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Tian Hongjie: Empirical Study on the Cases of Malicious Overdraft Credit Card Fraud


Abstract: As a kind of common and frequently-occurring typical minor criminal cases, the cases of malicious overdraft credit card fraud have characteristics such as centralized subjects, fixed modus operandi, a high rate to retrieve a loss, etc. But due to the controversy on legal application of this type of cases and the inconsistent standards of evidence, these cases which should have been handled quickly are always delayed for a long time, which affects the realization of efficiency and justice of litigations and does harm to protect criminal suspects’ lawful rights and interests. So, it is necessary to coordinate the investigation authorities and unify the standards of evidence and the threshold of crime in order to guarantee the cases handled quickly. At the same time, the procuratorates should exert the function of legal supervision to curb the trend of high occurrence of the cases of credit card fraud in some commercial banks.

Keywords: Malicious Overdraft; Credit Card Fraud; Legal Application

(Editor: XU JING)