The LL.M Program in Chinese Law is comprised of three components:

1. Courses
Students need to take at least 34 credits to fulfill the academic requirement. Compulsory Courses should be no less than 21 credits, General Courses should be no less than 7 credits, and Optional Courses should be no less than 6 credits.
Compulsory Courses and General Courses will be arranged at the first academic year. Students are required to take all the Compulsory Courses and General Courses. Optional Courses may be varied year by year.

Core Courses: 
Introduction to Chinese Law
Chinese Business Law
Chinese Civil & Commercial Dispute Resolution
Chinese Contract Law
Chinese Corporate & Security Law
Chinese Intellectual Property Law
Chinese Judicial System and Case Analysis
Chinese Property Law
Rule of Law and Society in Modern China
General Courses:
Chinese Language
Chinese Politics

Optional Courses:
Chinese Criminal Procedure Law
Chinese Civil Procedure Law
Chinese Environmental Law
Chinese Fiscal & Taxation Law
Chinese Foreign Trade & Investment Law
Chinese Labor Law
Chinese Social Security Law
Chinese Tort Law
Chinese Trust Law
Comparative Legal Study in East Asia
Comparative Politics in East Asia
China,s Anticorruption & Prevention of Criminal Risk for Enterprises
Substantial and Procedural Issues on the Determination of Economic Crimes in China

2. Internship
Students may do the internship in the 3rd semester home or aboard. The internship should be at least 4 weeks.

3. Thesis 
In addition to finish the courses at the first academic year and the internship in the 3rd semester, the students are required to write a thesis of approximately 20,000 words in length at the second academic year and attend the thesis defense in the 4th semester.