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JIA Linqing
Professor of Civil and Commercial Law
Education Background:
Research Interests:
Civil Law, Commercial Law, Insurance Law, Maritime Law, Corporate Law, Trust Law, Bankruptcy Law

Courses Taught:
Insurance Law, Maritime Law, Commercial Law, Civil Law

External Exchange:
Director of Commercial Law Society in China Law Society
Deputy director of the Maritime Law and Insurance Law Institute in Law School of Renmin University
Part-time lawyer in Beijing Di Shi law firm

Honors and Awards:
Teaching Excellence Prize of Renmin University of China, 2008

Selected Publications:Articles
1. Discussion on Business Law Teaching and Curriculum Construction, China University Teaching, 2009.
2. On French Company to Prevent Shareholders Abusing Rights System Reference Value, Jurist, 2007.
3. Characteristics Research and Treatment on Liability for Guarantee in Bankruptcy Proceedings, Law Science Magazine, 2007.
4. On France Principle of Proportionality of Guarantee System and Its Influence on China Judicial Improvement, Journal of Law Application, 2007.
5. On Different Explanations Principle Legal Orientation, Insurance Studies, 2007.
6. Divorce, How To Deal with A Couple's Corporate Stock Rights When Divorce, Transactions on China Women College, 2007.
7. On Bankruptcy Administrator System established by China Bankruptcy Law, International Academic Forum, 2006.
8. Legal Nature and Structure of Trust Property, Jurist, 2005.
Study on Corporate Restructuring from View of China Legal Construction, Justice of China 2005.
9. Consideration and Suggestion on Judicial Interpretation of Insurance Law, Law Science Magazine, 2005.
10. Trust property Detached from Parties Independent Property, Journal of Law Application, 2005.
11. Envision of Building Trust Liability System, International Academic Forum, 2005.

1. Insurance Law, China Renmin University Press, 2009.
New Insurance Law Interpretation and Application Seminar 2. (album) (Maritime Law and Insurance Law Review, Volume III), Intellectual Property Publishing House, 2009.
3. Maritime Law (third edition), China Renmin University Press, 2008.
4. Legal Study on Chinese Corporate Merger and Bankruptcy, Intellectual property publishing House, 2008.
5. Insurance Law Seminar Album (Maritime Law and Insurance Law Review, Volume II), Intellectual Property Publishing House, 2007.
6. Insurance Law Case Analysis, China Renmin University Press, 2007.
7. Insurance Law, China Renmin University Press, 2007.
8. Insurance Law, China Renmin University Press, 2007.
9. Trust Law, Law Press, 2006.
10. Maritime Law, China Renmin University Press, 2003.
11. Insurance Law Case Analysis, Intellectual Property Publishing House, 2003.
12. Maritime Law, China Renmin University Press, 2000.
13. Legal regulation of Insurance Market in China, Social Sciences Academic Press, 2000.
14. How to Sign Insurance Contracts, China Modern Economic Publishing House, 1999.
15. Insurance and Insurance Claim, Law Press, 1996.
Personal insurance, Law Press, 1996.
16. Principles and Practices of Marine Insurance Contract, China University of Political Science and Law Press, 1994.

Research Projects:
2000, Legal regulation on Chinese trust market
1995, Legal regulation on Chinese insurance market
1995, Theory and practice of China insurance law
1998, Legal studies on Chinese corporate merger and bankruptcy
1990, Legal regulation and policy on market competition
1988, Legal regulation on socialist commodity economy

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