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Lecture on the constitutional safeguarding of the rights of the trans-gendered in China was successfully held


On January 4th,the Human Rights Research Center of Renmin University invited Prof. Zhou Wei,dean of the human rights research center of SiChuan University, to give a lecture on the constitutional safeguarding of the rights of the trans-gendered in China. The lecture was hosted by Associate Professor Lu Haina, general secretary of RUC human rights research center. Besides, the lecture was also one of the activities supported by the “protection of LGBTI’s equal rights towork” program co-operated by Renmin University and Yale, as well as a follow-up activity of Renmin human rights research center’s “Week of the constitution and human rights”. Prof. Lu gave an introduction to some influential cases represented by Prof. Zhou, which involved anti-discrimination against height,territory, social background and gene. Prof. Han Dayuan from RUC, Prof. LiuZhigang from FDU, Mr. Darius from the China Law Center of Yale University,Officer Yang from UN and Mr. Tang Xiangqian, together with some other students also attended the lecture.

            Prof.Zhou built the lecture on four different aspects: 1、Why do the trans-gendered need constitutional safeguarding; 2、overseas legislation to protect their rights; 3、cases involving trans-gendered individuals in our country; 4、the protection for the rights of the trans-gendered under the constitutional equality.