Law lecture for NPC Standing Committee, 2000.
Presided "China civil law" Awarded Typical Lesson, 2003.
Enrolled by New Century Talents Support Plan of Ministry of Education, 2004.
Awarded with Distinguished Teacher Prize by Ministry of Education and Distinguished Teacher Prize by Beijing, 2007.

Selected Publications:Articles
1. Study on Divorce Problem in Contemporary China, Law study and research, 1987.
2. Improvement of primary stage of socialism Marriage and family system, Law Science of China, 1989.
3. Legal thinking on ASound System of Marriage Registration in China, Legal study and research, 1990.
4. Communist Party of China and Construction of new China Civil and Commercial Law, Jurists, 2001.
5. On Land expropriation, Jurists, 2001.

1. Civil Law Cases Study, China Renmin University Press.
New Contract Law, China Renmin University Press.
2. Hong Kong Family Law, Henan People's Press.
3. Comparative Law of Succession, Jilin People's Press, June, 1996.
4. China property law, Law Press, October, 1997.
5. New Contract Law, China Renmin University Press, May, 1999.
6. Social Security and Legal Construction, China Legal Press.
7. Protection of Women Rights and Interests,Workers Press.
8. Inheritance Law, China Renmin University Press.
9. Civil Law, The Open University of China Press.
10. Modern Civil and Commercial Law General, Hunan Normal University Press.
11. Marriage Law, Beijing University Press.
12. Textbook of Land Law, China University of Political Science and Law Press.
13. Study on Socialist Market Competition Mechanism, Foreign Trade Press.
14. Chinese Civil Law General, Chinese People's Public Security University Press.
15. Interpretation of General Principles of Civil Law, Jilin People's Press.
16. Civil Law Case Studies, China Renmin University Press, May, 2000.
17. Laws and Regulations, Law Press, September, 2002.

Research Projects:

Legislation of Family Law and Theory System Study
Study on Protection of Private Enterprises in Process of building a well-off society in an all-round way
Law Protection of Chinese Intellectual Property
Legislation of Social Security Law
Study on Law Mechanism of Introduction of Foreign Talents

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