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The 2018 Annual Conference of the Institute of Comparative Administrative Law and the Symposium on


On October 27,2018, the 2018 Annual Conference of the Institute of Comparative AdministrativeLawbelonging tothe Research Center of Constitutional and Administrative Rule of Law of RenminUniversity of China, and the Symposium on "Comparative Study of Theory andPractice of Public Property Law" were held in Conference Room 616 ofMingde Law Building.


Attendantsinclude: Yang Jianshun, Professor of Renmin Law School and Director ofInstitute of Comparative Administrative Law, Professor Liu Yi, Professor ofAcademy of Government under the Rule of Law in China University of PoliticalScience and Law, Zhang Bufeng, Professor of Law School of Minzu University ofChina, Wang Danhong, Associate Professor of Administrative Law School of NorthwestUniversity of Political Science and Law. A total of more than 30 peopleattended the conference, including experts and scholars from more than 10units, such as Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing Jiaotong Universityand People,s Public Security University of China, Jinan University School ofPolitical Science and Law, Tsinghua University School of Public Administration,Anhui Police Officer Vocational College, Beijing Discipline InspectionCommission of the Party, Beijing Yanqing District Government Legal Office,Anhui Food and Drug Administration, CITIC Trust Responsibility Co., Ltd.,Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences, the Propaganda Department of centralorgans, Beijing City College, etc. and scholars, doctoral and master degree studentsof Renmin Law School.

The openingceremony of the conference was presided over by Zhang Bufeng, the secretarygeneral of the Institute of Administrative Law and the professor of the LawSchool of the Minzu University of China. Professor Yang Jianshun gave a welcomespeech. First of all, Professor Yang Jianshun expressed his warm welcome to therepresentatives. Later, he proposed that now is the Fortieth Year of Reform andOpening-up, and the Institute of Comparative Administrative Law must have agesture of moving forward. Otto Mayer put forward a famous saying:"Constitutional law passes, administrative law remains."This sentence illustrates the close relationship between the constitution andpolitics, and also shows that administrative law is more of a technical law.However, under the background of Xi Jinping,s new era of socialism with Chinesecharacteristics, it is necessary not only to emphasize the technical nature ofadministrative law but also to pay attention to the political nature of administrativelaw. Administrative law is closely related to the destiny of the country. Theadministrative law and the constitution reflect each other and jointly supporthuman rights protection, administration under the rule of law and politicalcivilization construction. Professor Yang Jianshun further proposed thatadministrative law shoulders the mission of argumentation and promotion of thefollowing propositions: First, following the laws of economic and socialdevelopment is the embodiment and goal of political civilization. Second, if wecan realize the administration under the rule of law, the problem of humanrights protection will be solved. Third, persist in actively providing normsbut not forgetting the principle of complementarity, and the rule of lawadministration and political civilization will come to fruition. The theme ofthis symposium is "Comparative Study of Theory and Practice of PublicProperty Law", which is conducive to the construction of a comprehensive,public law legal system from the perspective of process theory, which isconducive to the confirmation, inheritance and development of traditionaladministrative law. It is a leading and responsible issue, and Professor YangJianshun hopes that delegates at the meeting can conduct more in-depthdiscussions.


Anotherimportant element of the opening ceremony of this annual meeting is theappointment ceremony of researchers at the Institute of ComparativeAdministrative Law. Professor Yang Jianshun presented the appointment letterand had photo with the newly hired researcher Chen Tianwei and seven assistantresearch fellows Wang Xinhe, Xia Na, Wang Yuanyuan, Cheng Xiaonan, Bloomberg,Huang Yuanzhen and Yang Zhiyu.


This seminar isdivided into four units: “General Theory of Public Property Law”, “ManagementRight of Public Property”, “Usage Relationship of Public Property”, “Questionof Public Property Legal System and Organization Operation Guarantee Law”.

The closingceremony was presided over by Professor Zhang Bufeng, Secretary General of theInstitute of Comparative Administration Law, and Professor Yang Jianshun made aconcluding speech. Professor Yang Jianshun expressed his gratitude to the pastresearchers who supported the development of the Institute of AdministrativeLaw and the participating scholars and staff of the conference. They spokehighly of the new ideas emerging at the seminar and the courage to explore anddiscuss the new theory. Professor Yang Jianshun pointed out that the theme ofthe forum "Comparison of theory and practice of public property law"closely follows the needs of the times. Under the concept of confirmation,inheritance and development, we should dare to explore from the perspective ofcomparative law, break existing understanding and broaden our horizons, puttingthe problem into the administrative process to study. Finally, Professor YangJianshun encouraged everyone to continue research and open up new achievementsin the field of public property law.

At 18:00 in theafternoon, the meeting was successfully concluded.

    (Editor: KANG Bingguo)