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  February 13th, RUC with the merger of China University of Political Science and Law and Huabei University was founded.

  August, Teaching and research institution of law began to run.

  November, reference room of the Law Department was established. 


  June, Teaching and research institution of "theory of states & legal power" decided to write a teaching material about "states and legal power of PRC".

  November 1, Decision on the cultivation of graduation was published.


  At the end of this year, there were 607 undergraduates and graduates and 24 legal classes in total. There were a variety of academic works including 10 translated lectures, 23 outlines, 87 reference books and 26 textbooks. Among them, 13 outlines of lectures, 38 reference materials and 10 textbooks were published.

  After the National meeting of Political and Legal Education, law department of RUC began to emphasize the Chinese legal classes, and tried to write textbooks that focused on the reality of China.


  December 8th, Mr. Chandra, who was chairman of the Indian Union of Students, visited Law Department.


  December 1, Vice director of the Hungarian law Institute ImreNie visited RUC, Xu Yizhi, the deputy director of Law Department meet him with other teachers in law department of RUC.


  April 5th, Data Collection Team of materials about states & law written by Marxist classical writers consisting of Faculty of Law of Peking University, School of Politics and Law in Beijing, Cadre School of Politics and Law in Beijing, and Law Department of RUC had a meet in Law Department of RUC.

  August 11 , beginning of the compilation of Patriotic Convention by our law institute, Cadre School of Politics and Law in Beijing and other organizations.


  April 17, the whole law department attended Science Symposium hosted by the teaching and research institution of "theory of states & legal power".

  June 6, Law branch of the 9th Science Symposium of RUC was established.


  July 13th, after the "Cultural Revolution", RUC, including the reestablishment of Department of Law, was rebuilt.

  September, the first undergraduates after the rebuilding of RUC, including 33 male students and 5 female students, were enrolled.

  The Teaching and Research Institute of Criminalities was founded.


  May 22nd, Symposium about Rule of Man or Rule of law was held.

  Graduates of law were enrolled.


  The Teaching and Research Institute of Procedural Law was established.

  September, many professors from the Law Department of RUC participated in the drafting of the Constitution of PRC.


  The Teaching and Research Institute of Economic Legislation was established.

  November 3rd, specialties of legal theory, history of law, the constitution, criminal law, civil law, procedural law economic legislation and international law in RUC got the qualification of awarding/granting the master,s degree.


  March, the first doctoral candidates of criminal law were enrolled.


  The credit system was adopted.

  Beijing Dishi Law firm supported by RUC as a method of reform in legal education was founded.

  Teaching and Research Institute of Evidence Technology replaced the Teaching and Research Institute of Criminalistics.


  Intellectual Property Teaching and Research Center of Renmin University of China was founded.

  June 25th, Institute of Law was established.


  The Teaching and Research Institute of Intellectual Property Law was established.


  Judge training course was held by the Law Department of RUC and Supreme People,s Court.

  Research institute of Taiwan Affairs was established, which focuses on the legal system in Taiwan and the legal relationship between the parties on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

  July, Renmin Law School, which consists of the Department of Law and the Institute of Law, was established. 


  August 30th, Mr. Zhen Hangsheng, vice president of RUC and Mr. Gu Chunde, director of the Law Department, gave lectures in Ritsumeikan University of Japan.

  December 30th, Evidence Technical Services Center (later the "Evidence Technical Identification Center" in 1993) was established.


  November 20th, specialty of history of law got the qualification of granting/awarding doctor,s degree.


  June, research center of Law & Globalization was established, which research the relationship between law and globalization and focuses on international communication.

  November 6th, the journal of "study and research of law" was set up.


  The journal of study and research of law was renamed as Jurist.

  November 16th, the postdoctorate positions were set up.


  April 6th , Rafael Antonio Caldera Rodriguez, who was the former president of Venezuela and a famous international activists, was awarded the honorary Doctor of Laws by RUC, which was the first time for RUC to award an honorary doctor to an foreigners.

  October, Research Institute of International Criminal Law was founded.


  September 28th, Sino-Japanese Legal Culture Research Center was founded.


  September, the first LL.M. students were enrolled.

  Professor Zhu Jingwen went to Fulbright, law school of University of Wisconsin as a visiting scholar.


  Professor Zeng Xianyi was invited to visit the law schools of Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, Stanford University, Indiana University, and Georgetown University (Washington).

   The journal of Fayuan was set up.


  Renmin Law School held the first Student Congress, with the foundation of the Student Union of Renmin Law School.

  April, the Teaching and Research Institute of Environmental and Resources Law was established.

  April 20th, National May First Labor Merit Award


  November, Foundation of Criminal Legal Science Research Center of Renmin Law School


  Foundation of website of Renmin Law School: http://www.law.ruc.edu.cn


  Foundation of Shenzhen Institute of Renmin Law School


  The National Auditions for the qualification to participate in Jessup Moot Court of International law

  Co-Organization of the first Academic Seminar of Civil Code across Taiwan Strait


  Foundation of the Law Society


  June, Establishment of the journal of Science of Law in RUC

  November, Movement of Renmin Law School to Mingde Building


  Participation in the organization of China -Austria Joint Conference of deans of a hundred Law Schools

  Participation in the organization of China-Africa Forum of Legal Education and Legal Culture

  November, Foundation of Commercial Law Institute


  January 15th, Foundation of RUC research & service center of the protection of legal rights of the disabled

  March 23, Students of RUC participated in the Jessup Moot Court of International Law as the champion team in China.

  December, Establishment of the Teaching Center of Law Experimental Practice of RUC


  May 16th, the Law Society held the first Intellectual Property Moot Commercial Arbitration.

  Many students from Renmin Law School engaged in volunteer service in the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing, one of which named Zhang Diyuan, was rewarded as the "Excellent Volunteer" of the Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.


  March, Foundation of Legal Career Development Association

  May, Review of Law changed its name to Chaoyang Law Review

  November, Establishment of Intellectual Property School


  January 15th, Establishment of Development Fund to Renmin Law School

  April, Establishment of College of Lawyers


  September 8th, Establishment of Law and Technology Institute