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Symposium On The Customs Law Practice



On 26th May, 2014, Customs and Foreign Exchange Law Institute-the Customs Law Practice Symposium was convened in the 601 international conference hall in Mingde Law Building. As the platform for scholars from the customs and foreign exchange areas and the customs and foreign exchange legal development, the symposium concentrated on the customs law practice.


Institute Director, Professor Yang Jianshun from Renmin Law School, Partner Liu Xinyu from Jindu Law Firm, Zeng Qinglong, Proprietor of Chinese customs magazine, which held the symposium jointly, made an opening speech. Associate Professor Wang Xu from Renmin Law School and Counselor Wang Feng from Jindu Law Firm hosted the symposium, in which the customs officials, scholars and representatives from enterprises took part.


In the procedure of keynote speech, representative from different colleges and institute who were present at the meeting analyzed both profoundly and simply about the customs administration and put forward constructive suggestions.


Addressing as the name of ‘The customs administrative law regulation’, Professor Yang Jianshun explained the customs function localization and revolution splendidly. He proposed that customs legal standard operating mechanism be established and completed. Professor Wang Jingbo, Vice-Dean from Law-based Government Research Institute, suggested using the principle of administrative law to solve the problem in the customs difficulties. Researcher Xu Bin from the department of Justice Institute proposed to manage commercial secrecy by means of high-tech. Vice Professor Li Yuanqi from the constitution and administrative law teaching and research section made some suggestions in view of standard system construction of customs law.


In comprehensive free discussion section, Lawyer Jindu and representatives made an omnibearing discussion about customs administration, concerning about both consumption use in processing trade and appraisal proof in customs supervision. Officials from department of customs regulations expected to collect suggestions from different fields with the help of The Customs Law Practice Symposium.


Responding to the expectation of representatives, Professor Yang Jianshun pointed out that the Customs and Foreign Exchange Law Institute would hold various forms of exchange seminars to promote the development of the research.


(Translator: Cheng Zeya)