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Professor Louise Ellen Tietz and Professor Anselmo Reyes from HCOPIL gave a speech about ‘Cross-border business transactions and The Hague jurisdiction over the project’ in Renmin Law School



Invited by Professor Han Dayuan, Dean of Renmin Law School, Professor Louise Ellen Tietz, Secretary of HCOPIL permanent bureau, and Professor Anselmo Reyes, Representative of HCOPIL Asia Pacific Regional Office, made a keynote speech in ‘International Private Law and Comparative Law Forum’, accompanied with Professor Zhu Xiuwen, Assistant Professor Stephen Leonard and some students who joined the discussion. The lecture was hosted by Adjunct Professor Du Huanfang, Deputy Secretary of Renmin Law School.


The Speech mainly concentrated on two themes: ‘Cross-border Business Transaction - Anticipating Risks and Resolving Disputes’ and ‘Hague Judgments Project - the Choice of Court and the Choice of Law’.


Professor Louise Ellen Tietz’s speech involved several aspects. Considering American law system and comparing Europe, she introduced the development of the court’s choice in the procedure of Cross-border commercial dispute, and analyzed the UCC and CISG endorsement and background. Participants discussed the issue in view of the speech.


Professor Anselmo Reyes spoke briefly about the Hague jurisdiction over the project. After introduced Hague Conference on Private International Law, he analyzed some factors which disputing party would consider when choosing courts in international commercial disputes, and he pointed out that commercial arbitration was attractive but expensive. He set Singapore as example Afterwards, Professor Reyes encouraged the students and teachers to make their endeavor.


In Q&A section, people communicated with each other.


(Translator: Cheng Zeya)